Are you dying, Celine?

There was once a time I was sooo determined to start blogging weekly. I was too ambitious. Here we are, a month and more after my last post, trying to ask for your understanding. Ha. Guys…. I’ve tried. I’ve tried scheduling when I should write… but every time I get to that, my mind just shuts down. Is it because I’m bored of writing? No. I write everyday on IG story and even long captions. But this blog seems rather disregarded.

But okay, new month… We’re so close to the end of the year, before you know it, we’ll be making our new year’s resolutions. Speaking of which, have you gotten close to ticking a few off? Or are we back to… “resolutions suck”? I am ticking a few things off, even some more on my bucket list.

September is a unusually busy month. I feel like I am getting busier and busier each month and what’s more worrying is that… I am getting numb to it. All I care and think about is my business, my goals and my being. Does that sound selfish? Perhaps I am that kind of entrepreneur. But then again, I really don’t think I am being greedy. Selfish perhaps. Is that wrong?

I’ve battled with a lot of questions I had in mind and have two sides of conflicting view points. So in September, I might add that I’ve gained a few extra knowledge here and there to be in more peace with myself and the questions I had previously had.

Art. Creativity. This is what is expected from us in the industry I am working in. Being in both fashion and beauty industry IN THE E-COMMERCE WORLD… Let me tell you. The pressure is there. Every other girl can make an email, find some cliche name and just add a .id, call herself an entrepreneur, be inspired/or “inspired” by brand A,B,C, have a photoshoot, have a catalog, etc. Voila. Entrepreneur. But how should we really clarify what boxes we have to tick in order to call ourselves one? The requirements needed… are there none? Borderline is I don’t think any beauty/fashion entrepreneur on Instagram should call themselves on an ENTREPRENEUR when all they do is copy concepts of other brands and not be able to create original content right down to the copywriting. Don’t even. Consider yourself successful until you have someone else copying your concepts/images/stylings etc.

Under the same umbrella of Art, Creavity, I also would like to say that I truly believe art is subjective. You might think something is shit, and I think it’s a work on the same level of Picasso and vice versa. But… If someone hired you because of your style on what you advertised on Instagram… Please just keep it that way. If a client wants something you can’t do, just be honest about it.

The body is a weird one. My acceptance with the fluctuations of my body weight is tiring. There are some days I wake up hating myself and how I look. In September I found that stress produces this hormone called cortisol, According to WEBMD, “This can turn your overeating into a habit. Because increased levels of the hormone also help cause higher insulin levels, your blood sugar drops and you crave sugary, fatty foods.” Yeah. So. That explains all the dessert cravings, alcoholic nights and late night cravings. In 2019, I really want to change up my lifestyle. I was pretty good in 2018 but I realized it’s faster for me to gain weight these days. Why’s that…… I really want to move to a country where I get to walk after my dinner. And malls shouldn’t be considered as a place for walks after dinner. Please don’t even go there.

In September I also went to Bali. I also found out that when someone is exposed to foods they are not familiar with or fond off, they can react very negatively to it. Pipi had the runs when she kept eating herby food. She puked out her *expensive* michelin-star dinner course from Locavore. Shame. (Hi Pi if you’re reading this!) HAHA.

I feel like so many things happened in September but I don’t want to get too longwinded. Afterall, I might probably be the only one finding it funny. On a more spiritual side, I have found another community in JPCC’s DATE groups so I have been dedicating my time to give time to my faith. I’ve never been happier.

So yes. that’s my recap. I can’t think of others. Exciting months ahead!

Here  are some pictures —-

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