[REVIEW] Fenty Beauty

Rihanna never really stood out to me ever since her relationship with Chris Brown.

Don’t get me wrong, I love her pop-ish electronic songs circa 2008 but after the duet with Eminem (which btw, is my favorite karaoke song to sing to with Leonard), I just stopped following her music. Nothing against her, but I just moved to liking a whole new music genre. She disappeared from my radar up until I found out that she was releasing a make up line.

To be frank, I don’t really have a liking for celebrity-endorsed make up lines. Most celebrities seem to just slap on their name (or collaborate) and expect them to sell, but quality wise… You are not getting what you pay for, hence, I would say most of them are mediocre at best. But you are definitely paying the name and probably packaging, which sets aside very little room for quality.

Launched on 8/9/17, which is an awesome number btw, considering it’s written as 9/8/17 in the US, I was able to get a hold of it when I visited Bangkok. The fact that it was available in Sephora Asia (except for Indonesia, of course, but are you surprised?) on the same date (which means earlier than the US because of the time difference) was a WOW factor for me. +1 point instantly!

I made it a point to visit the closest Sephora to my hotel and get to swatching. In addition, I also held off watching any promotional videos, let alone reviews of the line just because I want it to be organically my opinion.

I have to admit, I was overwhelmed by the number of shades that were offered in store. 40 freaking shades. Well done, RiRi. For as long as I’ve been a beauty enthusiast, I have always heard of other darker skinned youtuber’s difficulties in finding darker shades for their complexion. I’m pretty sure they are now singing praises for a wide range of colors.


My habit in trying to look for the most suitable foundation shade is to test it on my jaw. Taking about 4-5 colors (yes I know that’s a lot), I would swatch each one on my jaw and let it set. I would then try to go outside in broad daylight to see how they all swatch against my skin and test the wear of it. Only after a whole day of wearing will I then decide which shade to get. More often than not, department stores and Sephora have really hard lighting so they tend to make your skin appear lighter than they actually are. They wash out your skin colour sometimes too.

I made 2 Fenty Beauty Sephora runs – first purchasing the Foundation, Killawatt Highlight in Girl Next Door//Chic Phreak, Gloss Bomb, Oil Absorbing Paper; at the end of my trip, I caved in to buy the Highlight Stix in Yacht Club and a refill of the oil absorbing paper.

Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

Before I review the foundation, let me give you a little background on my skin –

My skin is combination (it can be normal on some days, oily on some days, I can even have dry patches on some days.) I would lean towards combination normal-oily on the t-zone. I am acne-prone and have sensitive skin. Minimal acne scarring (thanks to the regime I have always stood by), minimal dark circles. I am also blessed with small pores.

Marketed as a soft matte foundation, you would expect it to be what it claims to be – a matte foundation, which may or may not be good for people with dry skin. It is housed in a matte glass bottle that comes with a white top and pump. It eerily resembles a BLP Lip Coat bottle.

The foundation is more on the liquid side (meaning it will run through your hands if you pump it on the back of your palm) and gives medium-full coverage. I mean it when I say it is a medium-full coverage as it is not so much a medium because of the fact that it conceals my redness, but not full that it conceals my existing acne scarring. The finish is beeeeeeeeautiful with a capital B. I don’t think I ever have any foundation that sets as beautifully as this one.

I know, I know, I haven’t tried a ton of foundations in the market but I have a hard time finding one that I like. There will always be something I don’t like in a certain foundation; this, however, is a different story. It wears amazingly after 7 hours and you know what, it stays put. I don’t like foundations that are too matte (L’oreal Pro Matte Foundation and the Japanese Ion De Cushion is by far a few of those that did not work well on my skin). That matte finish does not look nice on my face. But this….. THIS THOUGH, is different.

I would recommend prepping your skin really well before use. This foundation clings on dry patches and isn’t the best for dry skin (unless you slab on tons of foundation and prime your skin well, but this foundation also settles into the fine lines and dry patches). Beauty Blender for day-to-day coverage and a brush for fuller coverage. I did not purchase the brush so I can’t say much on that.

For prepping the skin, I only used Studio Tropik’s Priming Water Spray and have not used any silicone-based primer for this foundation.

This foundation sets quickly. I recommend working in small areas first to avoid patchy application.

I would say it’s life-changing. It just blurs out your imperfections and has that “filtered” finish, which is long wearing too. This foundation made me re-evaluate my holy grail foundations instantly. A yes yes yes yessssss from me. 9/10.

Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter (Girl Next Door/Chic Phreak)

When I first saw the Killawatt highlighters, I knew instantly I didn’t want to buy another champagne color highlighter. That is because I think I’ve already bought enough in the past few months (which to be honest, I only have been using one out of the 10 highlighters I bought), so why would I need another one?

