[REVIEW] Layn Cosmetics Lipsticks

To be honest, I don’t know where this review is heading.I was one of the very few who had access to it because I had purchased it before it was launched. It wasn’t sent to me but I wanted to get my hands on it first. When I got it, tried it… Meh, realized it wasn’t for me. So I never really post it on my Instagram story because I don’t think it is extraordinary. But then again, let me emphasize that choosing lipsticks is based on your personal preference.

Judging by their Instagram feed, you can see that a lot of work and thought have been put into this brand’s launch. Going as far to New York for the campaign shoot, that’s true effort. Design direction wise, I have to give it to them as it is out of the usual millennial branding. It definitely has a more grungey feeling, which really reminded me of the Rollover Reaction Livv-Moss-Umma launch. Not at all pretty in pink, but most definitely still pretty.

Packaging wise is 11-12 (aka exact copy of) compared to Rodin’s lipstick as pointed out by a few of my blogger friends. Some of my followers have stated that too. I typically do not support local brands which directly cut and paste their packaging/branding/etc from another brand, but I didn’t know of this before I got it.

At just 150k a lippie, which I think is probably a fraction of the Rodin lippies, I thought I could slide that fact if the quality of the product itself stands out. But I was disappointed.

I do realize a lot of local brands these days like to market their products as being a multifunctional product – eyes, cheeks, lips kinda thing. I do not quite like using the same color for my eyes, cheeks and lips so that fact is pretty redundant to me and will not convince me to get a product.

Upon trying Layn’s lippies, I was like.. “okay, I get it…” The colors are all safe, leaning towards a darker hue, mostly in the reds-browns-nude color group.


One thing I definitely do not like is that smell – that beeswax smell, that Chanel lipstick that your grandma uses. I won’t say I’m a fan; but the colors I purchased were beautiful. Miro and Turrell were the only ones which are available when I purchased them. I even wanted to buy more but… I decided against it. The lippies are not longlasting, neither are they marketed to be. But the weird thing is that I found them to be quite drying. Just 2 hours, they fade and my lips become cracky. Then again, maybe that’s just me.

As far as this goes… I would say skip this unless you reaaaaallyyyyy like the packaging. It’s just B for me. Packaging is nice though, real nice with the extra mesh pouch. Just a touch of added novelty.


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