Celine Travels — 4D3N trip to Yogyakarta (Part II)

Because of last night’s good night’s sleep, we were both really energized when we got up. We took our own sweet time to get ready. One of the funnest part about traveling with a friend is when you are able to mix and match the itinerary to your liking. If you can’t wake up, sure, we’ll move things around so that you can rest more.

KOPI KLOTOK 10000000/5

Next stop was Kopi Klotok. When I first reached the place, to be honest, I judged it pretty harshly. It was a small dinky hut with motorbikes parked out front. As you enter, you’re greeted by waiters sprinting here and there, with a number of plates along their arms. You’d get a little overwhelmed if you’re not used to eating in a crowded place, like I was. I found a rather big table to seat all of us. My friend Deb and her friend met us that day too so we had about 5 people with us.

I was fascinated by the combs of bananas that they had hanging on the ceiling. Apparently, they were known for their coffee (duh, kopi klotok) and also their fried banana fritters.

I usually could care less for fried bananas… but when I took the first bite…. It literally is the best banana fritters I’ve had to date. I am not good at describing, nor am I good with words to describe food. But as you took the first bite, the batter is the right amount of crunchiness, and it was sweet yet fried at the right amount, and you’ll be surprised by the softness of a ripe banana. If you take a good look at it, it is dark sunny yellow. That’s when you know you’ve gotten a good banana fritter. It was the perfect marriage of crunch and sweet buttery goodness. I paired my banana fritter with a cup of Teh tubruk which is basically crushed tea leaves; they even give you two types of sugar blocks so you can choose according to your preference.

I got sooo engrossed in talking about their banana fritters that I forgot to mention what I had for lunch. Well, I was first of all surprised to know that it was a all-you-can-eat. So you can go for seconds, thirds, fourths… One plate of rice, lodeh, telur, etc costs about 15k. SO CHEAP! But the food wasn’t up to my liking. It’s very homecooked but it wasn’t as flavorful as I’d like it to be. 

The payment system of Kopi Klotok is after you’re done with your meal, you head over to the cashier and state what you had. They trust you to tell the truth, which is a really unique concept! I was quite amused and we spend a total of less than 200k!!! So cheeeeeap.


After Kopi Klotok, we headed to Museum Ullen Sentalu. I don’t visit a lot of museums in Indonesia… ever, but this museum surprised me. It was like the museums I would visit overseas. It is, however, a privately owned museum, hence I guess why everything was preserved very well. Say, if this was publicly owned… it would be a different case.

There were drawings, sculptures and historical gamelangs and artifacts from the Royal family in Yogyakarta… My favorite room was the one featuring handwritten letters, poems for the Princess when she was broken-hearted. It was so sentimental. I had an amazing time there and it’s a definite must-visit!


From Ullen Sentalu, we drove to Omah Pakem which is owned by Deb. It is her family estate and she took us around to see the whole place. We relaxed and toured the vicinity and took several pictures. Beautiful villa to be around nature.


As the sun set, we decided to head out for dinner at Mediterranean. The restaurant concept is very cute and reminded me of a trattoria. However, it is called Mediterranean and I’m sure they weren’t serving Mediterranean food.

I love this place. After days of having Yogya food, I couldn’t wait to have my salads, juices, pasta and pizza. Mediterranean really fulfilled my craving that night. There were the 7 of us and we had a bottle of wine, and the total bill came to be 1.300k which was…. crazy cheap since I alone had 3 mains! (I know, I am such a greedy ass but laper mata!) Super happy that it was that affordable and the taste itself was pretty good.

It was more like Italian than Mediterranean and I had the homemade Tagliatelle with Bolognese, Beef Tenderloin and a plate of salad! All were so good, I was really craving for vegetables that night.

3-4 bottles of wine later, we went for karaoke and called it a night.

The last day, we didn’t do much but we headed back to Legit for lunch because I wanted their squid. And that was it. We then headed to the airport. 


Overall, Yogya food is super affordable. Each meal was not bad. Frankly, I had a hard time to adjust to the food though since it is overall really sweet. The hotel we stayed in was really recommended, it was clean and very comfortable. It reminded me alot of Lloyd’s Inn in Singapore but with a creative twist — as in, it has more colors and art works.

People in Yogya were soooo friendly and they’re just overall really cheerful, really sweet. Jakarta people are mostly grumpy (I guess it’s because life is way harder in Jakarta). But yes I’d totally recommend visiting Yogya. 3 nights is a good time length in my opinion.

I’d visit again, but maybe next year!

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