I don’t quite remember what drew me to Girl Next Door/Chic Phreak, perhaps it’s partially because I wanted something that could work as a blush on me as well and there were no regrets there.

Girl Next Door is a soft pink subtle highlight, it is more cool-toned than Chic Phreak. On the other hand, Chic Phreak swatches a little bit more peachy pink with reddish-orange undertones. I mostly use the latter as a blush, the texture is pretty dry compared to most highlighters I own.

I would compare Chic Phreak to Champagne Pop by Becca (finish-wise) and Girl Next Door to be like… sort of like Charlotte Tilbury’s Glow Kit (but not quite like it. Just the texture and finish).

This highlighter powder stayed a significantly long time on me and held up very well. It is compacted in a white pearlescent packaging which is rather hard to open so you have to be careful.

I would not recommend this type of highlight on people with textured skin and large pores just because I feel like it will enhance the look of it. But if you like that look, then by all means, be my guest.

It’s not a must-have for me because of the limitless choices of highlighters we have in the market, it is not hard to find a dupe for this.


Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer

Never owned a gloss (for long). Can you believe it? I’ll say it again, I don’t have a gloss in my lippie collection. The last gloss I bought was from Chanel S/S 2013 Collection which was a cool toned pink. Super nice, but sold it as I never use them.

So here’s my first one in a while. Do I like it? Meh. I think I can do without it. It smells refreshing though, and tastes like… Watermelon? I don’t know, my taste buds can be kinda effed up.

It has a huge applicator which is overwhelming on my thin-ish lips.

Color-wise… When you take a look at it on the tube, you’d think that it is really pigmented. Not for me. I think it is okay, it gives a wash of color but it’s subtle. It’s a great topper for my Heroine liquid lipstick by SASC.

Not a must buy for me. But that’s just because I’m not a gloss wearer. It has a thick consistency which I don’t quite like.


Invisimatte Blotting Paper

Okay, don’t get your panties knotted. This product requires an open-minded individual to accept (and understand) how it is the way it is invented. Ha! Rihanna is known to be a MJ smoker and so, when she came out with this, I cracked up. I meeeeean, she does have an awesome sense of humor.

I had to get it, I just had to.

It is pretty cute to keep in my purse but the practicality of it… nah. It is actually pretty troublesome compared to the one and only blue oil paper that everyone uses. They don’t absorb that much oil as well, which literally defeats its purpose. I’d stick to the blue ones.

Verdict – skip this. But buy it if you like collecting useless novelty items like me.

5/10 (all 5 for packaging design LOL)

Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick in Yacht Club

The highlighter stixs by Fenty Beauty brings the term ‘beautiful’ to a whole new level.

  1. I have never seen anything quite like it.
  2. The color Confetti… WHAT? It’s so pretty, but I can’t wear it, so I skipped it.
  3. It is hella long lasting. I swatched almost all of them and washed my hands. Bam! They’re still there.
  4. The colors……. Are… so Pretty. Pretty with a P.

The Contour and Highlighter stix are on the drier side. With that being said, it has less blendability compared to, let’s say, the KKW contour stick. WHICH BY THE WAY… created some controversy when everyone was comparing the two pink shades used on both brand’s packaging. (I could care less for the pink to be honest, what’s more important to me is the product. But Fenty feels more expensive than KKW in contrary to the price.)

SO… YACHT CLUB. I think this one’s a dud for me. I was hoping it could be a blush for me but it turned out to be pretty difficult to blend across my cheeks. The color is beautiful though and it looks so nice that I can’t bring myself to use it.

It sort of reminds me of a fruit punch, that summer color feeling, you know. It is a peachy-pick toned color with a yellow-ish finish.

Is it a must-buy? Meh… I haven’t used it enough, or in other words, I haven’t reached out for it that often as I didn’t like how it blends on my skin on the first try.

8/10 – pretty, pretty color.

So that is the end of my review and I hope you find this helpful. These products are purchased by me and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks!


  1. I’m so glad you agree on the whole “It’s not hard to find a dupe” with the highlighter duo. I just posted a review on the duo and I was iffy to write it down but it’s so true! I have the same shades and they’re so subtle, it’s not worth the price.

    Really enjoyed your honest review. Look forward to more!


    1. I think subtle or not, it’s up to our preference as well. I tend to lean towards subtle highlighter (think Hourglass Ambient lighting powder) so this was a tad bit too much for me. But they are beautiful products nevertheless. 🙂 Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The girl next door duo is my favourite thing of this collection and your review is amazing, you did such a good job, easy to read and informative. Would you mind check out my page? We can follow each other and be internet friends, it’d mean the world to me ❤
    Love, Mimi



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