Where have I been?

Hello. It has been a while, hasn’t it? As I write this entry today, I am currently curling up in bed, just finished watching an episode of The Assassination of Gianni Versace (which is truly a masterpiece btw, you should have to watch it). Just a relaxed night in. Candle burning. Lights dimmed.


So where have I been? I’ve been living life. Also I have so so so many things in my head recently and I have also been busy with NIKO and dating and connecting with different people here and there, traveling, catching up with my sister and trying to improve myself everyday, patch up my relationship with my mother. I shan’t complain. Life is good and I feel like I’m on the right track albeit the foggy road ahead.

What have I been doing differently?

  1. DATING/EXPLORING — I won’t lie. After a year of being single, I still find myself dreading meeting new people. But then again, if I don’t start, I won’t know. The thing I had learnt recently is the more you date, the more you know about yourself. My advice? Take a sip of gin, go ask that guy out. Rejected? Okay, move on to the next guy. Dating’s fun, trust me. You brush up your interacting skills too.
  2. HOLISTIC HEALING THERAPY — So I have briefly shared on IG Story that I’ve been trying out holistic healing with Mba Diwien of True Nature Holistic Healing in Dharmawangsa Square. My first session centered around the reason I wanted to go to her and how she can help. I remembered going to the place very confused and tired and angry and … just radiating negative energy. I didn’t like myself and I probably just drank myself silly the night before. About 5-6 sessions later, I feel like a changed person. I won’t go into too much details (for now) because I feel like everyone’s journeys are different. But I will gladly provide her contact details if you were to reach out to me.
  3. NIKO LASH — Niko’s been taking up all my energy recently. I am a one woman show and do eveeeeerything by myself. From taking orders to packing the orders to the marketing. but thankfully I have my driver to help me out in sending the packages to JNE. Aside from that, I am always developing new ideas and concepts for the future, writing down every single inspirations and keeping tabs of what brands are doing now so I can be inspired. NIKO’s growth has been quite fast, I won’t lie. I am actually pretty proud of myself but I am feeling a bit worn out. What I’ve been enjoying talking to various entrepreneurs, young professionals and my friends who are in the creative industry as well. Every day, you learn something new. Don’t miss out on opportunities.
  4. WORKING ON MYSELF — With all that’s happening to me recently, I’ve trained myself to be easier on myself. Emotions are emotions and that’s what is making me human. It took me a while to accept that, I was pretty inflexible before because I thought how I feel is wrong/not right/shouldn’t have been that way so I kept trying to change how I feel, thinking that I am solving a problem but then realizing that feeling something is not the problem. It is me not being able to accept my feelings is the problem. Currently, I am more acceptable of how I feel about something and if it’s not “right”/how people expect me to feel, then so be it. That is one. Another is… living my life the way I want it. Perhaps I will talk about this more in the next future posts.

So… That’s what has been going on in my life thus far! I really apologize for the lack of updates on this blog. I have a bunch of drafts up but none I can complete just yet. Expect a few make up posts in the future but not that often because I have been decreasing my makeup products by A WHOLE LOT because… I just wear the same type of makeup these days. Piling on tons of makeup on my face just isn’t cutting it for me anymore. With healthy skin like mine, I’d rather not hide/conceal any “imperfections”, which is also why I don’t own any high coverage concealers as of now.

Investing on skincare and lifestyle/home goods are probably my next steps in the future. Am I getting old? Ha, definitely a change in spending habits for sure. Either this or that, I see myself heading in the right direction and I can’t wait to share more with you guys in the future!

I’m always only a DM away on Instagram 🙂

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