Do your opinions really matter? | Knowing what to say, when and how.

If you closely notice Indonesia’s local beauty scene, you would realize that it (thankfully) isn’t as full of drama as in the U.S. However, we do not really have gossip channels such as Sanders, JustHerefortheTea and the likes to report on these said dramas.

However, few days ago, I started catching up with one particular incident that I’d like to talk about.

In connection to recent events, specifically one incident between a local online beauty platform and a fairly known lash online retailer, all I could think of was “Is this all really necessary?”

—- Disclaimer : I may or may not be wrong about the whole mishap, but this is what I see from a third party point of view.

If you do not know and I do not want to comment much, but the summary of it all – Female Daily decided to discuss one of the latest beauty trends in Indonesia which have been adopted by many make up artists. They included their editors’ after-thoughts and comments, most of them happen to dislike the ‘blush under the eyes for an overall flush’ look. The technique is often used by a make up artist (not a known one, at least in my opinion, because I have never heard of her), hence, it seemed like they were ‘attacking’ her style of makeup.

This said make up artist posted it on her Instagram story and said how flattered she was by being mentioned by such a big platform. When I saw her story, I thought that she was pretty graceful in accepting the things that were said about the makeup technique that she is known for. But perhaps she was sharing this matter with a few of her online friends that… Out of the blue, of all people… Someone spoke up about it. Mind you, that someone was an extra alphabet in the equation. Say you know when you’re trying to solve a mathematical problem and it all involved numbers when suddenly the question added another Y into the equation? Yes, that’s him. (I will not be linking to his profile)

He went on Instagram live and what seemed to me like he was trying to back his “friend” up by bashing on this said online platform. Long story short, he used the facts (both accurate and inaccurate. Mostly inaccurate) that other people had DM’ed him and stated alllllll of them on his IG story live. IG STORY LIVE. In addition, he had mentioned that FD was spreading hate to other make up artists because the editors were all make up artists. Wrong move, my dear. Remember, he is a Y in the numerical equation.

I was late in catching up on this and by then, editors of FD were fuming. I could totally relate to them, especially when someone so extra, so redundant started talking about their journalism methods, writing styles, reporting techniques… No. You don’t do that to editors. We take pride in our work and let’s leave all the black and white to them, the editors. Just like how make up artists have their own unique style and techniques, we journalists also do adopt our very own style. You just don’t go and read what other people DM’ed you and blurt out inaccurate facts that will attack someone’s integrity.


After this particular incident, I have lost all sorts of respect for this online seller. He was like guacamole, very extra. I used to love his products but have decided that I no longer will support him because of what he had said. Because of this wrong move, I sure do hope he had better crisis PR management. But nope, he did not comment on it, neither did he apologize nor publish any statements after the uproar. In my opinion, that was pretty rude because he has sabotaged a brand’s reputation.

But there it is. See how netizens are so keen in throwing coal to the fire? It happens all the time. We live in an era where netizens (that’s the term they use for online users) have the right to blatantly say what they want to say – whether it is a criticism, a threat, an attack. So I’ve had my fair share of seeing all these comments. Take the recent ‘Ahok’ incident, online users, young and old, were attacking each other with racial slurs….

Can we just stop? Can we be better users of the net?

I am speaking particularly to people who just seem to find a hobby in commenting in other people’s pictures/videos, commenting things about their way of life, their sexual orientation, their habits, etc. How do all these concern you as a user? Do you play a part in their lives? No. Do you support them monetarily? No. Who are you to them? You are just a user on the internet. Perhaps even hiding behind a fake account.

You don’t know what to say? Don’t say anything that isn’t nice. Don’t say anything to attack someone. The reason why they post whatever they post is because they want to show a piece of who they are, they don’t need you to be bashing on them. As long as they stand for their own self, their opinions (with added accurate facts to back their claims), who are you to attack them?


In my opinion, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But you are not entitled to label people based on YOUR opinion. You are not entitled to gain that satisfaction of attacking someone.

How do you stand up for your opinions if you disagree? Simple. But first of all, think whether you are part of the equation, of the whole situation. If you are, then sure, go for it. Explain your opinions and remember to state facts to back up your claims. Jangan yang kaya “Orang2 kan bilang…/Ada yang DM aku bilangnya…/Aku denger dari ….” Because that’s pure gossip and you will definitely lose credibility. Sometimes it’s best to just shut it, especially if it is online. Remember, whatever you post online, it might follow you for the rest of your life.

I am starting to carve my presence in the local beauty scene, I want to be known for my honesty and my no-bullshit approach. This is one piece that I think every commenter should read before even thinking of commenting something negative. Don’t be that a–hole to comment something like “Ih banci” or “Cina gitu” or anything negative that will hurt someone’s integrity, race, sexual orientation, religion… Something that they can’t change, especially if that’s who they choose to be.

So, all in all, I just want to say… Let’s all be better users of the net. Banyak orang yang online cuman bisa hide di belakang fake akun dan ngomongin orang, komen2 ga jelas.


Boleh lah nama IG nya Jennifer Jade tapi nama asli nya Meilan dari Medan. Hahahahaha. Tru story.

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