[REVIEW] Trope Cosmetics (Velvet Matte Lipstick & Illuminator)

This review is way too long overdue. The reason why I’ve been putting off writing reviews too quickly on my blog is because recently I’ve been accused of being biased. Not wanting to give that specific hater special attention, but you can definitely read all about it in one of my Trope Cosmetic post on IG. I have not deleted any comments and felt that I needed to be 100% transparent about this.


Trope Cosmetics is a local indie brand  which recently launched a line of velvet matte lipsticks, illuminators and nail polishes. From my observation, they definitely did not spend a lot of money on endorsing too many local influencers. I did not see their products on the usual influencers’ instagrams because then again, isn’t it all oh-so-common now? You see the same things circulating around the same influencers again and again.


Trope opted for a different approach in terms of branding and marketing direction. As you can see, they preferred a futuristic theme.

I was sent three of the Velvet Matte Lipsticks, the 2087 Illuminator and 3 of the nail lacquers. Because I always get my nails done professionally, I have not tried their nail lacquers but I will probably give it out in a giveaway; because you know what they say ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. Putting that aside, I think I’ve given the other products enough time to actually give, what I hope to be, an informative review.

Velvet Matte Lipsticks

Lipsticks are rather a signature range to a lot of make up lines these days. Their colors are pretty safe, I would say, as according to their press kit, “the range is created with universality in mind, giving rise to a palette of understated to playful colour continuum.” That is an undeniable claim. The formula is vegan, fragrance-free, paraben-free. I think one aspect that I enjoyed greatly was that it is fragrance-free; I had recently thrown out all my MAC lipstick because of its disgusting scent which is quite sickening to me until I feel like I want to puke everytime I apply it on my lips.

The application itself is standard, although I would categorize it as on the powdery side. It reminded me somewhat of Pat McGrath’s but not that close in the creaminess of it. Because of its highly pigmented formula, it swatches on very strongly and is indeed very matte. With that being said, I feel like it can be somewhat drying after a few applications. However, I find this way more enjoyable to apply rather than a liquid lipstick. It is also possible to dab the lipstick on in order to make it less pigmented and more of the blotted lip look which I love.

I received the colors Innate, Flamingo and Rosewood. Because Rosewood is a dark brick red, I gave it to Naomi because that’s her color. Innate is a cool muted toned pink and Flamingo is a nice peachy orange (perhaps, tangerine would be a better word to describe it) WHICH I LOVE. I highly recommend Flamingo to those with light skin like me.

Over all, I think it’s a nice product to have despite its high price point. It’s about IDR 180.000 before shipping. If you want it and if it’s in a color that isn’t too common in the market, go for it. But if you could substitute it for something of a cheaper alternative, skip it. It’s that simple. I think Flamingo’s a pretty unique color, I would have totally bought it if I hadn’t been sent these products.

Oh! I think it is quite important to note that the Matte Velvet lipsticks do not melt when it is placed inside my bag. What I mean by this is sometimes lipsticks “melt” inside my bag especially when it is exposed under the heat. This didn’t. Lipsticks like MAC, Urban Decay tend to sweat — Try taking notice.

Illuminator in 2087

A purple holographic highlighter, really?

Those were my first initial thoughts. When I first received the package, I frowned upon that very item, thinking… “They got to be kidding me”. I even told Marshella and she told me “Do you know that purple highlighters actually look good on Asian skin?”

No I didn’t, Marsh. Until I tried this.

So one fine day, well.. It was my birthday and I had a 90s theme going on. Something in me urged to put this highlighter on. And I didn’t. It forever changed my life.

According to the press kit, the formula consists of “ultrafine pearlescent pigment, [gives a] luminescent, light-diffusing lustre effect, [is] buildable, cream-to-powder texture and fragrance-free, paraben-free”.

I applied this sparingly on top of my cheeks and it literally changed how I view purple highlighters from then on. It was easily blended throughout the high points of my cheeks and was not glittery at all. In fact, I am usually not a fan of glittery highlighters (you know me…). It comes in a small compact tube made of aluminium (I think).

Okay, the price is rather high at IDR 250.000, but if I were to suggest you get anything from Trope, this would be it. Skip everything else and get this if you’re a fan of highlighters.

So far that’s what I’ve got for Trope Cosmetics. Brand direction and branding wise, I have to give them a couple of thumbs up. It really is different than what’s in the market. The selection of products in their line is also very unique. Aside from that, their products did not cause any irritation or break outs on my skin, which is always a plus. Sure Trope is definitely on the higher price point but I always believe sometimes you really get what you pay for.

Say if you’d like to save more, Trope offers a build-your-own-kit option or sets at a cheaper price which I think is definitely an interesting gift options for your fellow beauty enthusiasts. I definitely will keep them in my radar. Trope, not bad. Cheers.

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