[REVIEW] Maharis Clinic’s Votre Peau Skincare Line

Maharis Clinic has established its name in the local beauty scene for a while. I know of it because I’ve come across their Instagram account being mentioned by a few gurus in the past and have seen their booth in Female Daily’s #JakartaXBeauty2017 event. Pretty legit, I must say.

For a brand to have a clinic and a reputation known in the industry, I think they have formed an accountable following. I first heard of Votre Peau from Rissa of @lippielust and saw that she was at their booth during IMAE. She kindly invited me to go visit but I couldn’t make it.

Seeing the unboxing videos of various gurus from Votre Peau have led me to make an order. I guess you could say that I was sucked in by the hype and can we take a moment to appreciate the packaging? Don’t you think it’s something fresh out of the oven? It’s definitely something that doesn’t seem like it’s catered too much to the younger generation; after all, their line consists of a Vitamin C serum (for brightening), eye cream (for moisturizing your undereye), SPF 50 sun screen (to protect your skin from sun spots) and Brightening Spray and Collagen Booster Night Cream which all cater to both young and older crowd alike.

However, I am a firm believer of finding the right products for yourself at a young age. It’s all about maintaining your skin.

Vitamin C serum

As you may already know, I swear by Vitamin C serums. My holy grail Vitamin C serum is from Mario Badescu and it seriously have changed my life. I think Votre Peau’s Vitamin C serum is definitely a good, affordable alternative although they are not exactly the same product. The Mario Badescu Vitamin C serum is more of an oily consistency whereas the Votre Peau serum is definitely a serum consistency. Think of your usual serum. It comes in a dark glass bottle (which is really important because sunlight damages/breaks down serums) with a pump. It dispenses a pea sized amount and I usually use 2 pumps by gently patting it all over my face.

So far, it has not broken me out (Halleluya!) and I do think it is a good choice to try in order to achieve that healthy glow, especially if you have dull skin. I have incorporated Vitamin C serums into my routine for a year now and I really did see the difference.

For 220k, you really can’t say no. Try it. No excuses.

SPF 50 Facial Sunscreen

I am very ashamed every time someone asks me for a sunscreen recommendation – I don’t use any. But for justification sake, I did used to use sunscreen when I was in the US for college, when I’m often exposed to outdoor sunlight. Now? I’m always in my car. I barely walk outdoors and I barely have any contact with direct sunlight because of that “bau matahari” smell that I despise.

When Votre Peau insisted on sending me a free product for review, I had to get something else because I feel bad about receiving free products, so I picked this.

One turn off was the pump. Bushet, when I first tried it, I had white liquid all over my shirt and hands (no dirty thinking ah ~ bad bad bad!). But yes, that was one thing that put me off at first.

To be honest, I’ve only used this a couple of times. My skin is really sensitive to sunscreen. Meaning, back when I used sunscreen in the states, I would have constant mini pimples but those without heads (scientific name : milia) similarly I would associated them with clogged pores… because well, sunscreen tend to have ingredients that are irritating to my skin, for instance, the first ingredient in this is Cetyl Alcohol. My skin does not do well with alcohol being the main ingredient.

This was no different. I noticed tiny pimples appearing here and there. My skin’s condition is not at its best, it’s been really dry. When I applied the suncreen before my foundation the other day, I felt that it looked cakey. On the other hand, it might be my skin’s condition. Because of that, I stopped using it (for now), I will be using it again in the future and will edit this part when I do.

Magic Blue Pea Flower Eye Cream

This one is another hit for me, aside from its name. I don’t believe in magic, so that’s one. Aside from that… how cute is the packaging – i died a little inside. This eye cream isn’t like the usual eye creams that I’ve ever come across. For one, the packaging is tiny. But sometimes I do prefer it that way – small quantity at a reasonable price. It is better than having it in a bigger tub but at a higher price. This diminishes the chances of germ contamination from your hands and saves so much money – when you open a tub, it immediately gets in contact with the air/germs so it’s not fresh anymore.

This eye cream is a winner for me. It has a thicker consistency than what I’m used to. Keeping in mind that I have not committed to incorporate an eye cream to my skincare, I think this is a good starter product.

I am not sure if it’s launched, but I did receive this as a freebie. Observing from the price range, I’m guessing it would be around 200k and I really do think it is a cheaper alternative to many eye creams in the market.

The Votre Peau Magic Blue Pea Flower Eye Cream is really moistuzing as it has shea butter. The main ingredient is Blue Pea Flower which is said to be “full of potent antioxidants, and has even been studied for its ability to help protect the skin against premature aging” according to GreenBlender.com.

All in all… I’m a lucky one: I don’t really have a lot of problems with my undereye, or perhaps it’s also because I barely like to pinpoint my skin’s imperfections. We’re all human and no one is perfect, everyone has their insecurities and it’s just how they change/embrace them.

Summary :

Votre Peau has really exceeded my expectations with their affordable, easily accessible skincare line. They played it really safe by launching 4 products for now; which all seemed to live up to expectations. This local brand really do deserve a shout out for making affordable skincare that is SAFE for sensitive skin and to our wallets as well.

I really can’t wait to see what they have in store in the future because you know I will be keeping tabs on them. SUPER RECOMMENDED – Celine Dee’s Seal of Approval for sure.


  1. The eye cream is 100k! So affordable! Been using them for almost a week now since I saw the photo you posted on your IG, couldn’t resist that blue box 🙂 been loving them so far. I am scared to try their other products since SPF 50 always breaks me out, and have never used Vitamin C serum before (duh). But since they’re quite affordable, I might purchase the serum!


  2. I have a severe dark undereye and so I’m really interested on purchasing the eye cream. Although you mentioned that you don’t have problems on your undereye, I want to know did it help lighten any dark circles? Thanks!


    1. Hi! I’m not entirely sure how to advise you in regards to whether it helps lighten dark circles or not. I think dark circles take more than several weeks for them to actually look less dark, so I guess the best advice is to sleep more? Some people are just born with it so there really is no cure (that I know of), unless you want to try to color correct it by applying orange concealer to counteract the blue-ness of the dark circles. Hope this helps.


      1. Hi thank you for your advice! Color correcting didn’t really work that well for me but I definitely need to work on sleeping early :p #guilty. Can you give us updates if you see brightening results from the eye cream? Thanks!


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