[REVIEW] Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips

As you may have read on my IG, this is that one Charlotte Tilbury product that I have been excited for but was disappointed with as soon as I tried it.

Not all Charlotte Tilbury products work for me, I realized. I don’t quite like her Magic Cream as it was too rich. But this I was sort of disappointed in. Seeing the amount of marketing she has done for this Hollywood lips, I guess I can say that I was too excited for this. Following the success of her Matte Revolution line and my latest Tilbury try which was the Pillow Talk lipstick, I thought this would be on par but nope, this is an entirely different story.

Since a few of my friends reside in London, I had asked if they could help me buy a couple so I can try. With the currency conversions, I paid $86SGD for 2 of the liquid lipstick which is on the higher price point.

The whole range consisted of *10 colors, but I had to go for Rising Star and Charlotte Darling. It was really hard to choose which colors I wanted because I feel like the swatches online weren’t too accurate (i.e photoshopped onto the model’s lips) and they were all very cool pink-ish toned which don’t necessarily look good on me.

Rising Star is a neutral toned pink which looked a lot like bubblegum pink. It applies very Barbie on me and I sold it almost immediately because I don’t find myself reaching for it.

Charlotte Darling is Charlotte Tilbury’s signature color which looked a lot like Exposed to me. It is in the realm of Lizzie by Rollover Reaction, Butter Fudge by BLP Beauty, Exposed by Kylie Cosmetics. That perfect nude-y with a hint of peach. I quite like this color if I’m going for a bold eye.

One unique aspect of this whole product is the wand. The wand is something I have never seen before. It is shaped in a way that it is curved inwards, making it “hug” our lips as we apply the product. However, this does not make the product apply evenly. I find it sort of patchy and will only be perfected after 2 tries.

It has a moussey texture, much like Rollover Reaction but thicker in consistency. It is matte as advertised but it just sits on your lips and settles on the lines of your lips. I don’t like the way it dries as it clumps up and does not look as good as the initial application. What’s the use of touch ups then?

I’d skip this.


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