JULY FAVORITES + a few other randoms

I made it a priority this month not to be as late as I was last month in posting my Favorites so here it is! Honestly, I’m even tired of thinking “Damn, how fast has the year gone by. Just like that!” and now, here we are in August. But man, this year. This year is something! I love 2017 in ways I can’t even put in words and I have no one to thank but Him! Thank you God for giving me such an eventful year, it has been amazing beyond words.

So so soooo… Here are my July Favorites!

Colourpop (Highlighter in Wisp and Blush in Drop of a Hat)

Colourpop has been in the make up industry for quite a while and has gained people’s attention during the liquid lipstick hype when Kylie Jenner launched hers. They produce very affordable make up, mostly at $4-6USD, which is probably the same price as a lot of drugstore make up brands.

The first Colourpop products I bought were liquid lipsticks (duh) and I disliked them. They felt a lot like Kylie Jenner’s – drying and a dead matte. Me being an amateur reviewer at that time, thought they were okay but my opinions quickly changed.

This time round, I bought their cheek products because of one of their marketing girls who kept doing her make up on Instagram stories. I think it is a really creative way to “push” people to buy the products used as you can see it live in action. Truthfully, I got sucked into it and I was not unhappy.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think all Colourpop blushes and highlighters and super shock shadows have that same creamy-gel-wet formula. When you place your fingers on the pan, the product just melts. It is pretty bouncy and it feels creamy… cold. I am okay with the formula but feel sort of confused as to what kind of product it is. I usually place the product on my face before my finishing powder.

Wisp is a straight up soft gold highlighter. I think it flatters the asian skintone because of the golden undertone. It is not too gold, however, you won’t look like a gold bar. It is just a nice subtle highlight color which you can definitely build up if you want something more blinding. I apply this product with my fingers as the warmth of my fingers help blend the product more seamlessly into my skin.

Along with Wisp, the girl on Colourpop’s Instastory also applied a blush in ‘Drop of a Hat’ which is a deep coral-pink blush with gold sheen. Think of it as Nars Orgasm on steroids. It isn’t as subtle as Nars Orgasm and leans towards deep coral instead of pink. I think this blush also looks incredible on Asian skintones because of the yellow-gold undertone. Totally recommend these two colors! Both great starter products for me.

RCMA VK #11 Palette

I have been getting tons of acne this month, I’m not sure why. Perhaps it is because of my travels, perhaps the newer products I’ve been testing out. Whatever it is, what was weird was that my acne appeared around my face, where I usually apply the KKW Contour (featured in my last month’s favorites). I have stopped using them since then.

I am not one to cover acne when my face is fussy because I don’t believe in covering too much, especially when your acne needs to breathe as well. Hey, it’s your skin! You don’t want it to look like you’re wearing a mask, but that’s just me.

This palette has been living inside my drawer for a while now since I haven’t had any make up jobs. I love how versatile this palette is and I believe this had been reviewed/on my past Favorites post. For about $75 (which is close to the cost of a bottle of foundation), you get a lot of shades. One c.olor really blended well with my skintone and I warm the product using my fingers and take the Kevyn Aucoin concealer brush (which is tiny) and dap it all over my pimple. Be careful when placing product on your acne, you won’t want to be too rough because it might irritate your pimple even more.

After covering about 2-3 layers, I use the Sephora Airbrush concealer brush to powder it to secure the product in place because cream products tend to slip and slide after some time.

BLP Beauty’s Dual Eye Definer and Eyeshadow Stick in Harvest Gold

Haven’t I raved about this product enough? The products in BLP Beauty’s latest launch are so so so convenient and easy that I did not even touch my other eyeshadows this month. Talk about being a lazy make up blogger huh? I had to stop myself from using these products as they were hindering me from trying new eyeshadow palettes. But you can read the review that I wrote here.

BLP’s Dual Eye Definer is definitely my holy grail black eyeliner pencil, I doubt I will change it unless I find another cheaper alternative. BLP itself is already pretty affordable so I doubt that will happen. I just hope they’ll come out with a full black eyeliner instead of the silver one at the end, I don’t get any use out of it because I don’t tend to reach out for silvery eyeliners.

LolaBeau’s Beauty Sponge & Brush Holder

There are numerous reasons why I love being on Instagram and one of them has got to be knowing new friends who share the same interests as I do. I’ve “met” a handful of people sharing the same love I have for beauty and how we empower, support and encourage each other is beyond belief. One very recent friend that I made, Paulina, owns LolaBeau and I didn’t even know that until I religiously watch her Instagram story!

Rest assured, these products are NOT sent to me for free and I purchased them with my own money.

The beauty sponge was recommended to me by Catleya Dea (who is a fellow make up artist based in Bali), I had done an Instagram story comparing the Eco Tools sponge and the beauty blender and she mentioned that LolaBeau’s was up to par. Of course, I had to try it.

