[REVIEW – 1/3 ] Celine’s Picks – TATCHA

2018 has been a revolutionary year for me – so many things have changed! My makeup buying habits, in particular, has changed for the better. Just like everyone who’s growing older (and hopefully, wiser), I have spent more on skincare recently!

If makeup is the real world, makeup would be like investing in handbags and shoes, whereas buying skincare is like investing on clothes. They go hand in hand, that’s what I believe. Using this analogy, you would also understand why people tend to invest more on handbags, less on clothes and vice versa.

Was that too much? I thought so. Let’s get on the review and you’d understand what I mean.

I will be discussing primarily three skincare brands which have been so so so heavily requested as I’ve been trying their products out for a while now – which are Tatcha, Sunday Riley and Drunk Elephant.

After this three part series, I will give you a conclusion post and which one to invest in according to me. Of course, I’d love to say that this is solely based on my opinion and it really depends on the “cocktail” you’re going to apply on your face. Listen to your skin, listen to what it needs and not what’s really hyped in the market.

After all, skincare is just like clothes. It may fit you, but it may not fit someone else with a different set of skin. So be cautious about that.

Ok. Let’s begin with Tatcha.

When Tatcha was first on everyone’s Instagram, I was super skeptical (like I was with every other brand). But I have to say that their branding has been so consistent that I finally caved in.

First look and you know clearly that they are a luxury brand, and with luxury brands, they would definitely use better ingredients. However, you should also judge by whether it’s “better” ingredients or just luxury ingredients (say like their lipbalm that has gold flakes in it — I personally have not tried it but I know a few people who actually swears by it!).

You can read all about how Tatcha came about to what it is today, but in summary, “Victoria (the founder) learned classical Japanese beauty secrets passed down by generations that took a different approach to skincare – that less is more.” This is true! I have a book at home about Japanese skincare routines and they do pride in simplicity… As I do in my very own skincare routine. That book changed my life.

Before I bought any products from Tatcha, I actually tried their Dewy Skin Mist at a friend’s place and hated it how it looked on my skin after just 2-3 hours because I looked like the oil residence on top of a plate of rendang. Gross.

I have had several encounters with Tatcha after that — for instance, one of my followers actually shared with me a small pot of her Enzyme Powder (which I ended up loving so much!) and also I tried a few small samples from Sephora US. But none were too impactful for me to want to purchase a full size cause ya know Tatcha ain’t cheap.

But one thing I have to point out that made me trust Tatcha is that they have claimed that they are safe :

Our Pure Formula Promise: Non-comedogenic. Non-irritating. Non-sensitizing. Dermatologist tested. Cruelty-free.

Formulated without:

Mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, sulfate detergents, parabens, urea, DEA, TEA or phthalates.

That is the golden ticket for me.

I think it was last Christmas when Tatcha had a very good deal going on in Sephora and it included a lot of their minis. So obviously I had to get it. I think the first combination I bought was the Pure One Step Camelia Cleansing Oil and The Water Cream, or maybe I bought them separately, but they were definitely travel sized. Buying travel sized products for high end skincare sometimes is the only way to go to know whether they suit your skin or not!

So I had their Enzyme Powder, cleansing oil and their moisturizer with me and used them until I ran out. Immediately after, I waited until the Sephora sale to purchase a full size of their cleansing oil. I also bought travel sizes of their Enzyme Powder because I realize I don’t exfoliate much and tried their Violet C mask when I was in the US before buying the full size.

DISCLAIMER : My skin is usually pretty sensitive and reacts to products quickly. But with skincare, I notice sometimes I get a zit or two when I switch things up, but they don’t last and they’re not the bigger types of pimples.

Pure One Step Camelia Cleansing Oil

This product for me was one product that was pretty nice. I have always used my Shu Uemura Cleansing oil but traveled with the Tatcha cleansing oil. This product did not break me out at all and left my skin more moisturized than the Shu Uemura cleansing oil. I realized that I could use a lighter moisturizer after cleansing my skin with this.

I also realized that this Camelia Cleansing Oil has more benefits compared to my Shu Uemura, but that doesn’t mean I am replacing my Shu because my Shu is technically cheaper.

According to Sephora.com. this cleansing oil contains:

-Japanese Camellia Oil (Tsubaki): Seals in moisture and nourishes with of Vitamins A, B, D and E and nourishing Omegas 3, 6, and 9; this featherweight botanical oil is richer in oleic acid than olive oil.

-Tatcha’s signature Hadasei-3 (a trinity of anti-aging Japanese superfoods): Restores a healthy-looking, youthful radiance.

I am a fan of cleansing oils as it really changed my life! I can really feel all the impurities being sucked out and the best part – I am left with very moisturized skin. That is Tatcha’s aim, “Geisha discovered their secret was the oil from the seeds of the winter-blooming camellia flower and used it for centuries to remove their iconic stage makeup without drying or damaging the skin.” (See how well they are by incorporating geisha’s in?) If this is what geishas use to remove their make up, sign me in!

In my previous skincare post, I’ve already discussed the benefits of oil cleansing and I think it can be read here and here.

All in all, this cleansing oil is a nice addition to my skincare routine. It makes my skin feel very soft but not overly tight/drying. People use this to remove makeup and say that it melts makeup quickly. But this is more of my second cleanser. My first is (as always) Bioderma micellar water.

I would recommend this for all skin types, especially those who swear by oil cleansing! You will love this.

