[REVIEW] Krave Beauty Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser

My skincare routine is very, very boring. I am usually a pretty adventurous being in a lot of aspects in life, but skincare is never going to be one of them. The reason is because… well —

1. I am not too familiar with skincare ingredients. I am not a very science-y person.

2. I hate to bear the consequences of trying new skincare because my skin is hella sensitive and I risk it breaking out.

3. There are waaaayyyyy too many skincare brands

4. Most skincare have their ups and downs. For instance, I love The Ordinary’s Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA but hates their hyaluronic acid or primer. So I can’t stay loyal to just one brand.

5. I am too lazy to try new things.

However! The one thing I tried recently was the Krave Beauty Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser which is created by Liah Yoo. She is a Youtuber whom I watched before buying all The Ordinary items because her video is so detailed and her voice… so soothing. Liah Yoo knows her shit, let me tell you.

Coincidentally, Female Daily Network hosted a dinner with Liah Yoo,  So I entered the contest and won a pass to a dinner with her. But that’s really besides the point!

I bought the cleanser from a local online store for… I think 380k. A bit marked up so I was ready to lose this money if it didn’t work out for me. But the claims that it has… wow. It really did sound promising. And remember, Liah Yoo knows her shit. I usually spend my money on brands/personalities that really know what’s going on. Rather than just launching products based on trends = this I usually do not buy.

The branding of the brand itself I really love. It is simple and straight to the point, just as what your skincare should be. The 10 steps Korean Skincare trend? Yeah, no, not for me.

The website claims that the cleanser is “An antioxidant cleanser that doesn’t mess up your skin barrier , lifting everything your skin doesn’t want while leaving what it needs—healthy pH, hydration, antioxidants and no irritation”. This itself sounds, wow, perfect. IZ LIKE A DREAM. and also, “Matcha and hemp seeds are here to boost the skin’s intake of antioxidants and essential fatty acids”. I am familiar that matcha is an anti-oxidant and it is just an MVP. so kudos to that.

So I tried it. At first I was like meh about it. So I went back to my usual Shu-Uemura oil cleanser or my Lush Dark Angels. But then… sometimes I realize my skin just kraves (geddit geddit) for this cleanser. It is a very gel-like textured product. It does not lather up in a foam whatsoever. It is bouncy, it isn’t watery. And yes, it is super gentle. Because of Jakarta’s pollution, my skin gets hella dirty sometimes even though I am mostly indoors. I feel like this isn’t enough if you were to use this to remove your makeup, but this as a second cleanser is not too bad. As always, I use my Bioderma as the first step and another cleanser as the second step.

I sometimes feel like this doesn’t do it on oilier days. The gunk in my pores just need something more strong, like my oil cleanser. This will not replace my holy grail Shu Uemura cleanser.

However, if you have really sensitive skin, I really suggest this cleanser if you’re out looking for one. My friends who have really sensitive skin have used it and said that it’s amazing. This compared to Glossier’s Jelly Milky cleanser, I’d pick this. They are very similar but I feel like Krave’s is way better with all the antioxidant properties.

But all in all, this cleanser is just a very straight forward product. I think it is safe for all skin types – from dry to oily. It does not strip that natural moisture off of your face which is amaaaazing. This is one thing that I feel irks me about gel cleansers. For instance, I used Senka once and my skin flared up. It felt so tight and I was dying. I knew I was going to break out after that and I did.

This, however, is very skin-friendly. It isn’t a revolutionary product but it sure does its job.

4/5 (I can see myself repurchasing this when I’m out so we’ll see about that)

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