In Pursuit of Happiness…

“You look happier,” they say, “more fresh.”

Thanks? I don’t quite know an answer to that statement.

Of course it had got me thinking from time to time. What did I do to get myself here? What can I take from my experience so that it can be advice to people going through what I did?

For one, I got rid of the mindset that “Happiness is the destination/target”. It certainly isn’t. In fact, it is a process. It is an everyday process with determination and persistence. It’s something you do, breathe, sleep, drink, eat, etc. You have to wake up everyday and CHOOSE to be happy. Find happiness in the simplest things. Checked off everything out of your To-Do list? That’s something to be happy about. End the day, go home, light a candle and indulge in a good book? That’s another thing to be happy about. As simple as having food on the table, that certainly is something to be happy about.

It’s not easy. I’ll tell you that. Sure, there are some days I wake up and think “damn, what am I doing?/why am I feeling like this?” Scrap that thought. Move back a step and think “it’s no big deal, it’s something I have to deal with and it will all be better in time. Patience. Believe in His timing.” And off I went. Instead of falling of the cliff, I soared.

“You look happier,” they say, “more fresh.”

During the process, I never really believe that claim. What? How do they know how I feel? If only they know how shit I feel these days, if only, if only. But once I do, I believed that people can see the progress we’ve made through the months. Perhaps we only see ours as very little steps forward but I’m sure we radiate something that we ourselves won’t be able to see. So I started BELIEVING.

Believing the people who said that is challenging too. At times, when you feel that you are at the very bottom, not everyone is going to pick you up and show encouragement all the time. You have to be your very own supporter, you are your own rock, you are your own pillar of strength. You have to be HAPPY with you.

“You look happier,” they say, “more fresh.”

Once you are happy with yourself, you’ll believe in all that. One day, I had this “aha!” moment when I’m like, “hey, you know what. Yeah I am happier, I am better and I am so so so much more in PEACE with myself”. Only then, did I know what to say everytime someone says that. Trust me, I do get a lot of that.

One day, you will too. 🙂

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