[REVIEW] Syca Lip Tint in Red Rose and Orange

Because our local beauty industry has been laying low these days (eg. not coming out with new products), the moment I saw the buzz of Syca was when I decided I need to jump on this bandwagon.I’ve talked a few times on my Instagram about brands owned by influencers, and most of the time, it really shows if they are serious about building a brand or just simply copying from another. Or just bagging in the cash – hey, you do you. But on my side, to be completely utterly honest, I have trust issues. I am always skeptical every time I buy something that has been heavily endorsed or advertised. Because at the end of the day… It’s all just a hype. Who better hypes products than influencers? It’s their job.

So this brand is owned by two local influencers. I know of them, you’ll see them around that clique. Rest assured, they are very influential figures in the community and they sure know branding because both of them own their own brands.

One look at Syca’s Instagram page and you’d immediately be attracted by their cute yet light branding. Their target market is very obvious. So kudos for them on the marketing side.

Now, let’s get into the product.

I, of course, bought both shades because I can wear them with ease; coming back from Korea, I’ve also been into that whole lip tint trend. Mind you, I really do not have much experience with lip tints. I have only tried the Dior Addict Lip Tattoo, BLP Beauty’s Lip Tint, 3CE Tattoo Lip Tint… and some other random ones from Japan and none really struck a chord except for that one I got in Japan (which I can’t find again when I went back *cry).


Let’s talk about the most obvious. Both lip tints came in a slide PVC pouch with a cute illustration up front. I am honestly a victim of packaging. Give me a cute packaging and I’m sold. However, I think I have to point out that these days brands have been using A LOT of plastic. Though I am a fan of the illustration, I really would be happy enough to do without the PVC pouch. At this exact moment, it literally is just sitting on that pile of makeup I have not used. I would end up throwing it away easily. It’s cute… but not too environmentally friendly.

The tube itself reminds me a lot of that YSL lippie. It’s the same type of packaging but Syca’s tube is matte white with orange-red color fonts. Simple and straight to the point. I don’t hate it at all.

However, I realized after using the lip tint for a bit, some product tend to leak out, especially when you pull off the cap, you’d tend to “spill” some product on the sides. It looks messy and I’m seriously worried that it will spill all over my bag. Yikes, especially if it is a tint. Won’t want my whole bag looking like it’s having its period (bad joke?)

Also, the applicator is a diamond shaped applicator, it is pretty unique. I forgot where I have seen it before, it might be the same YSL lipstick I talked about. The applicator itself will deposit product throughout and glides easily on the lips without tugging on it.


If you want to talk about formula, I’d say this leans towards a very emollient feel. Think of a lip balm-ish feel. For instance, when I first apply it, it will give me a leeway to actually smudge the product all throughout my lips. If you are trying to apply a lip tint, most people would apply it in the inner parts of the lip, no? Both Syca’s lip tint blends seamlessly into the lips and does not leave any harsh lines on the lips because of how moisturizing it is. It is very effortless.

Syca’s lip tint comes in two colors – red rose and tangerine orange. Personally, I think if you have very pigmented lips or if you are of a darker skin tone, skip this. I don’t think the color will actually show. It isn’t too pigmented like the 3CE Lip Tint nor the BLP Beauty Lip Tint, but those two brands’ lip tints are wayyyy drier than this. It’s a give and take, really.

Staying Power

I would not say Syca’s lip tint has the best staying power and the reason is because… well, like I said, it is on the moisturizing part. Hence, I would bring it everywhere to retouch every 3 hours or after a meal. It does leave a very faint tint. But then again, if you have very dark lips, it will not show. In any case, if you try swatching it on your hands and it definitely will show because your hands are lighter than your lips.

But one thing I have to point out is how my lips don’t feel super dry, and touch ups always still look good. There have been instances when my lips will look terrible after reapplying certain products.


At 119k, I think it really is worth a try especially if you are into lip tints. It is at a very affordable price point and it does do what it claims to do. The only thing I don’t like about it is how often I need to reapply and how limited the shade range is. I am also not entirely sure how it performs on darker skin tones, but I am leaning towards it not being dark skin friendly. If I can actually point something out, I wish they did without the plastic pouch and lessen the cost by 10k-15k? I am guessing that’s how much it costs. It just ends up being so bulky for something so small. Do without the plastic pouch and lower the cost. Your product is pretty decent. That is all.


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