[REVIEW] Pat McGrath MatteTrance Lipsticks

Ah, this lipstick. That feeling when you finally get a hold of something that everyone’s been raving and dying to get.

You see it everywhere on Youtube “The world’s best lipstick!”, “The long awaited Pat McGrath lipstick!”, “The world’s most matte lipstick!”. An unbelievable amount of hype surrounding this product at the end of summer, I believe, just in time for fall.

I had purchased these lipsticks through Sephora. It carries a heavy price tag of $95 before tax for the trio and $35 for the single. Because I had a preorder going on that time, I purchased the Skin Show (nude color) trio and Obsessed! for myself. Flesh 3 and 1995 went to different owners at the end of the day.

For $35 a lipstick, you are paying a high-end premium price which is comparable to Chanel lipsticks. The lipstick itself screams luxurious – it has weight, packaged in an elegant black and gold tube which is then sealed inside a gold plastic bag with gold sequins. Pat really did go hard on the packaging and I felt the sequins were so extra because they are currently seating in my room and I don’t know what to do with them; I don’t want to throw them away as I feel like I’m throwing away part of what I had spent on the lipstick. :\

Okay, here’s the thing. If you have seen the lipsticks in real life, you can see that they are definitely matte, even when it is on the tube. As you apply it, you wouldn’t need to guess how these shades look on you because the colors will be exactly how it looks like. No colors from your lips will be allowed to peak out because this lipstick is all pigment. So it is how it is shown to be.

With just one swipe, you’ll be able to achieve a 100% full colored lips with minimal effort. Texture wise, this is where I feel like personal preference will take place – it’s either you love it or you hate it. To me, I felt like there’s this grainy feeling (but not drying!) every time I purse my lips together. Sure, when you do that, you won’t be moving the color around, but it’s just the comfort that comes with it. Because I am used to wearing more hydrating lipsticks, it was weird for me initially. But I’ve grown used to it after a couple of usage.

So is it worth buying? I think if you are opting for a unique color, then of course. I love my Obsessed! lipstick, my Omi… not so much. It’s priced at $38USD before tax, so it isn’t too affordable. But I honestly would recommend you buying one at that price (and not in some elevated price from Preorder online shops) because I think it is only worth that much. I’d pick this against Chanel/Laura Mercier/YSL lipstick.

It really is a collector’s item.


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