[REVIEW] Colourpop No Filter Natural Matte Foundation

Ah… Colourpop. You are definitely one of my favorite affordable brands around. It takes a lot to be one of my favorite brands, well, because my expectations are pretty high. I am a brand snob and I’m sure you know that.

I never usually like drugstore make up and judging from the price of Colourpop’s products, it can be considered drugstore… and one that I really like.

During my last visit to the US, Colourpop launched their first foundation, the No Filter Natural Matte Foundation. Claimed to be very similar to their concealer, I immediately had to get it because I love their concealer. There was a time I used it daily as it was one of the easiest products I have ever used. Easily blendable and super light, which I love. I think I may have reviewed it here.

Naturally, I had high expectations because I wanted it to be very similar to the concealer. Unfortunately… It wasn’t.


Colourpop has been minimal with their packaging, that itself has been decided. It is part of their branding to be as practical and basic as possible. The foundation itself came in a glass bottle and a pump. For $12, I think it was not bad. It is as expected from Colourpop. When they first launched, they gave out free foundation brushes along with a purchase of the foundation, so that was completely a steal. But silly me, I didn’t enter the coupon code so I didn’t get it. Meh.

One thing that really irks me (and it’s probably because of my OCD) is that the pump is white. When you pump the product, your hands will leave residues on the cap itself and it will appear rather dirty. That’s the only thing I dislike about it.

It is also not too travel-friendly which is very worrying because I tend to take in consideration the weight of a foundation before bringing it on a trip.


Right of the bat, the foundation itself was rather more on the liquid side, but on the thicker side. It reminded me a lot of… the Born This Way foundation. It will still slide off your hands. It wasn’t moussey nor was it too thick of a consistency. However, upon application, I found that it applied pretty thickly, which was weird in my opinion, it is very pigmented but it sheered out to a medium coverage which is definitely buildable to full. As usual, I had used a beauty blender which I am very comfortable with using. But even with a beauty blender, it was pretty hard for me to blend. Suffice it to say, it is immediately grouped under my “hard to blend” foundations group. The way it blended sort of reminded me of Fenty’s Pro Flit’r Foundation but did not have that nice finish.

On me, after quite a while of trying to blend it, it appeared to look thick on my skin. I don’t particularly like the finish too. It was a rather odd “wet look” on my face. Semi-matte, not a dead matte. But my face will be sticky after applying this foundation — another no no for me.


Because it is rather sticky, it does not dry matte on me. I would need to set it with powder, or else, my powder products will look bad on top of this foundation. As you all know, I do not like applying a finishing powder.

The staying power itself isn’t great. Within 3-4 hours, I started to look utterly oily and disgusting in my opinion. It definitely did not look like how I first applied the foundation on my face.


I do not like this. I don’t. I tried to like it again and again but I find this nothing like the concealer. I love the concealer because of its light texture and blendability of the product. This is the exact opposite. It just looks great on its first application. It starts going downhill after that.

I really have nothing to say aside from… this will be moved to the back of my row of foundations. I am sorry, Colourpop.

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