The Next Step

Usually I never want to overwhelm myself on a Monday but I’ve decided to revisit this blog for a few Seoul recommendations. Turns out, I didn’t even need to scroll down that much, which also means I have not blogged in a long long long time. 5 months to be exact. Inconsistent, I have been. […]

Dear Dad –

Dear Dad, Perhaps you’ll never read this. I sure hope mami doesn’t show it to you. It’s 11.27pm in GZ right now and I’m awake bawling my eyes out. I’m lonely. At times like this I really hope there’s someone out there I can pick up the phone and call. It’s not that I don’t, […]

Heavy and Slow

You stay up at night. Can’t even sleep a wink. 12.15am, the clock says. Tired. Tired, but you can’t sleep. Is he really at home sleeping? Or is someone else next to him smelling his cigarette breath, touching him in places he’s the most weak… You check your phone. 12.30am. You scroll through Instagram trying […]


He said, Not a day goes by without me missing you Not a day goes by without me knowing that I will always have something for you He said, Things will happen when we meet I can’t leave without thinking of what could happen I am frustrated that we have that urge He said, Please […]

Truth #1

“You should stop using that as an escape,” you said the other night. “Escape?” I asked, “I’m not escaping from anything!” You sighed and there it was. Silence. That awkward and uncomfortable silence that we may have gotten a little used to. I abruptly changed the topic. “So how is the girlfriend and what is […]


Happy New Year. They say if you want to be a writer, then write you must. But what if there comes a time when the writer runs out of things to write about? Does he/she loses credibility? I’ve not written in ages. Why? I’m too overwhelmed with the emotions I have been facing. Have you […]