Guide to Your Personal Starter Make Up Kit

As a makeup novice, I am pretty sure you can get overwhelmed by all these makeup ads trying to sell you this and that, telling you that their product is ALL you need. You get sucked in and end up buying products that either don’t work out or really, how the hell do you use this/that?

I’ve been in your position. When I first started, I initially thought “oh my goodness, her face is amazing. Whatever she has, I need to have it too!” And hence I end up buying piles of makeup either I don’t need or have no idea how to use. Sometimes, they are even the wrong color! Damn the salesperson who’s trying to fast sell these items.

For a really basic makeup pouch, I would suggest getting an eyeliner, a brow pencil, cheek/lip tint and a tinted moisturizer for an everyday use. Find these four products and I really think you’d be set for your everyday look.

The reason why I said that these products are essentials is because these are probably the most basic make up products you are supposed to have to enhance the features of your face. You can even skip eyeliner if you want, because I know that some people do not suit the eyeliner look.


If you want a more natural look, do opt for a brown eyeliner instead of black. I always choose liquid over gel over pencil because it’s easier to learn how to apply liquid rather than gel and pencil. My advice – don’t risk it. The chances of you applying it wrongly and end up having panda eyes is high. My recommendation? Always Japanese liners for that subtle look. For a very black matte liner, Stila or Kat Von D is really good. Lancome was one of my very first liquid eyeliners too. Love. For a local brand, I tried Wardah which I didn’t really like but don’t mind if that was the last product on Earth.

~ EXTRA :: My first product ever back in 2008 was a Body Shop eyeliner. Before that, I have never ever touched any type of makeup products (unless you count Lipsmackers as makeup). So I started with an eyeliner. I remember it being on the thicker side, it was a liquid eyeliner which smudged at the end of the day.

Also, if you want to at least look even more put together, I suggest learning to put fake eyelashes on! Lazy girls in Indonesia just have eyelash extensions on, and you can totally opt for that too. But… Learn how to put falsies on. It’ll really help in the long run. I used to not wear any makeup except for eyeliner, brows and fake eyelashes (the cheap types from pasar baru!)


BROWS, BROWS, BROWS. Ever heard that brows shape the structures of your face? Yep, I agree with that. Take time to practice drawing your brows, it took me over 4-5 years to know what shape suits my face and what products I prefer.

Brow pencils, pomade, tints, etc. Choose one that suits your brows the most. If you already have a full set brows, go for a brow pencil. For brow producs, apply it ever so lightly, never apply pressure as it will apply way too much and it’d be harsh. This applies to brow pencils and pomade. Japanese brow products are awesome. One that really reminds me of Japanese brow products is from Cle De Peau which has been my staple for years.

Pomades are one of the most difficult products to work with (for me). However, if your brows are non existent, I would recommend that you really try hard to work with pomades. They’ll save your life. Again, apply ever so lightly, even more lightly than the brow pencil. When applying pomades, choose a good brush. One of the best brushes I’ve ever tried is from Anastasia Beverly Hills. It’s about $18 but it gives you that precise arched eyebrow. However, be very careful as this isn’t too foolproof. If you apply too much, it looks horrendous, like SinChan. Always practice with this one.


This one is one easy step for beginners, often very fool-proof. I recommend K palette’s 1 day cream blush. It is inexpensive and lasts all day and doesn’t break me out.

Lip tint is also another savior for those who do not have a lot of make up on. It just doesn’t look too over the top. Liquid lipsticks that are easily blended are also okay, say Rollover Reaction. If all else fails, tinted lip balm.


If you want to have a more even skintone, I suggest getting the Colourpop concealer used as a foundation. Just one swipe on each region (left and right cheek, forehead and chin) and blend with a Beauty Blender (I think Beauty Blender is an easy way to blend everything in place) – and you’re done! It provides a pretty good coverage at an affordable price.

Frankly, I think most make up beginners can stop here.

However, if you want to kick it up a notch, definitely venture out in bronzer (bronzer first, then learn how to contour) and a higher coverage foundation.

In terms of difficulties, I would say applying eyeshadows and contour is probably the more challenging aspects when it comes to make up. I myself am still learning how to apply eyeshadow and contour.

I hope this small snippet helps anyone who’s starting out in make up!

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