The Overflowing Cup

As we close one of the last chapters of 2017 and recall what this year has brought for us, it often slipped our mind to thank the only one that has made it all possible (Matthew 19:26).

2017 was an amazing year for me; in fact, I get excited every time I turn my calendar into a new year (especially on the first day of the year) because it signifies a clean fresh start. It’s another year to renew, replenish and reset ourselves. Often times, however, I start to think of ways I can give back in order to ‘repay’ what God has done in my life.

Recently, I’ve prayed about it and realized that:

  1. He does not need me to repay him back because all things are from God, through God and to God. (Romans 11:36). We ourselves are enough for Him; us surrendering ourselves to our faith is enough.
  2. He wants me to give back by helping others. (Mark 12:31)

The simplest easiest step to give thanks back is to speak the word of God. You might not take notice how He has answered our prayers and concerns in life, but if you decide to share your story and relationship with God to one person a day, your journey might be an answer to his/her doubt.

Secondly, I realized that giving thanks isn’t a trade, but it is an offering – we don’t need to expect someone doing something back in return for what we have done for them. Give unconditionally because that’s what God has taught us with His unconditional love.

Once you start giving unconditionally, spreading kindness and practicing generosity, you will realize how life thanks you for your offering. It’s simple – if you want to be lifted, lift someone else (Romans 13:8). These offerings are not always material or possessions: offer your goodness, knowledge, humor, journey, and above all, offer with your heart, all in the name of God.

I truly believe that if you live in a state of offering, just like how it’s spoken of in the Bible, life blesses you in ways you feel abundant and satisfied. You will be more at peace with who you are and what you have. You’ll realize how much you already have and that your cup will overflow with His steadfast love, grace, and kindness.

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