Let’s catch up.


It’s very weird typing this out in a form of diary but I felt like way too many things are happening recently that… I just don’t know where to start. 2019, you’ve been sick! In a good way, of course.

Somehow I am thinking whether it’s because I am done with my quarter life crisis. 25. Worst age and year (2 years ago) for me, then honestly it gradually got better. Yeah, you go through some dumps here and there. Bird poop, dog poop, human poop. Human is poop. But the more people you meet, trust me the more you’d love your dog. (It’s true I swear).

Now at 27, I am finally more myself and have been feeling very whole due to the past mistakes, regrets, joys… They all just seem to add up in a way I can’t explain but feel. I feel like so many good things are coming my way. Either way, always a lesson or a blessing. Just gotta change your perspective in many ways and I know I did.

Make up wise… I’ve been on a no-buy for the longest time it feels, especially with how the beauty industry is recently… Everyone is just bringing in the same products, etc. However, now everyone’s more aware. I have stopped buying a few brands just because they don’t work out for me or our ethics just do not align. I’ve tried a handful of new makeup products but I mostly stick to the brands I personally use and love. After taking a long break from shopping for makeup, here I am again. This time I’m crazier. There will be some days that I will have 4 new items tried on. But hey, it’s fun. It’s what got me here in the first place.

If I can actually just share what I feel about what’s been going on these past few weeks… is.. Sometimes just learn how to be still and enjoy the ride. I did and the outcome is just amazing. Blessings on blessings on blessings. Always also remember that everything is either a lesson or a blessing. You win either way!

Til next time!

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