[REVIEW] BLP Matte Liner

BLP Beauty launched their very first liquid liner around the mid April and at that time, I had just purchased a local brand’s liner to test out so I decided to wait it out. It was not until Female Daily’s #JakartaXBeauty 2018 that I purchased their Matte Liner and the newly launched Face Powder. Because I am aware of my hoarding capability, I was stopping myself from buying ANY cosmetic products because I was going to save my money to purchase products from the US.

With the deal that they had that day, I couldn’t resist but buy those two products. I bought 2 matte liners and their Light Beige face powder for a total of 385k if I am not wrong. Super affordable, almost like drugstore price in the US. The eyeliner itself is 109k – super affordable!

Having an eyeliner on is an essential step in my makeup routine. I have tried several eyeliners and have found a few brands I go back to, depending on my mood.

A few checkpoints that I look out for in an eyeliner :

  • the tip / how easy it is to draw my winged out line
  • its overall weight
  • the cap (important for me)
  • the color of the ink
  • whether it itches/safe for sensitive eyes
  • Removal of the liner

The way everyone apply eyeliner definitely differ from one and another. According to my opinion, BLP is pretty easy to use. Take in consideration, however, that I have already tried out a lot of eyeliners in order to find my “rhythm”/tricks to draw a sharp wing. In my opinion, BLP Matte Liner has a softer, flexible tip compared to Stila’s. For me, Stila’s liquid liner is the best for beginners as you have better control of it. It is sturdy but flexible enough for us to learn how to draw the wing at the end of our eye. Another one of my favorite would be the Flowfushi eyeliner which has the perfect brush. Japanese eyeliners have this synthetic brush which makes it super easy for us to draw a thin, sharp line. However, the color that they produce aren’t as deep as brands from the US/Indo. I am in no way saying that BLP’s makes it harder for us to draw the wing, but you really need a sturdy hand because of its softer (flimsy) tip, it is very much like a long pointy paintbrush, in my opinion.

People often disregard the weight of the eyeliner itself, but I really think it is important to discuss how it affects the application experience. I have recently bought ESQA Cosmetics eyeliner and I did not like the fact that it was very heavy. Judging from its packaging, you would understand why it was heavy since it is made of metal. BLP Matte Liner’s packaging is made of plastic and was in their signature turquoise color. The overall weight is light, because, well, it’s made of plastic. It is easier to lift up and down and you won’t feel that the weight of the product is weighing itself down. I usually apply my eyeliner with the lightest pressure so I don’t overapply. Overapplying and removing it again and again will result in dark rims around the eyes because of the ink and will probably ruin your makeup.

The cap. I know, I am so particular with things like this. This is where BLP Matte Liner bugged the hell out of me. Because it isn’t black, I felt like the cap looked really dirty after a few uses. I was on my Instagram Live the other time and actually spent time wiping the whole cap, that one of my followers actually pointed it out. But yes, this really bugged the hell out of me. The cap itself was pretty standard. I like the more secure type of caps where there’s the click when you cap it back in. This does not, and you may risk it coming off, especially if you were to put it in your bag. Just be careful.

BLP Matte Liner is of a matte jet black. Some days when I have a full eye, I really want a really dead matte jet black. It just emphasizes the look and creates a statement. BLP aced this color pretty well. It is very much like the Stila’s liquid liner. It does not provide a “shiny” coat, I am sure you know what I’m talking about. It’s a matte black yet does not crack when you apply it on the back of your hands – some liners actually crack/bleed. This doesn’t.

My eyes are pretty sensitive, that’s why I have developed lashes and chose a glue that does not irritate my eyes. BLP Matte Liner does not irritate my eyes after a full day as well, and this is important for me. I’ve tried Wardah’s eyeliner which everyone says is a dupe to Stila (no.) and have tried Dollywink as well (which was my holy grail for a long time), but they all irritated my eyes after 9 hours. This does not. So I would say it’s safe for sensitive eyes.

I usually remove my liners with a cotton pad soaked in Bioderma and usually take only one swipe when I use the FlowFushi eyeliner (the one I use almost everyday). This is pretty challenging to remove in just one swipe but isn’t tooooo hard; sometimes I take a cotton bud and clean it gently.

I would say that BLP Matte Liner is pretty much a good purchase for those of you who are out there looking for a good eyeliner that does its job. Just as long as it does not irritate your eyes, does not bleed/smudge, is easy to use/remove, and isn’t heavy. It pretty much does what it has to do as a matte eyeliner. So that’s good enough no?

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