My 2018 in recap

Happy New Year.

Another year of oblivion. No scratch that, first day into the new year and I’m already going against my resolutions. I mean, another year of hope. But who am I kidding? The year is scarier than Ariana Grande’s next unexpected move.

2018. Let’s take a road down memory lane.

I have “birthed” NIKO, By/Djo and Truu in a span of a year. Crazy? Yeah I think so. But as I was building these brands, it never occur to me that I’m taking on more responsibilities than I can ever handle. Starting a business is easy, maintaining is hard. Maintaining a blog is hard work too, that’s why I feel this has been neglected. Buying makeup is costly and I think that’s what I was doing a couple years ago, spending more than I had, and ended up with piles and piles of junk. In 2018, I tried spending my money more wisely. It was also because I earned my own allowance as well, so I had to rethink before I get something.

My whole of 2018 was focussed on building these businesses. I currently have a small team and I’m still looking to hire creative individuals out there. It’s funny how I went from working for my family business to doing this whole entrepreneurship thing all in a span of a year. Huge decisions, big steps, very risky. This really isn’t something extraordinary. A lot of you who may have reached out to ask me how I did it… I don’t know, I just did it. There really isn’t a golden ticket or something that I am keeping away from you (say like a secret recipe to success – bullshit). There really isn’t anything to it. Just timing and … I guess people’ll say… luck?

I’ve considered myself lucky in 2018, actually. In terms of business. 2018 was just that for me – business, business, business. I have lost parts of myself that I don’t think I’ll ever get back. Say, the spontaneous me who is up for drinks at midnight is no longer available. Mind you, as you grow older, your body (and liver) just can’t take that. You will also become very unproductive the next day which will sabotage the plans you had. It’s really not efficient.

Efficiency is a big thing for me in 2018. I’ve learnt to maximise my time. Every day I’d have a goal and I plan for events/launches a couple of months in advance. NIKO and BYDJO’s team is really puny but mighty.

I guess you can also say that character development is huge for me in 2018. Ups and downs. I am still not perfect. The first three months in 2018 I was taught to dust off all the dirty particles from the past. Past relationships, past regrets. People coming back in and out of my life and I could finally view things differently, I felt I got them wrapped in my fingers instead of the other way around. I could not have said that a couple years back. And also, oh the irony of it all. Makes me laugh still at this second just thinking about it. Lesson learnt – the past should just be in the past. Through all the lies, words that sounded like hopes and dreams… people don’t change. They never will.

April to June is filled with… photoshoots, strategies and such. I hired my assistant in May right before I left for the US and opened my last pre order. I loved the US and it’s always been very refreshing going back there. Being there just give me a sense of peace and I can do everything so efficiently. Something I don’t really feel in Jakarta and that was when I started feeling very indifferent about living in Indonesia.

After operating a business here in Indonesia, you sort of understand why things are the way it is. I practiced tons of critical thinking and also questioned a lot on what has been going on all this time. Truth be told, I see a lot of unfairness and a lot of “is such thing even possible?”. Yes people might think I am entitled to feel this way but some aspects of this culture really raise a lot of questions in my head. Say, how can you blatantly ask for money to be given to you just so the work that you need to do for me is expedited? That’s bullshit.

After June, it’s like the year just swooshed by just like that. It’s just the same routine every day but with different results. Having a business is fun, you get to experiment various curiousity of yours and see it at work.

I think all my businesses have been developed from my love for photography. It’s one of the things I actually look forward to. Other than that, it’s trial and error. Trust me, it’s all trial and error.

I guess this wasn’t a “wow” blogpost but I do want to thank you for being there. I started this blog because I loved writing and journaling. Not just on makeup but also about life in general. Everyone these days are always posting the highs in life that they forget the lows make them relatable too, makes them human. I hope you see me as a decent one.

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