[REVIEW] LuxCrime Golden Eyes Eyeshadow Palette

At last… One local indie brand that did not roll out another range of liquid lipsticks. I think I am so over the lipstick trend for now.

The first time I saw this palette was in one of the Youtuber’s channels (I forgot whether it is Sarah Ayuh or Sara Robert), and was utterly amazed at the price (IDK 239.000) and how in-trend (read: millenial) it looks.

My first impression as I saw the palette circulating Instagram and YT, is that it really reminded me of Zoeva’s eyeshadow palette’s packaging. But then again, it wasn’t a straight cut-copy-paste in terms of its branding so I wasn’t too iffy about that. After all, many eyeshadow palettes do adopt that sort of packaging style (see Laura Lee’s Cat Pajamas eyeshadow palette).

I personally have not tried any powder eyeshadows from local brands; however, since it is highly praised by Instagrammers and YTubers, I think I somewhat have a high expectations of them because the words “creamy” and “pigmented” have been circling around this palette.

I purchased mine over Shopee which offered free shipping. It took longer than usual to process and I only received it on the third day after making the payment. Observing the colors that were in the palette, I felt as if like I have never seen such a color combination. I wouldn’t call it an odd mix, in fact, all the colors really attracted me because they have a few pops of color here and there – a bit out of the box from your ordinary warm tone palettes that are trending right now.

I would say I was pretty impressed with the color selections. There are evidently enough transition shades and dark matte shades in case you want a more smoked-out look.

According to their website, here are the descriptions of each color:

  • Drupadi: Lavish gold with metallic finish
  • Srikandi: Warm taupe with matte finish
  • Sinta: Copper gold with metallic finish
  • Anjani: Light silver with semi-metallic finish
  • Agni: Rose gold with semi-metallic finish
  • Umma: Dark coffee with matte finish
  • Prita: Light bronze with metallic finish
  • Rumbini: Red brick with matte finish
  • Arimbi: Smoky purple with metallic finish
  • Gendari: Deep black with matte finish

Drupadi – Srikandi – Sinta – Anjani – Agni – Umma – Prita – Rumbini – Arimbi – Gendari

(One time finger swatch)

Because I get too excited when I receive packages sometimes, I tend to do live swatches/IG Stories on my Instagram so that I can demonstrate how finger swatches look. Truth behold, this palette did not pass the test.

At first I chose Arimbi and then Prita (because it is such a safe bronzed color) to swatch, and that very moment I placed my finger on the pan, I was immediately caught off guard by how dry the shadow feel. Odd, I thought. Shimmers/metallics tend to be easier to produce and they will translate the colors really easily with finger swatches (I compared the shimmers with other shimmers from Juvia’s Place Palette, Covergirl Golden Nudes Palette, Sleek Eyeshadow In The Storm Palette – all of which are of the same price range) and all of them performed better than the Luxcrime palette.

Arimbi was one color that was a dud with finger swatches initially, but translated well on the lids. In fact, it was one of my favorite ones out of the bunch. Anjani was too frosty for my liking and I typically do not like frosty silver/white colors as eyeshadows. One definite standout for me was Agni which is a nice satin finish pink peach color which reminded me of Nars Orgasm. I’m sure it can be used as a blush/highlighter as well. Drupadi was mentioned to be a dupe of Fenty’s Trophy Wife…. Nope. I highly disagree.

I know, I know. Sometimes it is not about the swatches on the hands but more of how the products perform on the lids. So I tested it out another day using a brush and straight onto my lids.

I had noticed it was very chalky and powdery because of the fall outs on my eyelashes and the tops of my cheeks. Luckily, I did not apply my foundation beforehand so that wasn’t a big deal. I do suggest using an eye primer beforehand for the colors to stay put because some of the colors are just disappointing (as seen on the pictures).

On the lids, it performed just fine. A big BUT would be… that it does not perform as well on some of my lower end brushes, say, a synthetic brush. I had to put in quite a lot of effort when I used a synthetic brush to pick up the right amount of color.

The Luxcrime eyeshadows also took a lot of effort to blend. I say this because I have tried working around the palette to achieve the look that I want but I ended up blending all the colors together (because I needed a lot of effort to blend), which can be frustrating. It might not be Luxcrime’s fault too because I admit, I’m not a pro in eye looks.

But that was my own personal opinion and thoughts. The palette was dry and hard to work with. Even at a reasonable price of IDR 239.000, I would pass on it to save up for say… a Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette or even a morphe palette. I really did have high hopes on this palette and have often questioned what these influencers were talking about when they mentioned that it is “creamy and pigmented”; creamy? Think again.

Because I thought that maybe my palette was from another batch, I reached out to customer service and asked them what might be the cause of it. They were honest enough to tell me that these are all from the first batch and it is highly unlikely I got one of a different batch (because there’s only one to begin with). The reason they gave me regarding the color ARIMBI was ridiculous: saying that it’s supposed to be an outer crease shade instead of a lid color.

They did not request to send me another one, nor a refund. So I asked them whether it was okay if I sent it back for a refund and they agreed. It is now on the second day and I still have yet to receive my refund. (Edit : i have received my refund 2 days after the palette supposedly have arrived. And I’ve since gotten blocked by LuxCrime because I was asking whether I could get my refund.)

Overall, I will not be rating this palette because it is a complete dud for me. I feel like I would be mean to rate it after what I’ve written for this review. On the other hand, I am pretty pleased with them for agreeing on a refund, although I have to keep asking whether they have received my palette and reminding them of the refund. I think customer service is definitely lacking in online shops in Indonesia, but I can’t really blame them because then everyone would just demand for refunds all the time. However, if a customer has backed his/her disappointments with claims, I think it is more than fair to offer a new product or a refund. Yet… Not a lot of online shops do that. I’ll discuss this another time.

So… in conclusion, if you like the colors of the LuxCrime Golden Eyes palette then be my guest. But be prepared to spend more time blending the colors. But if you are a beginner and want to invest in a day-to-day neutral palette… Skip this. If you aren’t too good at doing makeup or blending eyeshadows, these colors will be very difficult for you to work with and you may or may not end up looking like a hot mess. You wouldn’t want that now, would you?

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