[REVIEW] Rollover Reaction Cushion Compact

I never really understood Korean make up. First it was the lip tints, then it was the sheer eyeshadow, then the cushion compact. It seemed like every brand was launching a cushion foundation for a hot minute from Etude House to Dior. I never was interested until… Rollover Reaction came out with one.

Well, that means that Rollover Reaction’s Cushion Compact is the first cushion foundation I have tried. Please bear that in mind before you continue reading this post. Being a cushion foundation virgin myself, I do take note of the characteristics that I would usually look for in a normal foundation – coverage, feel, the look of it, packaging, longevity and more. So let’s begin.



Rollover Reaction products always came in a very well-made bubble wrapping and this one came no differently. The cushion compact included a piece of informational paper for branding purposes and a box which holds the cushion compact in place. As always, all very sleek and minimal. I had picked up a few things with my order too, and they all came in perfect condition.

The cushion compact itself is a very straightforward make up product. You open it up, there’s a mirror and there’s a separation between the puff and the product itself. The thing about cushion compacts are that they seem to hold far less product than a normal foundation. Hence, at IDR 190.000, I think the Rollover Reaction’s cushion compact is at a very good price point considering I will run out of it pretty quickly if I use it on a daily basis.


The packaging itself is very sturdy and well made. The puff that comes with it has been vastly raved by everyone who has used it and I will not disagree with the hype.

Formula/Overall Appearance/Coverage

Using the puff that comes with the cushion, I’ll point out that it really has helped in blending the product evenly. I’ve tried using NIKO’s sponge and the Beauty Blender and felt like it was not as effective as if I were to use the Rollover Reaction Puff.


The formula itself is on a thicker consistency than what I’m used to, however, with a thicker foundation, you’d get better coverage. The coverage is pretty good I would say, and covers most of my acne scars. Please keep in mind that I do not have too many acne scars. If you have a handful of scars and acne, I would not recommend this as it doesn’t dry matte. Instead, it’s rather dewy and would settle very weirdly on your acne. You’d need to layer it with conceal which may appear cakey.

With this cushion, I have found it tricky to apply several times. Say, when my skin is too oily (in the morning), I would find that the cushion settle in too cakey. It has to be nicely moisturized and dried before applying it on my face. I also would not recommend this if you have dry patches on your face. I felt like it didn’t settle well on my acne scabs.


The cushion lasted a good handful of hours (say, 5) before it got too oily on my skin. Sometimes the foundation slips and slides but it really depends on how my skin is that day. If you are overly oily, please skip this. I don’t think you’d like it. On my skin, it was okay. It looks very nice in photos and in person. If I am out for the whole day, all I needed to do is bring the cushion with me and an oil-blotting paper for touch ups. But of course, then I gotta bring my blush too and also my contour powder (because that’s life).


When I am in Jakarta, I am barely outdoors; I really can’t review it for those who commute and are outdoors a lot.

Because it is on the dewier side, I find that if I do not set my under eye, my eyeliner might smudge to my eye bags. This does not happen too often when I use other foundations. The reason why I tight line my eyes on a daily basis is because it would seem like I have thicker eyelashes. To counteract this problem, I bake a thin layer with BLP’s powder, which I would also need to touch up if I go out for more than 6-8 hours.

This cushion foundation also transfers. There have been a handful of times when I found it on my clothings and tissues when I blot or try to blow my nose. You might want to be careful with that.


Overall, I still quite like this cushion compact. I won’t say it’s my go-to but it is a fairly simple and easy product to use. With all the complications of applying foundations, I would say that this is pretty much beginner friendly. The price is also too good to be true. IDR190.000 for a cushion compact is a really good deal – I would assume it costs more than that. I had to check the price twice before believing it.


If you have very oily skin, skip this. If you have a lot of scars and acne, I would also suggest you skip it, especially if your scars are a darker shade (purple-ish). Though it comes only in 3 colors, they are all yellow toned and fits right into many people’s skin tone. I do hope they’ll expand the color range but I don’t have much of a problem with that.

I would still continue using this cushion foundation but I’m not entirely sure I would repurchase it just because I would rather use the IT CC cream just so I can alter/customize the coverage and thickness of the water. But a good job well done to Rollover Reaction once again! I always look forward to their launches.

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