[REVIEW] Rosé All Day Cosmetics Lip and Cheek Duo

Rosé All Day has been one of the most highly requested brands for me to review for a while. Priced at IDR 165.000, I would say it’s on the higher price tag compared to what is in the market.

Then again, it is evident that at that higher price point, you can think that you are paying for different perks – nicer packaging, premium branding and an extra touch (say, a nice box), like for example… ESQA has a really nice sturdy packaging for all their products, which reminds me of Charlotte Tilbury’s packaging.

Think of these premium priced products like… fine dining at an Indonesian restaurant. Sure you can get IDR 15.000 soto betawi at the gerobak, but if you pay for a bowl of Soto Betawi at, say… Hotel Mulia, you get extra condiments, plated in pretty cutleries. You pay for extra perks.

Rosé All Day Lip Cheek Duo is definitely fine dining.


Packaging-wise, I would say you are paying definitely more for the extras. The lippie I ordered came in a nice sturdy box with more of their branding imprints on the inside (which I have not found in other local brands), a custom ROSÉ tape to seal the package securely, confetti strings and the lippie of your choice. To be honest, the packaging reminded me too much of Glossier’s. It felt as if I was receiving a Glossier package, which can be a selling point for them, and also a temptation to those who has never been able to get a hold of a Glossier package.

The packaging of the lippie itself is alright; it comes in a metallic pink plastic case. It feels light. Meh, nothing too special. It is a twist up bullet lipstick form.



When I applied the lippie on the lips, the smell was quite strong. It reminded me a lot of the baby powder smell. Depending on what you like, you might find this a bit too strong for your liking.

The formula itself is pretty drying. Since it is marketed as a lip+cheek duo, I find that it is indeed quite possible for it to be nice on the cheeks. I tested it on the back of hands and I found it to be pretty blendable despite its feel. The color I chose was Julie because I liked that bright peach-orange color and think that it suits my current makeup style. Also, I believe that Julie Taslim is an underrated lady enterprenuer (also, I love Joe Taslim but that’s besides the point).


Staying power is not bad in my opinion. Unlike the liquid lipsticks I’m used to, the color of Julie fades nicely on my lips. However, it can be quite drying on my lips. At times when my lips are super dehydrated, the lippie can peel/flake off. It can be off-putting for some.


Because I only bought one of the colors from the whole range, I can’t really comment on the color range but I do think they are really wearable. You can definitely still have RADC in my pouch in my everyday work bag because I truly love the color of Julie, it is none like what I already have in my collection. I have compared it to Sally and Prudence of Rollover Reaction and can’t quite get the same color.

If you have been thinking of getting RADC or have been in the look out for a wearable color, I still do think it is worth a try. The price point is high, yes, but I do feel you will feel very satisfied with the packaging (if you are the type of person who gets really excited getting nicely wrapped gifts).

However, if you are the type of person who don’t like lipsticks on the drier side, skip this.

I personally am not a bullet lipstick lover, especially those on the drier side. But drier lippies, I find, are more versatile as it can be used as a blush (because of the matte finish).

The colors I am definitely in love with, it’s just that the smell I can’t seem to stand. I might purchase another color if I grow interested in the other colors.

I hope this helps!


(Disclaimer : I’ve been contemplating on whether to write this review for the longest time. If you have been following my IG, you would know that I do not quite support local brands that have displayed similar brandings to brands in the exisiting market, especially those overseas. It seems like it’s been a trend recently and there definitely is a thin, blurred line between inspiration and plagarism. That aside, I will leave it to your own judgement.)


  1. Hello! I’m a new follower of yours and I recently bought their lippies as well. The colors are nice, but sadly the packaging is really not sturdy! I have two on hands, one of the cap are broken? I don’t know to explain this one but whenever I open the cap, the tube follows the cap (going up). While the other one is kind of stuck and I can’t roll the lipstick down. Such disappointment.


    1. Oh hello! Thank you for following me. 🙂 oh that’s sad to hear, did you notify them about it? I’m sure they can send you a replacement. If you haven’t, you should! Companies are always looking to improve their quality; but I understand sometimes companies can get defensive. Do share your experience once you reach out to them 🙂


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