Heavy and Slow

You stay up at night. Can’t even sleep a wink.

12.15am, the clock says.

Tired. Tired, but you can’t sleep.

Is he really at home sleeping? Or is someone else next to him smelling his cigarette breath, touching him in places he’s the most weak…

You check your phone.


You scroll through Instagram trying to distract yourself from all these demons in your head dying to get out.

Puppies, let’s see puppy photos. Puppies make everyone happy, right?

Cute. You see three dogs in a perfectly orchestrated frame.

Yikes, they’re hers. Close Instagram.

You sighed. Is this even worth it? Why are you feeling this way? What can you do to get over it?


Just 30 minutes. Seems like eternity. I guess that’s what happens when you’re carrying the whole world’s weight and someone else’s dirty laundry on your shoulders as you walk through your path of life. Heavy and slow.

Is the weight worth it?

Slowly, you tire yourself and there goes your eyes… h e a v y and closed.

Good night.


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