[REVIEW] SASC Official Ultimatte Lip Liquid Heroine x HarumiPS

SASC Official is one brand that featured 5 liquid lipsticks inspired by 5 socialites/influencers in the beauty community; some of the proceeds will then be donated to their charities of choice.I think this marketing tactic is somewhat smart as people seem to be willing to shop with a cause… Including me.

So, the lipstick. It was shipped in a bright pink box filled with shredded tissue paper which included another box. The lipstick is placed inside a smaller box. I think packaging wise, SASC really did put more thought into it than most of the other local liquid lipstick brands out there. Which of course got me thinking, am I paying for packaging?

For IDR 149.500, it is on the higher price range. I chose the color Heroine x Harumi P.S of My Tips Cantik because it is a color that I have not owned and she was one of the first ones to market her shade by teasing us viewers with swatches. It is a pretty unique shade compared to the rest, which I can find dupes of in the current market. Every other local liquid lipstick brands do have tons of pink, mauve and nude colors in their range, but not a nice orange. I trust Harumi, I trust that she knows what she is doing and the color she picks to represent herself.

It is a burnt orange color with a hint of brown, I would say. It does not look like a tangerine orange but more of a dark peach orange. This liquid lipstick formula is similar to Jeffrey Star’s, in my opinion. It has a a nice refreshing citrus scent, which is a change from the usual vanilla/chocolate smell.

In addition to its lightweight formula, it is longlasting and isn’t drying. I have really been enjoying it.

The applicator itself is nicely formed, think of it like the newer Kylie liquid lipstick wand – short with shorter bristles for a precise application. I could apply the lippie in one swipe with ease.

However, I noticed that the packaging can be messy after a couple of usage since I have used it more than a handful of times. The product seeps out of the tube and stays around the twist tube which can result to some “oiliness” around the opening. I experienced some leakage in my pouch and it got quite messy. Just something SASC might want to improve on in the next launch.

Overall, I think the unique selling point of this product is the color. If you don’t own anything like this burnt orange, then by all means, you should get this. The formula is light and it’s a dead matte. But if you are opting for the other colors, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this as the colors look “safe” aka dupable aka you might already own 5 others of the same colors. I would personally skip it because I think it isn’t revolutionary. It’s just like any other liquid lipstick out there, I just think this color is one-of-a-kind compared to what I’ve tried.

I have been reaching out for it a lot and have brought it with me on trips recently. Would I repurchase? Most probably yes as I’ve yet to find a shade like this.


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