Celine’s 2017 Gift Guide feat. local brands + PROMOS!

Ah, it’s the holiday season, Tis the season to be shopping, right? But, hold your horses. Before going on a shopping spree for yourself (because, you totally deserve it after getting through the whole year!), you probably need ideas of what to get for your loved ones.

I love giving my loved ones gifts, and I may be able to suggest a thing or two of what to buy for whom (also because you know that my favorite hobby is… well, shopping).

To give a really great “wow, I love this idea!” gift, really get to know what the person likes. The key to being a good gifter is well, to be a good listener. Think of his/her hobbies, but then again, say if you are trying to find a gift for a makeup enthusiast, it is quite redundant to buy her another makeup product unless she clearly bluntly says that she would like that as a gift. Think outside the box – think what she can find useful, say… an organizational tray for her make up. Be creative! Be resourceful. I really advise you to pay attention to what different people say from time to time and their likes and dislikes.

Saying that it’s so hard to get someone something is total BS, because you’d definitely know on the top of your head what your loved ones love.

In general, depending on who you are giving the present to, one of the easiest shops that has everything is GOODS DEPT. Of course, something Secret Santa gifts are the easiest. But I always refrain from buying the usual notebook, water bottle… Yeah, don’t settle for mediocracy. Go for a character mug or a really interesting book – it could be a coffee table book or some self-help book (because self-help is so in right now). If all else fails, a nice Moleskine notebook is a great, safe gift.

Gifts for The Father / Uncle / Older Male

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 8.38.47 AM

Buying gifts for a dad is a definitely a challenge, at least that’s what I think. Ties, a classic dress shirt, or a work bag is way too common. Try to think about what he’s been thinking of getting but haven’t gotten around in doing so.

My dad is typically the type who would prioritize my wants rather than his. So, this is an opportunity for me to repay his favor by getting him what he has been eyeing. For instance, my dad is a fan of electronics and homewares. I have gotten him a toolbox from ACE Hardware just because he likes fixing appliances around the house. Or you can treat him to a nice dinner.

One thing that will never fail is a good bottle of whiskey or scotch. Depending if your father is a light drinker or tends to like heavier drinks, a good old bottle of wine or whiskey will be a nice gift for the season.


Gifts for the Brother

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 8.52.35 AM

As you may see, many of the gift ideas I have suggested for the Father can be interchangeable for the Brother. However, gifts for your brother may be more casual compared to those you’d give to your father.

For instance, say if I actually do have a male sibling, I would go for something really funny and irritating and give him a whole big box of condoms just for laughs. Ha! Or okay, maybe you are not that inappropriate as I am. But I will still give him something really inappropriate and annoying because that’s what siblings are for – to be annoyed at.

A safe gift would be a book (self-help is really in right now, or an autobiography of his favorite football player), a nice tumbler he could bring for work or… a month of work out session from GuavaPass.

For younger males, I’d always take in consideration of their hobbies and get them something that revolves around that. It may be a football jersey, or tickets to say, their favorite movie.

Gifts for the Mother / Aunt / Older Female

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 8.49.07 AM

Ah, here’s where sometimes I have trouble with. Funny, because it’s supposedly the easiest.

Easiest gift I think that will instantly cheer her up is a bouquet of flowers (for any occasion). Not only will it add a little touch of something-something to the house, but flowers just tend to set the mood.

Or… I’d suggest a spa date with the mother. Think about it, our mothers have spent the whole year (or even our whole lives) looking out for us, providing us a shelter and giving us the basic necessities in life. This is the perfect time to give back.

Bring her for a mani-pedi session just the two of you where bonding time is undeniably going to happen. Here’s the fun part – I’ve gotten YOU and your mother (or sister/bestie) a special deal in GLAMBAR JAKARTA. A humble studio providing all your necessary glaming needs. Mention my blog (CELINEDEE) and get either :

  1. Pay 1 for 2 Eyelash Extensions with a junior stylist (all styles)
  2. For 320rb, get classic manicure pedi, gel manicure, nail polish for the pedi and hand paraffin.

That is literally the whole spa experience right there! This promo is valid for the month of December ONLY.

If spas aren’t your thing, you can opt for a more mature clothing piece to gift your mother or an older female figure. One of my top picks is ISAMARA, a online based shop selling pieces for a modern female. They have recently launched ISAMARA Kids too, so you can definitely buy pieces for your little nieces too.

ISAMARA was kind enough to offer a special promo –  mention my blog and get 10% on all items and free shipping over 1.500k for ISAMARA and ISAMARA Kids. Only valid in the month of December ONLY.

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 8.56.42 AM


Gifts for the Sister / Female Friend

I think this is one of the easiest of them all. Well, for me… I love everything customized, which comes from the heart. I’d go for makeup pouches with monogram initials, or a embroidered scarf with their initials (I especially love the one from DUMA). Sometimes I will make crafts for people who matter to me.

For something easier and more conventional, I’ll usually purchase gift cards or vouchers to retail stores of her choice. Because the online marketplace is vast, it is very hard to find quality pieces. I’ve personally bought from KAVVI and have supported them since day 1.

For KAVVI, mention me (CELINEDEE) and get free nationwide shipping. 

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Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

I am really hoping that this gift guide comes in handy to any of you out there and that the promos will be helpful for your holiday shopping. The brands featured in this post is very well-loved by me and I stand by their quality. I wish you all the best of luck for your shopping and hope that it won’t be stressful! 🙂

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