[REVIEW] Permanent Blowout at Blow+ Bar Kemang Village Jakarta

If you ever lived in Jakarta, you are probably familiar with that very same hairstyle that every other girl has. You know what I’m talking about, those loose curls what seemed to be freshly blowdried at some neighborhood salon because their hands are just too precious to curl their own hair. You know. Or if you don’t, go out and observe for yourself. You can literally find them everywhere.

Anyway, I am okay with that hairstyle, hence, I don’t think I am shading all these girls who have the same hairstyle. I have it too.

Because I like the rich-girl-curls, I decided to go for the permanent blowout. This isn’t the first time I did it. I have done it previously at this studio I will not be mentioning. Prior to that, I have cut my long hair to somewhat a shoulder-length style, and had the girl who did my hair, let’s call her E, permed it into a somewhat Japanese shaggy messy curly hairstyle with the ends blown in. I liked that. I paid about IDR 2.400 inclusive of a haircut and serum.

After about 10 months and 4 haircuts later, of course my intial curls are long gone. So I decided to go to Blow+ Bar instead of E.

Here’s why :

  1. Despite doing my first permanent blowout with E in beginning of March 2017, I still encouraged my sister to try Blow+ Bar because of its sterling reviews (ultimately because of Jason who I used to go to when I dyed my hair in Blow+ Bar Singapore). I also heard that the blowout at E’s does not last as long as Blow+’s and my sister is studying in the US, so it would make more sense for her to go for something that lasts longer. Compared to mine, her curls are nicer and lasts a longer time.
  2. Blow+ is where I get my haircut too (and will never go anywhere else) and the people there are so so so friendly. My experience at E’s is just okay. I feel bad for sharing this but I remember very clearly that she was quite rough with my hair and she’d twist it and her nails would hurt my scalp and ear. On the other hand, I saw how Asep handled my sister and I would much rather pay for that service.
  3. Well, I also have to point out my overall experience at Blow+ Bar has been pleasant everytime. It’s comfortable and I don’t feel pressured into buying anything and I wasn’t repeatedly told my hair “is very dry” and I need this and that serum which I then feel very obligated to buy.

I knew after that my next time will be in Blow+ Bar. Because perming my hair at shoulder-mid length is quite a waste, I grew my hair out for a few months before deciding “Okay, it’s time”. The reason being that perming one’s hair costs quite a bit and I don’t want to waste my money for something that I’ll regret. I waited until mid January 2018 to do it. By then my hair was long enough.

As I am writing this right now, I literally just left Blow+ Bar not too long ago. So I shall update in a few days’ time. Asep told me not to wash my hair for two days.

My hair before getting permanent blowout at Blow+

Straight after coming out of Blow+

2-3 weeks after

Crazy second day hair (which I actually really like)

25 Feb 18

It’s been a month since I did my hair at Blow+ Bar and I have a few things to add since my short review right after the treatment. One thing I did differently was the products I used. I can no longer use a lot of my really cleansing shampoo (such as my Lush and Aesop shampoos), they are just way too drying and my scalp gets itchy and oily just in one day. Two, I also needed to find a hair oil/serum to go with my hair so that it is hydrating enough.

The permanent blowout at Blow+ Bar is definitely more drying than the one I had done with E. But the curls are more prominent and holds really well. I’ve received one too many compliments on my hair after getting it done at Blow+ Bar and I’ve always admired Kanita’s hair after getting it done there as well.

The products I use now is the Agadir Shampoo with Original Mineral Hydrate & Contour conditioner (this is one that I realize works really really reallllly well for my hair) and after towel drying my hair, I apply 3 pumps of Lucido ‘L hair serum in the yellow bottle.

So far, I am really pleased with the results and would do it again in a heartbeat when the curls are gone, because I’m probably going to cut my hair little by little as it grows out.

Definitely an investment, I say. Isn’t it great to wake up knowing it’s going to be a good hair day? You just look more put together.

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