Is absence making the heart grow fonder?

Sometimes I know for a fact that it’s absolutely useless for me to apologize for not blogging much. The fact that everyone prefers pretty captionless pictures worries me but at the same time, grateful too because I really could not find the time to blog consistently in 2018.

If you have followed my entrepreneurship journey, you would know that I’ve founded 3 brands in a year. That’s a lot and a handful. But hey, what’s normal about me?

Juggling 3 brands is a definite struggle; hence, my blog and personal branding has to be on hold because I have mouths to feed and this is the only one not generating income.

But trust me, I am learning as I go. Sometimes I even have to filter out DMs I do want to reply and those who I skip (I’m sorry), but really, everything is written down here or on my IG, you just need to look for it.

Please understand that I will never stop writing. In fact, I am always writing on IG. Blogs, I feel, as less personal. Additionally, I haven’t bought any new makeup recently! Why – because they’re simply expensive. I’d rather be investing the money or spending it on makeup that I’d definitely use, which are probably my holy grails. I am no longer adventurous in trying on makeup because I can’t stand it if I break out, I’d be even more stressed out.

But, all in all, I see that people are still visiting this blog and some posts are really hits between ladies my age.

Hair update – my current hair is long and my permanent blow out is disappearing. I would go for it again but I really wanna go short again.

Face update – this year I’ve gotten more break outs than usual. I think stress is an adding factor.

Life update – just doing my businesses and finding real friends.

Family update – all is well. All are healthy. I love them. They’re really one of the greatest support systems for me this year.

Health update – my weight fluctuates like crazy this year! I would work out intensely and then stop and then do it again. I gotta be more consistent in 2019.

Drinking update – I’m starting to drink less in December 2018 and have found out that when I’m stressed out, I tend to crave drinking more. Bad.

Business update – all good. Bydjo is doing insanely well for a new brand. NIKO is stable. I’m launching a beauty sponge this coming year.

Apa lagi…? I think that’s it!


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