[REVIEW] My stay at Hotel Monopoli

I had a little piece of New York this past weekend staying at Hotel Monopoli. This is my first time staycationing somewhere in Jakarta. Because I love my home so much, there hasn’t been a need for me to stay elsewhere. However, NIKO and BYDJO are at Kemang Village this weekend so I figured why not. It was also tiring for me to travel back and forth; plus the rates for 2 nights were not too bad (shoutout to Laura from Hotel Monopoli for scoring me a deal!).

As you know, Jakarta is filled with Instagramable places but providing mediocre food/service. But hey, whatever sells, right?

Let’s talk about Hotel Monopoli today. As I am typing this, I am currently situated in a tiny corner in their Bloom restaurant. I have mixed reviews about this place. First off, I am in love with their eclectic interior. It’s really my style. This place actually makes me feel like “hey, I mau photo cantik disini”. Of course, I didn’t though. Not yet.

For coffee/tea time. go for it. It’s pretty, it’s calming. For food, I suggest you skip. Or at least find something safe. I tried their Sop Buntut, and it was okay. Too oily and fatty. For a late chill wine night, yes. The band playing on Friday night is reaaaally good and sang songs that I love (think Yuna, Ariana Grande, etc). I ordered something to eat yesterday and had the chilled udon. Oh my lord. Best to skip it. It was disgusting. The restaurant service isn’t as great as the hotel’s so I wish they improve on that.

This place is a convenient one stop destination for fun. Dinner and light drinks at Bloom, and when you get a little tipsy, move up to the rooftop. That’s exactly what I did. I heard of The Other Room (Singapore) lookalike which is their basement but I didn’t visit because my friend told me it could get rowdy.

Now the interesting part… the hotel itself and the room.


The hotel service is really great. I felt right at home. Mba Laura was amazing. I suggest you message her if you want to book a room or find the best deal.


The front desk was rather weird, however. I felt like it was understated. The concept and branding of the hotel as a whole is good but just not there yet. As in, they didn’t put their 100%. I felt like it could be cuter. But I also understand that building a hotel isn’t cost-friendly. For the rates itself, I paid 800k per night which I thought was reasonable.

Hotel Monopoli is also owned by Syah Establishments who is also known for Lucy in the Sky, Hotel Gunawarman, etc. Hotel Gunawarman is really pretty and clean, I remember that it was cleaner because of the wedding photography workshop I attended there.


For 800k, I think you get what you pay for. I like coming to a clean spotless room but unfortunately, Hotel Monopoli missed this note. The sheets had very minor yellow spots and also on the couch/sitting area. Yikes.


For a one night stay, I thought they provided all the basic necessities. I was surprised they even provided cotton pads because I left mine at home. They collaborated with Good Vibes for their shampoo and soap and what they’re missing is body lotion/oil. It would have made the experience a bit better. The hotel also did not provide a hairdryer (at least in the room). One thing I need to point out is … I love a fluffy big towel in my hotel rooms. Hotel Monopoli’s towels were pretty meh. I was kinda disappointed but realized that not a lot of people are as particular as I am. So yes, I wished they provided better towels.


If you want a peaceful night’s sleep, pick the third floor. On Fridays and Saturdays, they have DJ events at the basement and on the rooftop, so I heard from a friend who stayed on the 5th floor (suite), the noise was… crazy. Imagine a house party right next to your room. Yeap. They did warn me ONLY AFTER I checked in, I wished they were more transparent about it when I was visiting. But I was situated on the third floor which was okay. But hey, if you’re down for a night out, I suggest go party til you’re drunk and all you need to do is sleep.


I’d rate this hotel a 4/5 for my experience (also because I had a fun night out yesterday). For that price, I think it’s pretty okay for a staycation. I love pretty, decorated hotels with an amazing vibe and ambiance and Hotel Monopoli did transport me out of my regular scene, providing a home away from home and a new found love for Kemang.


EDIT [4/11/2018] —

I misplaced my brand new sweater (with tags) in Hotel Monopoli as I wrapped my feet with it (as the AC was too cold!). But when I tried retrieving back the sweater, it was nowhere to be found. Without a doubt, I did leave it under the covers of my hotel room and I am 100% positive it was in the room. It can not be found and it was confirmed also by Laura. Small items are easier to be taken as it has “no value”. This was what my assistant told me but this can just be an assumption.

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