[UPDATED REVIEW] Permanent Blowout at Blow+ Bar (It’s been a year!)


June 2018 (6 months in!)

One of my most viewed posts to date is my review on the permanent blowout at Blow Plus Bar. I guess it’s probably because it is one of the most legitimate places to get a permanent blow out and you can also say that it’s being advertised heavily on social media at one point.

Personally, I like Blow Plus Bar. That is where I usually get my hair cut with Mas Kis, I even know his schedule and that he is off every Thursday. It’s been a while since I visited him though but I am booking an appointment with him as we speak. Because I’ve had this hair for a while now, I am starting to get bored of it and thinking if I should cut it short.

That first world problem aside, I would like to update you on my experience because I feel like that’s the most accurate after a year.

The reason why I got the PB (and it’s still the reason today) is because I want to save time doing my hair. Man, hair takes one of the longest times in my routine and I clearly would rather not. When I first got it done, I picked the Glam style and felt like it was a bit too curly. It also depended on how you curl it after drying your hair, or if you air dry it, etc. It produces different styles each time. It wasn’t until a couple months in then it started to loosen up a bit and that was when I really liked it.

Personally, I love the bedhair look, not the cici2 cetar look. I like the messy effortless hairdo and sometimes, the glam style can be too much. However, I think people would like the blowout to stay as long as possible and that is probably one of those that can last the longest, so you can get your money’s worth.

One thing to note is that my hair did get very fussy afterwards. My scalp especially. I often shared my scalp/hair experience on my IG story and have “fixed” my scalp before getting this PB. It was normal and I could even go on 3 days without washing my hair because it is healthy. Once I got my PB, my scalp flared up again and I’d need to wash my hair almost everyday even though I kept trying to wash it once in 2 days. I figured out it’s because of the volume so my hair was heavy. Hence, my scalp isn’t quite happy about that.


Feb 2018


March 2018


May 2018 (This was when I’m starting to really like it!)


June 2018


July 2018

Aside from my scalp being fussy, oh. my. God. The split ends were crazy. I’d categorize my hair as being pretty normal. It’s not the healthiest but it is also not too bad in terms of dryness. But after the PB, I felt like my hair got so so so so dry. I needed to add a serum in the routine which also can drag down my hair, which makes my scalp fussy.

Going through bottles and bottles of shampoo to find the right one is frustrating but essential after getting a PB. But then again, it’s up to you. I was determined to find a shampoo that did not overwhelm my scalp because it can get itchy and flaky. Yikes.

I overall like the look of it, but only after a few months. Despite that, I did get a loooot of compliments on it. It makes your life easier, but is forking out 3.8mio a big deal for you to save time and be complimented all the time but have unhealthy hair? That’s my only question.

Good luck.

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