[REVIEW] Rose All Day Cosmetics The Lightweight Realest Foundation

I guess you would say this is one of the foundations I’ve used quite a bit and have yet to give a complete review. Why? Well… To be honest, I feel quite pressurized sometimes because I tend to not like any of their products. However, this is by far one of the best I’ve tried from RADC.

As you may already know, I have already reviewed one of their lipsticks and the feedback I have gotten were pretty surprising. A lot of my followers thanked me for reviewing it, on the other hand, I’ve had some anonymous accounts attacking me for being “too frank” and not supporting local brands. Trust me, I try my best to support local brands, but only if they’re really good and original.

I’ve given RADC another try when I bought one of their lipsticks from the Love & Flair collaboration and I quite liked it, until that day I saw they pretty much copied the Museum of Ice Cream concept with the life-sized gummy bears figurine. Yup, not cool. I was pretty disappointed and decided meh.. what’s the point of talking about them.

But this launch was different. Way before this launched, I remembered seeing a sneakpeak of their foundation in some make up artist’s Instagram and the packaging was originally identical to Glossier’s Skin Tint. I guess they were already getting too much attention for copying Glossier (ALLEGEDLY) that they ~perhaps~ changed the packaging of this.

They have also hired a branding agency (Juno Projects by Benny Lim) for the launch of this foundation and you can see from the campaign and everything that they really stepped up their game.

In all due respect, I was actually pretty impressed. The execution of the whole marketing campaign was… well, different. Fresh, rather. But nothing too notable. The videos done by Juno Project is amazing though; I mean… Benny Lim has always been my inspiration.

So.. Let’s dive into the product itself. As always, I have divided my review in sections for an easier flow.


The packaging is pretty nifty. It is something new and in all honesty, I did not think that they’d come up with this. Say, the box that it came with was a slide open box and it sort of opened up like a flower. It consisted of information on the foundation and had holographic texts with pearl finish on some other texts. It was informational and the copywriting itself was on point. I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I get products and they try so hard to write in English but failed, ugh. It irks the living shit in me. I quite like this one.

It comes in a squeeze tube and a pump, which reminds me a lot of the IT CC Cream. Super travel friendly as it is rather small and will not create a huge mess.

The color range itself is rather pathetic. They only have 4 colors and the darkest shade was for someone like Lizzie Parra. To me, she’s not too dark and the average Indonesian woman is definitely darker than she is. I am in the shade Light, which is the second to the lightest shade.



The first time I pumped the product, I was rather confused. The product claims to be lightweight, but it pumped out this liquid which is rather thick and moussey. Only after application can I say that it really is not lightweight. That is one thing I need to point out.

The foundation itself claims to have a lot of beneficial properties such as Hyaluronic acid that adds hydration and locks moisture in, zinc that gives you additional sun protection, Vit C which will help brighten up your complexion and Vit E which is a powerful anti oxidant that helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles. On my skin itself, I felt it to be so so soooo itchy for the first few applications. It was to the point where I was trying really hard not to touch/scratch my face. Perhaps it is because of the active ingredients. However, the itch wears off after a couple times of using this.

The foundation itself is of a medium coverage but definitely can be built up to full. It sets pretty quickly but not as fast as the Fenty Beauty No Filtr Foundation. Speaking of the Fenty Beauty No Filtr Foundation, I find them to be rather similar in term of the finish. It photographs really well, but when you see it close up, you can see it clinging on to your dry patches, around your nose and on your acne. So if you have textured and especially DRY skin, I would suggest you to skip this one.

I had a spot or two after wearing this foundation after the first day but that’s just it. No more other breakouts after. It also might just be pure coincidence.


The staying power is great. I have normal skin with an oily t-zone and the foundation held up pretty well and for a long time too. Some people have told me that this foundation breaks down on their oily skin, but that isn’t the case for me. Yes, of course, at the end of the day, the foundation near my nose wore out, but that’s normal for me. but elsewhere it was okay.

The foundation is really good at keeping my oils at bay. I realized this when I was out wearing this foundation until really late at night, probably one of the best ones in my collection that do not make me look like a mess at night. You can say I was happy about that.


For a 30ml foundation that costs IDR 209.000, I would say it’s a great deal. But then again, I don’t use any local foundations so I don’t have anything to compare it to. Usually foundations in the US will cost around $30-60 and I’m talking about those in Sephora. In my opinion, RADC is definitely on the higher end side in the Indonesian market. Why do I say this? Well, look at their branding, look at their packaging, it is pretty apparent. So IDR 209.000 is okay. I love their very travel-friendly packaging as well.

This foundation photographs REALLY well for me. I’ve taken a lot of selfies and a handful of you have asked me what foundation I’m wearing, and this foundation was the answer. Like I previously mentioned, it photographs well, but when you go close up and see the nooks and crannies of your face, you’d realize it isn’t great. But this is easily fixed with a setting spray, I’m sure, although I have never tried it.

I would not recommend topping it with powder because I feel like it sets matte. The best way is just to touched up mid-day but remember what I say about it clinging on dry areas? Yeah, that’s another problem.

Would I repurchase? HMMMM…. Maybe. If they go on sale I would. Haha. The reason why I contemplate on repurchasing is because… I think I would need to finish the foundations I have on hand first before thinking of restocking this. But then again, if I repurchase this, you’d probably hear of it on my IG stories.

Hope this helps!

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