I usually never do these kinds of reviews but I figured that the consumer rights in Indonesia is very vague. Since we aren’t spoilt with options just like in other countries (because of ridiculous import laws — taxing imported goods at a hefty rate, which makes the selling price more expensive yadidadida), we tend to only have Instagram online shops as one of the options to buy stuff. Because consumerism is how we feed on life, right?

Instagram online shops? Yes. Online shopping through Instagram. Is that even a thing? In Indonesia, yes. I know in the U.S, you are only credible when your business has a website set up, it is more legit. But because in Indonesia (and I know in Thailand) people aren’t too tech-savvy and building a website for an aspiring “entrepreneur” is expensive, people just set up an Instagram account with a proper feed and voila, you are now able to sell your goods online. I find that people here are more trusting too, which … I don’t know is a good thing or a bad thing.

Here’s an experience I want to share with you and how disgusting some online shops are, I even find that it is borderline a scam.

Please take note that I am doing this not because I want to pinpoint fingers but I do want to specifically call out this said Instagram shop because of other buyers’ experiences as well. Ternyata… I am not the only one who has had bad experiences with them. There were a handful of girls who have contacted me saying the same thing, how disappointed they are in the quality and the return process.

This post is also to bring up the issue of consumer rights – to what extent consumers are to be protected since there literally are no consumer rights law nor are there are guarantees that transactions made between a buyer and a seller is clear and black and white.

Unlike in the US, we are offered FREE RETURNS/EXCHANGES. If a shop does not accept returns, usually because of intimate garments, then you will be offered store credit instead. Sounds fair right?

In Indonesia? You wish. Exchanges are not acceptable although the size charts are inaccurate, and refunds? Ha! Don’t even for a slight second think about it because it’s impossible.

So technically speaking, I’d like you to get a jist of the consumer protection in Indonesia aka there is none.

Moving on….

My first experience with @savanabeachwear is last year, around January 2017. I had an upcoming trip to Bali and ya know, I wanted to look cute and so I decided to buy some swimwear. When you first type in “#jualswimwear/swimwear/etc” (SEO terms for Instagram — you can basically really find anything using hashtags btw), you find this SAVANA BEACH WEAR online shop. Legit, you may think, right? So I clicked on it and was pretty impressed.

Wow, banyak ya yang lucu2 (Wow, there are so many cute options!)”

Ada bule lagi yang pake (Oh! There’s a white person wearing it!)” — Because whenever bule wears them, it’s definitely more legit (mindset orang indo)

Wah, kok lumayan not bad ya price nya” (The price isn’t too bad) — BIASA LAH GUE CINA OKEEE, SWIMWEAR GA USAH MAHAL2.

Boy was I wrong. Only after this experience did I realize why swimwears cost a bomb, but I’ll explain that later.

Put aside your judgements for once, and think about it. This instagram shop has a pretty feed (check), has models wearing them (check), has decently tagged photos (check), price is not too bad (check). Sold? Definitely. I purchased a set straight away.

I settled with a white scallop bikini top and bottom. Because I am pretty big sized on the top, I followed their size chart :

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 10.55.04 AM.png

and opted for L.

The whole processing time and payment is swift — it’s like that for all online shops. When receiving money, it’s hella fast. Goods are sent. Okay.

When I got it, I was pretty shocked.

  1. The swimsuit wasn’t of a swimsuit material – meaning it isn’t lycra or polyester. It was stretchy, it was hard, stiff and… well, felt like sand paper to me.
  2. The swimsuit feels cheap = because of course, duh, the price
  3. The swimsuit sizing was WAAAAY off. The bikini strings won’t even tie up.
  4. It’s disgusting.

Because they offer exchanges, I contacted the admin straight away and told them my problems. Of course, now the replies take longer and the whole exchange process took about 2-3 days. The exchange process itself took a total of a week and I was heading to Bali then. I got it in time but didn’t even want to wear it.

That was my first experience. Ok, kapokkk, no more. Not only have they been misleading in the products they sell (bule modeling their swimsuit? No, those are just pictures from other brands. They just probably hand the picture to their “tailor” and have it made into a swimsuit). I felt like I’ve been deceived and cheated on (beh, baperrrr).

Hence, that was that.

Fast forward to this year, I am heading to Phuket in a week’s time. I went on Instagram and asked people who are following me what their recommendations for swimwear accounts are. Low and behold, of course someone will mention Savana Beach Wear.

At first I didn’t notice that I had purchased from this Instagram shop. I chatted with the person yadidadida, chose 2 sets – 1 monokini and 1 2 piece. I even showed the admin a few pictures like hey, I want this and this. She was pretty accommodating because hey, they totally want my money, right?

