BLP Beauty #InYourEyes Press Launch

If I could rank one of the most surprising events in my life, it would be this. I never considered myself lucky, but damn, was I lucky to be invited to BLP Beauty‘s #InYourEyes  Press Launch. It was held one Monday afternoon in Wonderbelle Setiabudi. I would consider this a press launch because there were youtubers, bloggers, editors of reputable publications and friends of Lizzie Parra who were in the beauty industry.

The theme of the event was set to be a pajamas party and I immediately thought that everyone would wear their most comfortable, lancai PJs just because… well, it’s a pajamas party. It totally slipped my mind that I was back in Jakarta and everyone did not take it in the literal sense except for little clueless me. Hence, everyone was dressed in going out clothes except for me and possibly the BLP team.

Salah banget angle ini, I was sitting on a beanbag!

That aside, the purpose of this event was to launch BLP’s new eye collection #InYourEyes. There is a whole range of eyeshadow pens in Creme Gold, Harvest Gold, Copper Brown and Charcoal Black, and last but not least, the Dual Eye Definer in Silver and Black. Kak ichil was up on stage most of the time to explain the whole process of coming up with this collection, with the aid of videos and how-to videos. She also demonstrated the techniques of applying the products and all the FYIs.


The products are said to be creamy with high color pay-off; it is also said to be smudge-proof and highly water proof. (Review will be up soon)

In between each informational segments, the MC included a few games here and there which I thought was a mood-booster for those who aren’t too good at paying attention for a long period of time. One thing I had noticed after attending a few events in Jakarta (in particular) is that people can’t really sit still and listen to the MC without being on their phones or chatting with their seatmate/people near by. To me, that is pretty rude especially if they start bursting out in laughter. Not only is it really distracting but it is also disrespectful to the person who has invited you. It’s a shame that it happened wayyyy too much in this event, up to the point where I myself got a little too annoyed.

Apart from that, there were a handful of snacks, light bites, drinks and these edible flower lollipops from Kitchendose by Adinda Triandhina, which (to me) are the only thing worth mentioning! I know that Kak ichil had already used them prior to the event and I’ve always wanted to try. They were delish and I would definitely order some if I want them in the future, because right now, I don’t even know how I would finish them all up if there’s a minimum order!

I think the event was very well executed, I had a lot of fun networking and chatting with people whom I usually watch on my TV screen. Some of them were really down-to-Earth, some of them… I’d rather not say. You see, the thing is sometimes you see them on a screen and you sort of idolize their confidence, their humbleness, their make up. But then you meet them and they sort of just look past you. It’s either that or they’re just really shy. There were also a few people I tried talking to but they just seemed like they didn’t want to keep the conversation going.

But that’s okay. Lagian aku tuh siapa sih? Hehe.


I did practice my photography skills here and there and took quite a lot of photos. All in all, I was very blessed to be part of the event and would like to thank the BLP team and Kak Ichil, Kak Christa, so very much from the bottom of my heart for inviting me! All the success to BLP from now and onwards. Cheers!


  1. Hi Celine..

    Thank you so much for your love and appreciation. Your words are so kind and you have no idea how meaningful it is for me. Im so glad you like all the “kunyah2an” from the event.

    I wish you a wonderful journey ahead 🙂

    Dinda | Kitchendose


    1. Hi Dindaaaa, aku suka banget your lollies and they’re the only ones that stood out. Masi kepikiran loh sampe sekarang 😩 all the best Dindaaa, thank you ♥️♥️


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