As I was scrolling through LolaBeau’s feed, I noticed that the brush holder was sold. I am in dire need for a good brush holder after I wash my brushes so I don’t stain my towels (my maid keeps scolding me when I do that. Haha). Upon making the purchase, I also bought the highlighter brush but what stole my heart were the Beauty Sponge and the Brush Holder.

The beauty sponge is amazing. For IDR 85,000, I really thought it was worth it and it is very well-made since a lot of the beauty sponges at that price range usually tears after 2 washes. Mine is still perfectly intact. I am pretty concerned with it being black because I am pretty absent minded when it comes to cleaning my beauty tools; hence I have to keep reminding myself to wash it after two times of usage. It is not too soft and not too hard, just the right amount of sturdiness, and what I like in a beauty sponge. Because of its sturdiness, it does not absorb too much product than those that are too soft (soalnya dalemnya kosong biasanya). It does not absorb too much water too, so your products aren’t diluted by the water that is in the sponge. I will probably do an indepth review of this, compared to my other beauty blenders and how I determine whether a beauty blender is good or not so stayed tuned! But I love love love this, and I won’t think twice upon repurchasing.

The brush holder is another hit for me. Initially, I had wanted to buy one from Masami Shouko which is priced at IDR 190.000 if I am not wrong. This is a literal dupe of it and a cheaper price, which I like. It is made from sturdy acrylic with rubber inserts to hold each brush in place. I like using it after I wash my brushes, it acts as a brush holder for wet brushes instead of laying them all down on my toilet counter. Saves so much space! I would really recommend this for people who have tons of brushes. I really think this is useful.

INGLOT Duraline

The Inglot Duraline is something new for me. I love a deep black matte liner and sometimes I run out of them or they aren’t just what I am looking for. For this liquid, I can transfer any black shadow into a matte black liner. Apparently you can also use this to dilute a lot of products if you have a sheerer liquid or saying if you want a more blinding highlight. How I use it (I don’t entirely know if this is the right way) drop a few drops on your palm, swirl my brush over it and use it on top of the powdered product. I don’t know if this will change the consistency of the powder in the pan but my black eyeshadow is still fine. The Inglot duraline is really useful in turning something to liquid for a higher intensity color pay off. It is a cheaper alternative ($12) to buying an eyeliner each time and you really just need a drop.



Diptyque’s L’Ombre dan l’Ea Eau de Parfum

Diptyque has always been one of my go-tos for candles. When I was in Seattle, I would buy Baies from time to time to reward myself and my apartment always smells fresh with a hint of sweetness. Scents always brings me back to a specific time/memory and I do keep a lot of memories based on what I smell at that time (do I even make sense?).

Seeing my Jo Malone perfumes, I have been wanting to try something new. During my latest trip to New York, the Diptyque store in SOHO caught my eye with its black elegant theme and it looked so welcoming from outside. I had to stop by.

The thing about visiting stores is I am always scared of getting pressurized and I mostly end up not getting anything if I am. But the sales associates was so helpful in letting me have my own space as I explore the whole shop that I felt bad not buying anything. Also, I have been wanting to get myself something for New York to celebrate how successful of a trip it was. Of course, I had to pick something from the Baies family.

The L’Ombre dan l’Ea is a tad bit more green (read: fresh) than Baies. It has really similar undernotes, and I feel like I just sprayed a garden onto myself. Balanced with the right amount of floral and fresh notes, it is “reminiscent of a walk in an English garden, filled with Bulgarian rose petals and leaves of the blackcurrant bush”, according to the website. I completely agree. Also, I am pretty bad at describing scents so that’s that.

Next on my perfume list to buy is Le Labo. — this is amazing too! But it is hella pricey at $120 for a small bottle and $250 for the big one.

Nieka.ID’s hoop earrings.

Hoop earrings have been huge recently. I think it is because of the whole #throwback to the 90s movement that all 90s kids have been trying to bring back. I think hoop earrings just changes the whole outfit from something to a little more badass. Also, I love how J.Lo I look from time to time when I sport the earrings out. I would want to go bigger but I’ve always been reminded that “the bigger the hoops, the sluttier the girl”. Haha! Maybe one day…

One book that I have been reading is Mere Christianity by C.S Lewis. It is a gift from a dear friend of mine and I would say it isn’t the easiest of books to read. Sometimes I still get bored of it when it gets too theoretical or when I get lost in the midst of it, I would need to reread some parts. Basically (from when I left off), C.S. Lewis is explaining the different Laws of Nature/Men and how Christianity comes about into forming from these laws. She breaks down and help us understand what morals are, what laws are and what is “right” and “wrong, how subjective it can be.

So far, insightful read. I will update you on this!

So that is it! I hope this helps someone out there. I hope I am not too late for my July Favorites! Til next month 🙂

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