They now have an option of choosing a different bottom and I thought wow, that’s pretty handy. I even made sure with them and asked if these were exchangeable and followed their exact size chart, they reassured me and that made me feel a bit calmer purchasing with them.

I WAS EVEN NICE ENOUGH TO SAY THAT I WILL TAG THEM. but here’s a tag you’ve been waiting for 🙂

The products came not long after.

Still, same reaction. Shocked.

What happened to the tagged photos that the girls posted? Did they get the same shit quality? Are my standards too high? What about those caucasian models? What about those pictures that are posted online… Kenapa they look like legit swimsuit but datengnya begini kaya gado2 abang2. KENAPAAAAA.

I was fuming.

Both swimsuits were utter failure. FAIL. There were strings undone, the threads were coming off. The sizing… oh my god the sizing. It looked horrendous. MIND YOU, I know I don’t have the perfect body but my body looks drastically different wearing those two swimsuits – one is too big and one is so disgustingly tiny. I could feel the cheap… what’s this material… rubbing on my body. Gahhh. I had to take it off. Ew.IMG_9786.jpeg6E28C903-7DBE-4CBC-93B3-AEAFF73248B7.jpeg

I contacted the admin again and here’s our conversation:

They said the same thing over and over again until I was so annoyed. But okay, I though maybe I was overreacting. After that I emailed them the same format… What’s funny is that they said WORRY-FREE EXCHANGES but hell, it was hell.


But! I followed the rules. Took them ageeees to get back to me. Ages I mean, 12 hours. Come on, you definitely scammed too many people that you can hire admins or whatever, but in regards to returns, you can’t reply me/other customers as fast as you can reply the next potential customer?

So this is the email thread :

My email and the reasons for exchangescreen-shot-2018-03-15-at-11-09-22-am.png

Their reply: PLEASE NOTE THAT THEY HAVE STATED THAT I NEED TO PAY THEM AN EXTRA OF 50K/PIECE FOR EXCHANGING THE ITEMS + SHIPPING. After that, I wanted a refund and I stated my reasons why.

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 11.09.50 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 11.10.06 AM.png

As usual…. automated reply + reasons that did not make sense. LO TUKER DOANG KELUEEEEEEEES GA PERLU TAMBAH2IN DEH. WORRY FREE PURCHASE MY ASSSSSSSS.

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 11.10.12 AM.png

I continued to say that their products are misleading and the pictures posted aren’t even real. Alias ini penipuan dong?

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 2.26.34 PM.png

Their reply:  (which I stopped reading word for word at this point. Pointless. It’d be a waste of my time)Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 11.11.23 AM.png

At last… I grew pissed and repeated what I said again and again. If you want to play the “who’s the dumbest” game, let’s play. You contract dumb with dumb. Let them have a taste of their own medicine. I even tried to Whatsapp them saying that I will be heading to the bank tomorrow to report their account. Of course, I was blocked.



Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 11.11.52 AM.png

Immediately, I replied with my account and asked for their address because I’m a law abiding citizen and want to return their shit products.

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 11.11.58 AM.png

SEE! They don’t even want their products by. What kind of business do not stand by their products or even have the heart to want their products back? If I am a business and have the time and effort to make a product and say if my customer wants to return it, I would gladly take it back because I did put in effort to make it. ESPECIALLY IF I STAND BY MY PRODUCTS’ QUALITY.

But again…. you’re right, they probably mass produced everything in a child-labor infilled factory outside of Jakarta.

So, that’s my recap of Savana Beach Wear. Please shop with EXTRA CAUTION. Please do not be fooled by them. You think you are saving money buying online from this shop (and other times, it’s true, you really can save money by buying online) but trust me, it’s better to go buy swimsuit in H&M instead.


Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 2.21.26 PM

Update your image and say PLEASE WORRY AS YOU PURCHASE SISTAH.

OOOOOH, Savana oh na naaawhhhhh HELL NAWH. Bye. Shelly Ervina, you should be ashamed for your disgusting, deceitful business practices.


  1. Omg saya barusan juga beli di savana.. sudah ukur sesuai chart nya dia barang datang yg atasan ga cukup sama sekali .. saya komplain ke admin ga ada jawaban yg jelas . Seharusnya saya baca ini dlu sebelum beli ke savana 😦
    Saya jadikan pelajaran aja lain kali beli bikin di shop yg bonafit2 aja


  2. Ga banget deh nih pengiriman nya juga lama banget, dan alamatnya dia salah tulis jadi pesenan muter muter di kurir. Dan dia gamau tanggung jawab. Jangan beli disini dehh ga rekomenn. Udah complain ke admin, admin malah nyalahin saya


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