The Rice Polish (Foaming Enzyme Powder)

When I first tried this product, they only had the classic one out. I usually steer away products that are suitable for all skin types because I find them to be too drying for me. Not this one though. Because some people are only used to chemical/physical exfoliant, you would find this rather hard to work with.

This is a form of powder, you pour some into your hands and lather it all over your face after face wash. According to the product description, it is water-activated.

I use this once a week or once a month. Mostly on days when my face feels incredibly dirty, filled with clogged pores.

This may seem like it won’t affect your skin, but I believe it will brighten it and exfoliate the layer of “dark” clogged pores because of its very finely ground rice bran and apparently it contains papaya enzymes to promote natural skin turnover. This explains the instant smooth skin. “The pH neutral, amino acid base formula provides effective cleansing without stripping skin of essential moisture or breaking the skin’s barrier function, leaving skin baby-soft and supple,” this was written to describe this product on their website and I believe in this claim.

The reason why I have not bought the full size is because the travel size does last me a while and it’s easier to bring when I travel as I find my skin being more dirty quicker when I’m overseas (eg. Singapore, Bangkok, China).

I do not notice any heavy breakouts after using this product. 

I think this is better for normal – oily skin types. You may want to try their Gentle for drier/sensitive skin.

The Silk Canvas Protective Primer

This was also one product that I purchased during the sale. I’ll admit it – I got sucked into all the existing reviews. I’ve seen this product around many Youtubers’ channel like Jackie Aina, Ingrid Nelson, Jenn Im, the ones I usually watch. Many of them really like it so hence… Of course, I’d buy it.

Hmmmm… I had my first reservations when I first used this product. First off, I barely ever use a primer before my makeup application. But!!! This balm was so interesting and of course, I was curious.

I used it all the time I was in the US and would say it worked very very very well for me in dry climates, so it really helped me when I was in the US. However, when I applied it when I was back in Jakarta, I didn’t find that it was as good of a product as if I were to use it in the US. But I still enjoyed it. It acted a lot like an additional moisturizer for my skin and it did lessen the appearance of my pores near my nose.

Apparently, these are a few ingredients of the primer :

-Thin Layers of Silk (Fibroin, Sericin, and Silk Powder): Keep skin smooth and glowing all day. 

-Anti-pollution Natural Actives: Fight immediate attack from environmental stressors and help support the skin’s barrier function to act against future attack, visibly reducing the appearance of wrinkles and dullness. 

-Hadasei-3: A complex of three anti-aging nutrients reveal soft, youthful-looking skin. 

I can only say that it keeps my skin smooth and glowing all day. All the skincare benefits are yet to be proven… But it did not break me out so that’s always great! I would skip this product if you’re like me, but for ladies with mature skin or dry skin, this will probably be godsent. It’s not a must for me. It’s just nice to have.

Violet-C Radiance Mask

This is the latest addition to my very small collection. The first time I saw this mask was on Kae’s IG Story, and at that time, Avengers were the in thing. This mask is purple in color and made me laugh cause you’d look like Thanos when you have this on.

At first, I bought the smaller size because I don’t typically use masks. I am not a big fan of them. The only masks I ever used were the Origins Charcoal Mask, Peter Thomas Roth Sulphur Mask and… apa lagi, ya those were probably it. WHICH ARE VERY GOOD BTW! They were for when I had acne on my skin. Now that I only have occasionally spots here and there, I just don’t bother with them.

It is a known fact that my skin adores anything with Vitamin C, so I knew this was going to be a hit. To be honest, I liked it when I first bought it. But now, owning the full size, I don’t really see the effect.

This mask is known to have a variety of beneficial ingredients, and since I am a lazy ass, I will list what it says on the Sephora web:

“The formula features two types of vitamin C: a water-soluble vitamin C derivative that absorbs quickly for an immediate glow and an oil-soluble vitamin C derivative that remains in skin longer, providing antioxidant protection from UV damage for a brighter, more even-toned appearance over time. The mask is also powered by the Japanese beautyberry, a superfruit rich in antioxidants that was found to stabilize vitamin C, maximizing its effectiveness. A gentle 10 percent AHA complex of seven fruits removes debris and the buildup of dead skin cells to visibly improve skin texture and support the natural production of new skin cells.”

A lot of Vit C ey? Yes, that’s what my skin loves. I swear by Vit C, to be honest. A lot of my skincare products has Vit C. So if anyone wants to know my secret? There isn’t any. Just a lot of Vitamin C. But I do know of people whose skin can’t take Vit C. You just need to know what works for you.

Any Vit C lover would love this product. Dry skin, oily skin, aging skin… I think this is for everyone.

The Water Cream

The last item which I tried and will not repurchase is Tatcha’s Water Cream. I had received this using my Sephora point perks and was pretty surprised that I was lucky enough to get it at the right time.

After using it for a couple times, I would say that my skin had the hardest time with this product amongst the rest of the Tatcha line. Only later did I realize that Dimethicone was the third ingredient in it and obviously, my skin could not take it. I am pretty much sure that my skin is actually allergic to silicones (which is also why I can’t apply primers).

This moisturizer was also not enough for my skin. If you ask me about my skin type, I can’t really pinpoint what my skin type is. I just know that some days it’s dry, some days it’s oily, some days it’s normal.

This product is definitely not enough for drier skin. I only use it in the day time. I will not be purchasing this because… well, I don’t see it benefiting me in any way.


So okay, that is the round up of all the Tatcha products I’ve tried and loved. I hope this helps and I’ll definitely post more in the future when I’ve tried other products, but for now, I think I’m good.

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