[REVIEW] Russian 6D Eyelash Extensions by GlamBarJkt

[Disclaimer – I was given a 1x treatment of the Russian 6D Eyelash Extensions by GlamBarJkt for review purposes.]

Finding a place in Jakarta that trains their employees to create a beautiful set of eyelash extensions is hard. I’ve come across mostly very mediocre eyelash studios (and a few horrendous ones) charging very high prices, and all I get is disappointment and a bald set of eyes. Since 2013, I was determined to find studios that I trust with my extensions because let’s face it, I’m sure you know by now how intrigued I am with lashes and eyelash extensions.

I have very high standards when it comes to my lashes. As you can see, my lashes are non-existent. I am not one of those lucky Asians that is born with natural long lashes. That’s the reason why I love fake lashes and extensions.

GlamBarJkt contacted me a few weeks back wanting to “endorse” a full set of Russian 6D Eyelash Extensions. I was traveling at that time and couldn’t do it until I got back.

Because I have a full 9-5 job on Mondays – Saturdays, I find it hard to schedule a proper time to head over to their studio in Senopati. Thankfully, they were so thoughtful to offer to come over to my place and I immediately said yes! I think it is unique for a studio to offer at home services so we can do it at the comfort of our own home. I don’t know about you but I have a bad back and I often find beds at eyelash studios very uncomfortable, especially if I need to sleep on my back for 2 hours and more.

GlamBarJkt has also catered to my needs in terms of finding the right glue for my sensitive eyes, the look that I want and what I’m used to. I would give an A+ for service, something that is really lacking these days.

The lash technician arrived my place on time and only took 1.5 to finish the whole set of extensions. Her hands were so delicate and she was really careful when she placed each fluffy strand on my lashes. So delicate that I fell asleep (I could never fall asleep during eyelash extension appointments as I get nudged and woken up every time by people chatting etc, but not this time).

I am the type of girl who loves volume and does not like natural lashes (because I have none to begin with), and because I love thicker fake eyelashes to match my makeup/eyeshadow, I will always opt for the thicker option. The thicker, the better they say. … And that’s the reason why I chose the Russian 6D Volume Eyelash Extensions. I know this type of style is not for everyone, because it gets too overwhelming. It’s basically 6 strands of tiny hair on one root of your eyelash. It is fluffy, thick and you def need a full face of makeup to go with it. Or at least a bold eyebrow.

But good thing is, now that I have this extensions on, I am more motivated and inspired to wear makeup to work more often. Ha!

Because of GlamBar’s impeccable service and attentiveness to my eyelashes, no doubt I would recommend this to my friends and family. It’s just one week in and I have not experienced any falling out of my lashes (alias belum rontok). I will be updating my lash’s journey as the month unfolds. My eyelash extensions is usually gone in its third week, but we shall see about this.

The only downside is that the price’s a little steep at IDR 850.000, but Russian 6D Volume does cost that much at most places. Doesn’t it suck if you shell out that price and it’s turns out bad? With GlamBarJkt, I doubt it will as mine is looking great.



I am three weeks in after my extensions were done and I still have a close to full set of lashes thanks to the Russian Volume option. I love it and I will be retouching in the next couple of weeks.

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