[REVIEW] Studio Tropik Priming Water – Original Priming Water & Flawless Priming Water

[Disclaimer – These products were sent to me for review but opinions are 100% my own.]

One crucial step in my makeup routine that I often miss is priming my makeup. However, I finally found a product that will prime and set my makeup as well; it’s like killing two birds with one stone.

When Studio Tropik’s package arrived after I came back from Bali, I was pleasantly surprised at the packaging. It really reminded me of Frank Body’s, but of course, it is always the products that matter. After a few weeks’ of usage, I have finally formed an opinion of this priming water.

Studio Tropik has two types of priming water in their line – The Flawless Priming Water (Pink Bottle) is for Normal to Dry skin and the Orginal Priming Water (Blue Bottle) is for Normal to Oily skin. I have used both and found that the pink bottle provides a very dewy (a little too dewy for me) look which is most likely not suitable for my type of skin. The products came with a small note card with instructions and suggestions; it is suggested that it can be used before, during and after make up. I have only personally tried using it before foundation as a priming water.

These sprays are claimed to be paraben-free, alcohol-free, dermatologically tested and BPOM approved.


The Priming Waters come in a plastic bottle and with 150ml worth of product. The bottle itself to me is mediocre and a bit bulky but you are getting quite a lot of product for the price. One of the founders sent me a travel sized of the sprays before my trip to Bangkok so I thought that was very thoughtful of her. A+ on the personalized customer service which I find lacking in local companies.


The reason why I will only suggest it being used before foundation is because upon application, the priming water sets rather tacky which is perfect to “lock” your foundation in. I have tried using the sprays with various foundations such as Fenty Beauty, The Ordinary Coverage Foundation, Make Up Forever HD Foundation, and IT CC Cream. In my opinion, it applies the best with the Fenty Beauty foundation.

Always having a soft spot for subtly fresh scented products, this hits me right. The calming smell of rosewater is pretty delightful. Studio Tropik’s Priming Water sprays do not have that heavy artificial/chemical fragrance although it is present in the ingredients list. For those with sensitive skin might find this a problem but my skin has not broken out from this spray. One of the key ingredients is Aloe Vera which “Soothes [our skin], [is] redness-reducing & cooling” according to their website.

I have used the spray to wet my beauty blender as well and have tried to apply foundation with my Priming Water-infused beauty sponge and it works perfectly as well.


I have definitely set aside my silicone primers and replaced them with Studio Tropik’s spray for the time being because I really enjoy it – the application, the feel, the longevity, the scent! Not only did it make my makeup stay longer than most of the primers (I tend to find my foundation breaking down after 6 hours around my nose), it also makes my makeup super lightweight. I tend to dislike heavy-feeling make up, especially if I’m going to work or when I’m traveling.

One improvement I have pointed out in my IG story is the nozzle. In my opinion, it does not spray out the product evenly and I wish that it would have sprayed the product out in a wider range to avoid multiple sprays to my face (I can get my hair wet sometimes and I don’t quite like it). But I make do with it because I understand that it is their first product and I’m sure improvements will be made in the future.

Final Thoughts

Do I need to repeat how much I love this product? For 99k, I think it is so worth it, especially if you are getting 150ml. Although it looks mediocre, it really does work wonders on the application of my makeup. I have seen people using this as a toner and after makeup – both have said to work amazingly well too. Perhaps I will give it a try one day. Though I was sent these products, it will 100% be a definite repurchase for me.

Congratulations to Studio Tropik on the launch and I can’t wait for the upcoming products! Thank you for sending me the sprays!

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