[REVIEW] Hakuhodo Brushes (J210, H3870, H2917, G5553 and H4193)

This post is long overdue and I apologize for its delay. (Really, I know this is wayyyy too delayed.)

To date, I have 5 Hakuhodo face brushes that I bought sparingly when I first started out in makeup, and have recently purchased a few others which I will be featuring in another post. I have never been an aspiring makeup artist nor reviewer, but I do love buying and applying makeup on my face ever since I overcame my acne days. That was how my passion for makeup started and I became really intrigued in reviewing/recommending makeup to my friends. So viola~

When I began learning how to apply makeup, no one was there to teach me. It was only my handful favorite YouTubers and I. With years of experience, one thing I noticed that make a significant difference to a “flawless” application of makeup is 1. the makeup itself (duh), and 2. the applicators. I bought Hakuhodo when Beauty Blenders weren’t a thing just yet. Everyone was still opting for the old school technique of using brushes.

Back in 2011, I was addicted to face make up – mainly foundation and cheeks; hence, I was always buying investing on foundation and blush brushes – Sigma, Sephora, Real Techniques, Bobbi Brown, Chanel, you name it. I probably have bought or have thought of buying it.

For those of you who have been thinking of investing in Hakuhodo brushes, do it, no doubt. I really don’t think you need to further read on any more reviews to make that decision, although I did really intense research before deciding which brushes to buy. Buying Hakuhodo brushes are what I’ve never ever regretted despite shelling out that sum of money at one go.

I know Hakuhodo might be too overwhelming for some people, especially if you think of their high price point, but really, they last forever. My set of Hakuhodo brushes are about 6 years old and they still do work and look like new.

Ok, on to the individual brushes. I think I will be giving as much information as I can on each of the brushes:

J210 – This is a blush brush which is recommended by a loooot of people based on the online reviews I’ve read. It has really soft goat hair bristles which does not tug on your face as you apply cream products on your face. The brush hair is cut to perfection, it really does look like a dome. On the site, it looks way flatter but as you can see, it is very dense and circle-shaped. Because of its shape, I tried not only applying blush (which works fine) but I have also tried applying liquid foundation by buffing ever so lightly in circular motions. I was quite amazed because it applies beaaaautifully and does not exfoliate my skin or leave streaky brush strokes. I also have used this brush to buff out my liquid contour. Because this brush is made of natural animal hair, you are not supposed to wash it that often. I like it; I think it’s a multipurpose brush if you tend to have a lot of liquid/cream products in your makeup collection.

H3870 – This brush changed my life. I took me a while to finally realized how convenient this brush is when it comes to applying my eyeshadows. Whenever I think I screw up my eyeshadow application, I reach for this. It is a duo-fibre eyeshadow brush which is amazing to blend the transition color. Because of its shape, it really isn’t for precise application of shadows. It is more of an all over lid color or a cream shadow application. Aside from shadows, this can also be used to apply concealer on your acne. The duo-fibre bristles can be used to buff out liquid products for an airbrush look.

H2917 – This must be one of the most expensive brushes I have ever bought (or will ever buy). I think I wasn’t thinking well that day and just had to purchase something impulsive so let’s just keep it at that. But honestly…….. this brush is good but I’m sure you can get something cheaper. It is $82USD. Yup. I think it is because of the fact that it’s made with Blue Squirrel fur (Hakuhodo is animal-cruelty free btw). But! I love this brush for applying bronzer and an all over powder to set my face. First, it really picks up the right amount of product. In fact, alllllll Hakuhodo brushes pick up the perfect amount of product. Sometimes when I apply bronzer, it can look super dirty and blotchy but this brush usually makes the application waaaay easier. I can use a super bad bronzer but because of this brush, I might be able to wing it. When you use this on your way……. God, it will be one of the best feelings in the world. Trust me, this is a bougey ass brush and not everyone needs it. But it’s a good splurge.

(If you realize, this brush will be discontinued (as stated on the website), probably because it’s way too expensive and no one’s buying it -expect for extra people like me- hee.)

G5553 – Remember when I said that there was a time when I always bought face brushes. This one was not one to miss for me, I always wanted to get the best brush for foundation application because I had pretty bad acne scars back then. This brush has goat hair and synthetic fibre which is said to help “create a smooth finish to your makeup, while also helping it last even longer”. I disagree. If I can rewind and not buy one of the brushes, it would be this one. At $47, I think it really does the same job as a cheaper brush, say from Sigma. It made my foundation look streaky (because I buff in circular motions) and it just didn’t look okay. It is very very very dense and small so I really had to buff a lot and in small areas to avoid uneven application. The website suggests that “liquid, cream and even powder” works well with this brush. I really disagree. I won’t recommend this.

H4193 – I honestly just jumped a little when I saw the price of this brush! I never expected that I’d be spending that much on a brush but… I guess I did. Honestly though, I really think it used to not be as expensive way back when I bought it. At $97, I really think this isn’t worth it now. Haha! But it really has made my makeup application way easier when I travel. This brush is a retractable brush which is super travel-sized. It is also made of blue squirrel and it is the softest kind of hair. Because of its shape, it can be used to apply blush, contour, even bronzer, and ultimately an all over face powder too. So really, it is multipurpose. The thing about Hakuhodo brushes is that you can just tap the powder away on your hands and it can be used for the next step without you having to worry that you still have say, powder from the last step. This is really handy for me when I go travel and it really is the only brush I bring with me.


In a nutshell, no doubt Hakuhodo is indeed the Bentley of brushes. They are worth the price in my opinion because makeup application is surely made easy with the help of these brushes. They pick up the right amount of product and the brushes are ALL multifunction. Not one brush has only one purpose – I really use my Hakuhodo brushes for everything. I have recently just bought the eye brushes and … spoiler, I truly love each and every one of them. If I get a really bad makeup product, I tend to be able to make it work with the help of Hakuhodo brushes (NO JOKE). So… If you are in the market for reallllllllly good brushes, these are definitely my recommendations. And if by any chance you are overwhelmed by the site, you can always invest in Wayne Goss’s brushes which IN MY OPINION, are the curated selection of brushes from Hakuhodo but rebranded into his line. It’s sort of like a cheat sheet, but Wayne Goss’s price is a little higher because you are paying for the short cut to these selected brushes.

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