[REVIEW] – BLP Beauty’s #InYourEyes Eyeshadow Pens and Dual Eye Definer

BLP Beauty’s latest collection, #InYourEyes, launched on 11 July 2017 and I was so honored to be invited to the press launch. Each attendee was gifted a goodie bag to bring home which consisted of several coupons, Artisan Pro lashes, Jacquelle’s eyelid tapes, BLP’s very own sleeping eye mask and the whole range of BLP’s latest products.

Lizzie Parra has dropped several hints a couple weeks before the launch and it has created somewhat of a hype. To be honest, since I was in the states, I was rarely checking on Instagram so I didn’t have the opportunity to form my initial thoughts on it. However, the colors weren’t revealed until the day, which I thought was genius of them to do so. BLP Beauty’s instagram posted pictures of the photoshoot or videos shot for this particular collection and it did look like it was going to be a very natural set of colors. The collection comprises of 4 eyeshadow pens and one dual ended eyeliner which they call the Eye Definer. Each product is priced like their lip coats at Rp 129.000. Let’s move on to the review.


On the day of the launch, I was one of the first to touch, feel, swatch the products. I was pretty scared and shy to do so, even though Kak icil graciously told me I was allowed to do so.

Packaging-wise, it reminded me a lot of Colourpop’s. It is so so so similar, the plastic feel, the weight of it… and you know my stand on local brands trying to copy brands in the U.S. (There are just waaaaay too many.) But! With BLP Beauty’s Eyeshadow Pen, the packaging has a sweet twist into it. Kak Icil added a sharpener to the back of the pen; all you need to do it detach the end. Because the pen will end up being blunt after a few usages, the sharpener would be a useful tool and I feel like this is one aspect of the product that I really would like to praise on, a step up from Colourpop’s packaging. Kak icil really did think out of the box for this one.

The other product is the Dual Eye Definer. First off, I find the name really hard to remember. I had always called it the Dual Eye Liner because it is… an eyeliner. But… Packaging-wise, I think it is super basic. It isn’t made of cheap material, that’s for sure. For instance, you know how some local brands have really bad, low quality wooden feel to it? This doesn’t. It is coated with a matte vinyl/plastic material. Annnnd… I know this wasn’t mentioned but you can sharpen the eyeliner with a sharpener. I had to ask her personally because the pen felt like it was impossible to sharpen.

One thing I do have to mention is how dirty the packaging gets after I do my make up. After using my hands to blend my eyeshadow and foundation, I find that the remaining products transfers to the packaging and my once white packaging is now dirty. Ha, but that’s probably just me. I’m pretty careless with my products.


All the products presented in this line are as good as I expect them to be. I never really have high expectations on local products. I know, I know, I can be a snob. But not many brands have pushed beyond the benchmark that everyone has reached. That’s just that. Every local product is almost just “meh” for me. Cheap, yes. But you get what you pay for.

BLP Beauty’s Eyeshadow Pen is another entirely different case. At Rp 129.000 a stick, it isn’t the cheapest alternative in the market. Sure, Maybelline has really cheap ones starting at $4 in the U.S. But none of them is like this. All of the eyeshadow pens glides seamlessly across with fantastic color pay off. It is creamy, provides the right amount of product and most importantly, smudge proof when set.

However, it sets pretty quickly so I apply one product at a time, blend it with my ring finger and let it set before moving on to a different color. But they are pretty amazing. I don’t think I’ve found anything like it.

The Eyeshadow Pens really remind me of NYX’s Jumbo Eye Pencil; same creaminess but this doesn’t not move around at the end of the day. But because of the oils on our eyelids, we can expect a litttttttle bit of “clumpiness”at our lid line. That is totally normal though. What I do is I smudge it through the lids again and touch up with an overall lid color – most often than not, is the Creme Gold.

I do find all the colors to be easily blended but have had a hard time blending out Copper Brown from time to time. According to my experience, the color wasn’t as creamy as the rest. My favorite has got to be Harvest Gold.

Moving on… I’m sure you know finding the perfect eyeliner for your waterline is one hell of a nightmare. Like me, you have probably gone through several eyeliners until you settle one that’s just… meh, okay. It still smudges mid-day and got you looking like a panda. If that’s the case, this is your answer.

It has the same creamy texture and it does not hurt when you tight line your eyes. Because of its creaminess, you don’t take too long to apply the products as well. Super easy, super quick.

Kak icil has mentioned this several times throughout the event that she’s been searching high and low for a creamy kohl eyeliner which does not transfer with her eyebags but have failed again and again. I think this is one of the problems that makeup artists is trying to overcome. So, she found a formula that could solve this dilemma. I can guarantee that I have been using the eyeliner since day 1 and I have been loving it. Sometimes when my eyes get oily at the end of the day, I would see some transfer but it isn’t too horrible. I can just wipe it off and it won’t give me those panda eyes.

One thing I don’t love is the price. I just don’t love the price. It is a dual eye definer, I know, but I barely use the silver color. I sort of wished that it is not a dual and just give me the the black liner.


The colors were pretty basic, very safe colors to work with. With this being their first eye collection, I would not have expected otherwise.

Harvest Gold is a champagne gold color, perfecting for highlighting the inner corners of my eyes. As BLP Beauty’s website says, this color is effortless, “as if the glow has been there all along”. This is my favorite shade. I have also used it to highlight my nose and cupid’s bow. Guess what? It stays all day too. A definite repurchase for me when I run out.

Creme Gold is a sold cool tone taupe-y gold with hints of a brown undertone. I often use it as an overall lid color on easier light make up days.

For something darker, Copper Brown is a darker version of creme gold, with specks of gold glitter. This is a cool toned brown but it is flattering on all skin types. I use it on my crease to create definition (who says you can’t wear shimmers on the crease?) and sometimes as an overall lid color. Sometimes I also extend this color from my crease to the outer corners of my eyes before topping it off with charcoal black.

Charcoal Black is a jetblack eyeshadow pen. This excites me the least because I feel like I get the least use out of this.

What I had hoped was for a matte brown color. All the shades have glitter/shimmer in them, making it a bit too much for me sometimes if I head to the office. Perhaps the next collection, BLP?


I hope by the end of this post, you would roughly know whether I would recommend this or not, and which one. If you are thinking of buying one of these to try, go for one color that you’d wear on a daily basis. For me, it is Creme Gold. But! I wear highlighters more often than eyeshadows, so I would recommend Harvest Gold as you can get many different uses out of it. Make up products should be multipurpose and this happens to be one of them.

The eyeliner? I think it’s a must have to. It’s another plus point if you like silver color on your eyes – I personally don’t. I would repurchase this again if I run out.

Repurchasing a make up product is a big step for me. I always tend to get bored or out to find the creme de la creme of a specific product. Almost all BLP products I’ve tried will be a repurchase for me in the future. I have bought countless of their lip coats for my mother, for my friends… They really have raised the bar this time. Two thumbs up for me!

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