[REVIEW] Studio Tropik Micellar RoseWater

Back in mid February, I was invited to Studio Tropik’s launch of their latest addition to the line which is the Micellar Rosewater. Because I couldn’t attend on that day due to personal reasons, I was sent the goodie bag almost after the event and received it when I got back from Singapore.

If you’re waiting for a local brand to bring you something new, it would be Studio Tropik. I really would say that they’re leading the local skincare market, it also might be because they are one of the only local skincare brands I’ve tried.

A month later, I am happy to report back on my experience.

I got sent the product itself alongside 2 They Talk About liquid lipsticks, which I’ve been wanting to try. Tried it. I’m not particularly a fan because their lighter shade out of the two is still too dark for me. I would say that the colors are more made for darker skin tones, or I’d say, Indonesian skin tones. It’s a matte liquid lipstick consistency that I don’t personally favor.

So, back to the Micellar Rosewater. The packaging itself is hygienic as it comes with a pump, even my Bioderma does not come with a pump. It consists 200ml of product at IDR 119.000. Pretty affordable right? A 250ml bottle of Bioderma is around IDR 240.000, so Studio Tropik is cheaper.

Overall, the product is okay. It is not as life changing as their priming waters, I would say. I would not replace my Bioderma with this. It does what it claims to do: it’s okay for sensitive skin (true, I did not break out from it), it is not drying (yes, my skin is not irritated by it as well), it smells good and it removes my makeup (yes to a certain extent because I first cleanse with micellar water every time).

The reason why it is okay for sensitive skin is because it is formulated without “Oil, Alcohol, Fragrance, Paraben, Sulfates, Mercury, Formaldehyde” as stated on their official website. Their key ingredients include Rosewater for anti aging & calming the skin, sodium PCA to contribute to skin softening & is anti-inflammatory active ingredient.

The pump itself is helpful, yes. However, I find that I prefer the regular bottle. The reason being that I usually wet 3 cotton pads at once; I like to soak it at once because I feel like it is more efficient although I would waste more cotton pads. Ha! With a pump, I just take a longer time to soak a cotton pad, and i need to pump at least 4 times to get it as wet as I want it to be! At times, the pump doesn’t even pump out the right amount of product or even any product at all. Perhaps I am too impatient. Sometimes when I get home super late (or drunk), I just want to wash my face as fast as I can so I can head to bed. This is a fun fact about me – no matter how drunk I get, I will never forget to wash my face. It’s like I’m on autopilot; but that’s good no? I just have shortcuts. (Tip : I don’t oil cleanse during such events.)

So, one problem would be the pump for me. Another reason why I don’t think the Micellar Rosewater isn’t lifechanging is because I felt like it did not remove my eye makeup has easily as my Bioderma. It took more effort on my end to remove my eyeliner (please note that I did not use any eyeshadow). My eyeliner isn’t even waterproof nor is it that jet black type. It’s a Japanese eyeliner which is usually easier to remove. Besides the fact that it did not successfully remove my eyeliner, it can stink my eye more than my Bioderma.

Because of this experience, I do not think I will replace my Bioderma with Studio Tropik’s Micellar RoseWater. I still think it is worth a try if you are a fan of micellar waters. This is definitely better than the Garnier’s or L’oreal’s in my opinion, with its added skincare benefits. Plus! All the ingredients are dermatologist tested and did not break me out because Lord knows I have the most sensitive skin.

The smallest Bioderma at 100ml is about IDR 150.000, so this may be cost efficient if you want to try micellar waters. It doesn’t cost that much, really. It’s worth the price. So take the plunge.


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