Changes and then some.

Isn’t it crazy that we’re in September already? That’s like ¾ of the year gone!

A new month means a few changes here and there.

First things first, I’ve decided to forgo my monthly favorites and do a “Current Favorites” post starting from this month onwards. The reason being I just think it’s quite forceful for me to fit my favorites in a monthly post and sometimes, I figured I tend to discontinue using a product which I recently featured in my post. So… The plan is to review really highly recommended makeup on my blog so I can do a in-depth review on it or the brand aaaand… as per usual, my newly bought makeup will all be featured on my Instagram as that is my main channel. My favorites will be featured on my blog as I find that it is a better channel for me to write all the details, etc.

Travel posts… Here’s where I might need advice. Are you enjoying seeing my travel posts? I do travel from time to time and I enjoy taking photographs or videos; I have also included some guides but if that hasn’t been helpful to you, I will not be including that anymore. I will, however, still include “Postcards from…” as it is just for my personal documentation.

I’ve tried Youtube, and that… I feel I am not ready for. Because of my new found love for editing videos, I will continue editing them but I will be on hiatus on my YT channel until further notice. I have also noticed how people are so keen on giving the “thumbs down” on my only beauty video, it’s so disheartening. To come and think of it, I have never given one unless it’s about racism/violence/issues I stand up for but… yeah. These people who spend time on the internet giving thumb downs are definitely really sad and have too much time on their hands.

It’s been 1 year since my Instagram have been created and I can’t preach enough how much joy and happiness it has brought me from one place to another. Everyone has their own journey and this is mine. However… on the other hand, Instagram is Instagram so please do not rely too much on it. What I choose to show on Instagram is just that.. what I CHOOSE to show. If you think you know me through my posts, good for you. Please feel free to reach out. But bear in mind that my Instagram may not be 100% the person you THINK I may, although it is my utmost goal to be the most authentic I can be, in addition to my unsponsored posts.

Unsponsored and sponsored posts… Ah, this taboo topic. I can’t even wait to start on this topic. But I’ll save it for another time when I have more experience on this. For now, you know I have my receipts and evidences to back up my claims.

For now, I will be more than happy to provide my thoughts and reviews on various topics which I think will benefit my followers. Sekian. Thank you and have a blessed day.

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