[REVIEW] Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillow Talk

This particular shade from the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick line has always been sold out for as long as I remember.‘Pillow Talk’, highly raved by celebrities and makeup artists alike, is described as the perfect nude for all types of skin type. It was first a lip liner which was praised by every one of different skintones, and had wanted Charlotte to make it into a lipstick.

In case you don’t know, (correct me if I’m wrong) Charlotte Tilbury was responsible for Tom Ford Makeup when it first launched into the market. I can see why – both brands are very luxurious, they cater towards the young professionals up to mature women. Both their products are similar in a sense that the foundations aren’t too full coverage, their highlighters are subtle, their eyeshadows are soft, not too pigmented when applied, and super wearable on a daily basis, blushes are perfectly milled with hints of glitter. I love these two brands.

To me, Pillow Talk is a muted mid-tone rosy-mauve which has a balanced color tone of both warm and cool. I can see all types of skintones pulling this off.

On me, it translates to be a darker color that I would have imagined. My lips are pretty rosy to begin with but not too pigmented. When swatched at the back of my hands, it took only one swipe; one swipe to see how moisturizing and creamy. By then, I knew for sure why this has been a hit and why it was sold out for 14 weeks straight in the U.S when I was there for the summer. It was impossible to get a hold of it.

Packaging wise, Charlotte Tilbury aced it as always. Again, I think Charlotte Tilbury boasts one of the best packagings in the market and is always leading as the products always feel very high end. It isn’t the lightest lipsticks around, has its signature rose gold finish and looks like the old-school twist up lipstick that isn’t too popular in the land of liquid lipsticks these days.

Pillow Talk applies in a smooth velvety manner and wears a solid 3 hours on me before I needed to touch up. Because of its formula, I find that it disappears after a couple of sips and bites but that’s totally normal.  Because the color of Pillow Talk is rather nude, I don’t find that it leaves an outer ring residue as it fades because it isn’t as obvious as say, if you were to use a bright red lipstick. It washed away to a pretty nude color similar to my lips.

I won’t necessarily think that this is a matte lipstick just because of how moisturizing it applies. If I could describe it, I would describe it as a pigmented balm. It really reminded me of the old school lipstick that we are used to in terms of the texture. Scent wise? To me, this smells a lot like chocolate milk.

People always underestimate how hard it is to find your perfect nude, that MLBB (My Lips But Better) shade, that one that doesn’t wash out your complexion or alters your makeup look drastically… that one go-to. This isn’t mine but it definitely is a nice shade to have, it isn’t too dark that I need to have make up on, nor is it too nude that it will wash away my skintone and make me look sick. I applied it on my mother one day and it looked stunning on her. I would say that this is suitable for people with a medium skintone and of an older age.

Overall, I quite like this lipstick and will still keep it in my collection. With the perfect mix of warm and cool, I can see myself wearing this color out in several night-time occasions (as a dinner guest or a wedding attendee). I highly recommend this shade for working individuals as well, as it is not too overpowering for the day time and is very work-appropriate. So if you can find one, grab it because they always go out of stock.



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