The Next Step

Usually I never want to overwhelm myself on a Monday but I’ve decided to revisit this blog for a few Seoul recommendations. Turns out, I didn’t even need to scroll down that much, which also means I have not blogged in a long long long time. 5 months to be exact.

Inconsistent, I have been. As an alternative to blogging, I’ve switched more to Instagram stories. Through the rants, reviews, mindless posts, I’m glad some of you actually stuck through it all.

I am engaged. Not long after I wrote my last post, I actually got together with an amazing human being and everything really happened in a blink of an eye. We are now engaged and I am planning a wedding.

Eventful huh? As soon as I got engaged, my life seriously turned inside out and upside down. With a few adjustments here and there, it is too much for me sometimes and I have had a couple of meltdowns. It’s not because of the person I am marrying but I guess it’s in preparation of what’s to come. I am not entirely sure if everyone’s journey is the same, but damn… You girls wait your whole life to get engaged to go through this? Better be ready when it happens. It’s no joke.

Sure I have had my doubts, especially when it happened so quickly… but I guess I am going through for a reason.

Currently I am handling BY/DJO (and a little bit of NIKO, but I am slowly letting it go. I’ll talk about more of it soon), planning a wedding, renovating the apartment, helping Rocky from time to time and being sane at the same time. It’s a little too much on my plate. Hence, also why I need to prioritize and this blog was what used to be a hobby of mine that I no longer have time for 😦 I truly understand why some people can’t handle all this but I am determined that I can, I will and I must go through this because this really was the next step I had prayed for.


Ok. That’s all.


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