[REVIEW] Dior Lip Tattoo in Natural Nude and Natural Cherry

Because of fellow local influencers/online shops on Instagram, I kept seeing the Dior Lip Tattoo appearing on my IG story (which is apparent that it is in high demand). ‘READY STOCK, Paling Murah di Instagram, FAST PO’ – key words used in IG stories by online shops usually on marketing very highly demanded items.

Of course, I am usually not sucked into the hype. But… I bought these lippies because of Rissa (@lippielust) – again because of Rissa hahahaha! Coincidentally, one of my best friends was in Singapore for the weekend so I could ask her to get some of them for me. The colors Rissa and I wanted are available in Singapore’s boutiques, although I heard that these two colors (Natural Cherry, Natural Nude) have been sold out for quite a while and it was the ones that everyone wanted. The lippies cost about $46SGD retail and $40 in Duty Free Changi. For me, this is at a pretty high price point.

I am usually not a fan of tints; I find the ones I’ve tried to be drying and well, the color is effortless but  in my opinion, easily achievable with many of my liquid lipsticks (say BLP, Rollover Reaction – those with a more mousey texture, but yes, I do realize they’re not the same). I am familiar that lip tints are more of a Korean trend; they do look nice on some people, mostly lighter skinned people from what I’ve noticed. It provides a look that makes the lips seem full and supple, and… well, effortless. A beginner could use it without making any mistakes, much easier to use compared to a liquid lipstick I must say.

Natural Cherry – Natural Nude – Lancome’s Matte Shaker in Energy Peach

Upon trying the Dior Lip Tattoo (I first tried the Cherry), I was like… “hm, okay. looks cute”. On that day, I do look like I can be part of a Korean girl band. The thing about me is… I don’t like looking too “Kawaii”/Ulzzang (is that the correct term?) because:

1. Because I just think they’re too ‘cute’ for my personality.

2. It’s just not me. I’ll look like a kid – sok cute. (maunya keliatan fierce, haha! I mean ‘of age’)

But I have my days and Korean/Japanese inspired makeup do give a leeway for me to not put in so much effort in my makeup.

Natural Cherry on my lips

Natural Cherry was exactly what the name is – cherry toned. What I like about the Dior Lip Tattoo is that it is undeniably comfortable on the lips, much more than the rest of the lip tints I’ve tried. However, like I’ve mentioned before… If a lip product is moisturizing and comfortable on the lips, 80% of the time, it’s not going to be long-lasting. If you want a lip product that is long lasting, it will most probably be drying.

Natural Cherry – Natural Nude – Lancome’s Matte Shaker in Energy Peach

(After being rubbed off)

However, since this is a tint that is advertised as long-lasting… I can’t really tell if the stain really lasted long on my lips. The reason is because I realized that the cherry tint settles to be sort of like my lip color. My lips are pretty rosy to begin with. With Natural Nude, it is even more not visible. Perhaps if I try a darker color, I would be able to tell if it lasts longer. However, when I swatched it on my hands, the color really did stain on my hands for quite a while (I’m talking about hours), very different than when it’s on my lips, perhaps for the reason I just stated.

Overall, I like this lip product but not enough to rave about it. It’s definitely a nice addition to your daily makeup pouch because it is so hydrating. I love the fact that it can moisturize my lips aside from tinting it. Because the color does not last, I have to reapply every once in a while, more often than my other lippies. Sometimes I realize that it can be drying, but a reapplication will solve this issue.

I will only recommend this product for someone who doesn’t bother applying liquid lipsticks but would like to have something in hand for those makeup-less days. Lip tints can be a nice addition for easy makeup free days so that our face won’t look so pale (pucet). But… at IDR 430+k a lippie, I’d stick to buying Korean lip tints. For me, it isn’t worth it. At that price, I’d much rather recommend a local lippie or the Lancome Matte Shaker which can double as a blush. That lip product review will be up next.


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