Celine’s Favorite Glossier Products (Beginner’s Guide)

Koniciwa! I know, I always use the same excuse again and again that I bet you are tired of hearing of them. It’s true though, I feel like I’m in a blogger limbo. It’s a hiatus for way too long. But I won’t apologize for that because… well, I was having fun with life! Life’s been treating me really well. However, right now I am sitting down at the edge of my bed, aching all over from my body combat class yesterday. Oh yes! I’ve gained weight too so that’s how you know I’m happy with life.

So to start off, this will be a favorites post that I have not done in a while. Technically, I was going to write a favorites post until I realized most of the products I am about to mention are all from Glossier. The reason why I quit doing a monthly favorites post is because… well, I use the same makeup alllllll the freaking time. If you’re a follower of mine on Instagram, you’d know how boring my makeup routine is. Also, I can never justify the price of US makeup products sold in Indo, they’re marked up pretty high. Hence, I only get them when I travel to Singapore.

I think it has come to no surprise to anyone that I am featuring tons of Glossier products in this post. They have recently opened up their LA store and of course, I had to drop by being a true Glossier girl that I am. The store itself was… magical. It’s like Disneyland for me. Plus, they added a unique touch — they have this small room where you can go in and it’s supposed to be the Antelope Canyon. Quite off, but hey, it’s cute! I prefer the Glossier Antelope Canyon to the original one to be honest. It reminded me a lot of Yayoi Kusama’s Observatory room, where you’re allowed in a tiny space, walking towards a mirror where you can take selfies. Because, the whole world needs to know how in love you are with yourself right? Ha!

Generation G in Zip

The first time I saw this lippie was when my friend, Naomi, brought it back from London. It didn’t look anything special on the website, I must say. And also, I have been very traumatized by very drying lipsticks, so I thought this was going to be categorized as drying  — BUT APPARENTLY NOT, SIR. Honestly, I was really surprised that this wasn’t drying at all. For the longest time, I have underestimated Glossier’s products because of the mixed reviews. For instance, I haven’t even tried their skincare because I don’t find a need to try new skincare products. I am pretty happy with my routine now. Even if I were to try, I’d try a brand which specializes in skincare.

Back to Generation G, the reason why I bought Zip is because I know how subtle and light Glossier’s makeup’s pigmentation is. They are not too pigmented and aims to be very natural which I really appreciate. I find myself buying less and less makeup sold in Sephora as they are too menor for me. As I grow older, I tend to want to show my skin more instead of hiding it, mostly because… I am proud of the texture of my skin. One very good advice I’ve received is to start your skincare from a young age, but hey, that’s a topic for another day, but you can read about my skincare posts here and here where I talked about “fixing” your skin, how to find the best skincare for you and what I did.

Also, I bought their Body Hero lotion and oil wash and did not like them both. It smells good, but it caused me breakouts. Yikes, bacne.

Oh no, look at me side-tracking again. I feel like because I write this post in my stream of consciousness, you can see how my mind jump from one thing to another just like that.

But yes, Zip. It’s a nice poppy red which looks so cute on fair skin. It has a balmy texture, isn’t sticky, and doesn’t not dry your lips. One thing I really like is how it fades. For instance, after you’ve had your meal, it will fade nicely, and it’s there to remind you to apply more. It is such a nice red, I can’t get over it. Because I don’t usually wear eyeshadow, I just put NIKO lashes on and this, and i’m good to go. This is very casual. It’s like having coffee with someone on Sunday afternoon, no commitment, no rush, just pure serene peace. This is it. Super recommended for a girl who loves to just bring that one lipstick around, it’s an easy product. Just what I like.

Cloud Paint

Dusk – Beam – Dawn – Zip

I was in complete luck to be able to snag this when I was in the U.S. Initially I was scrolling through my Instagram and saw one of the Glossier’s rep’s post. At first I was wondering whether these two colors would be too much for me. But I ordered it anyways since there were people who actually ordered them through my PO.

I do love my Dusk Cloud Paint and have featured them in countless of my GRWMs on Instagram. The reason why they’re my go to blush is because…

  1. their packaging is soooo practical. It’s just a tiny tube.
  2. it’s so pigmented yet applies so naturally.
  3. you can control how much you apply to achieve the look you want
  4. the color!
  5. it’s so effortless

In a nutshell, those are the factors why I love the Glossier cloud paint. Literally, it’s what my hand reach out for on makeupless days or when I just want a very natural look (which is every day). The website says that “The pillowy, gel-cream formula is designed to be the most user-friendly cheek color in existence”, it indeed is very user-friendly.

If I can advise you to get only one product from Glossier, it would be this.

Perfecting Skin Tint

Ah, this product was such a delight to discover. $28 isn’t cheap but when I was in their store, I kept telling myself to get a product I haven’t owned and would be able to try in person. So this went into my order. They had just reformulated the formula so that’s just great timing.

For as long as I was in the US, this foundation was all I used. I really shouldn’t have packed that much makeup for the US because I ended up not using those that I brought from Jakarta.

This foundation… is a dream come true for me. When looking for an everyday foundation, I try to find one that has light coverage and most importantly, does not break me out. I have a few favorites but I can see this being one of my top foundations. Why? It is so easy to apply. If you notice, all the products I choose are supposed to be “easy” products, meaning even a beginner can use it. It’s so effortless, ga complicated, ga susah. Very straight to the point, does what it does and does not irritate my skin.

The Glossier Skin Tint provides a very very very skin-like finish for me, at first I though because there literally isn’t any pigment and isn’t covering anything. But I was wrong. My dark circles were covered and the tint did even out my skintone, so technically it has coverage! My skin wasn’t even oily throughout the day, but then again, it might be because it’s the weather there.

In Jakarta, I found that I get oily after 10 hours of usage and that’s the normal hour for me to get oily. But I still like it, it’s very comfortable on the skin. However, because of its light coverage, I do not recommend this for people with acne/texture on their faces. I think you will dislike it. But if you’re looking for a nice foundation that will make your skin look naturally nice without covering anything, this is it. This is my favorite foundation so far and I am still using it as we speak. The only shame? The pathetic color range.

Stretch Concealer

I feel like this is the kind of product which you either really love or really hate. There isn’t an in between. And if you like concealers like Nars and Tarte shape tape, you will not like this product.

This concealer is primarily for covering your undereye, not the type to cover your acne. My personal experience with this is after I came back from the US, I was still deciding whether I wanted to sell this concealer or not. One day I saw my dark circles and decided to try the concealer for my undereye. I love it. On lazy days, I just use this under my eye and I’m good to go. You know that recent glass skin trend? Yeah, I feel like I could achieve that with this product.

According to the website, “[Stretch Concealer]… is new type of concealer with elastic micro waxes that move with your face instead of caking on top of it, and nourishing oils that give a dewy, glowing finish.” I really can attest to the claim. Man, Glossier is so good with their copywriting that it just sounds so good. But the truth is, their product really is good in my opinion! They fall so naturally on my skin.

If you see the girls in the store, all of them have very minimal makeup on, which is the kind of look I love as well.

The concealer itself was one that I can wear alone and I know I can’t say this for a lot of products. It has beeswax and microcrystalline wax to achieve “elastic consistency”, avocado and jojoba oil to help nourish the skin. And it’s true, because of the oil, the concealer looks very shiny on your face, giving you that glowy look. Because I have pretty high cheekbones, when I smile, this concealer gives me a really nice glow on my cheeks. I typically use the concealer on my undereye and I blend it up towards my temple.

So those are my recommendations! I hope you find this useful. And also, Glossier if you’re reading this, if you ever need another rep girl in Asia, you know who to hit up!

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