June Favorites

Koniciwa! Hello! Bonjour readers!

I am finally back on the grind and feeling super duper inspired as I have many many many ideas for posts in the future. A few days ago, I just came back from the U.S and had to pack all the orders from my very first pre-order so I’m terribly sorry for the delay. Here are my June Favorites!

KKW Contour Stick

I’ve been contemplating on whether to include this in my June Favorites as it is currently sold out and it is not available for purchase in Jakarta. But I have really been enjoying this product. My make up style is all about complexion and contour. First complexion, then contour. In my opinion, achieving a very natural contour is tricky, especially if you don’t have chiseled cheekbones to begin with.

Because most of us do not have facial features like Kim Kardashian, when she launched KKW Beauty and her first product being the contour stick, everyone just wants to know her secret to a perfectly contoured face. In addition, if it is approved by her personal make up artists (Mario and Patrick), then it is definitely something to try.

At first I was like “Ah, apaan sih. I am not contributing more money to the Kardashian clan”. But on that same day, there were two make up launches – the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette and the KKW Contour Stick. I admit, I have been sucked into all the glitz and glam from the Instastory of That’s Heart and TrendMood that I just think that I had to get it. After all, if I decide not to keep it, I can just sell it because anything Kardashian related is definitely sellable.

It costs $49 plus $8 shipping (why oh why is the shipping rate so high, I do not understand). Not cheap at all. The set comes with 1 contour stick, 1 highlight stick and 1 dual ended applicator. I guess you can justify the price because you get a dual ended applicator, which I found out later on that the heads are detachable so I’m guessing she’s going to release other brush heads in the future.

When I applied it, I had really low expectations. But man, was I blown away. First of all, the product is super creamy and blendable. It is not highly pigmented (which I totally like) so you can definitely “correct” it if you apply too much. I like how the product just applies the right amount of contour on your face. It acts like a shadow and the color isn’t too red/brown. I opted for the Light set as the medium one is too red for me.

In a recent video I watched, Kim has demonstrated how she used the contour stick as an eyeshadow because it is a multipurpose product. I have used it as an eyeshadow and it is pretty as well. So two thumbs up from me!

The highlighter stick was just okay for me. It is really subtle so don’t expect a blinding-champagne-pop highlight. To be completely honest, I haven’t used the product enough to say that it is good. However, for the times I’ve used it, I couldn’t really tell whether I have highlight on so I would say that it doesn’t really show up on my skin.

One downside that everyone has been mentioning is how little the product is. I completely agree. It breaks super easily too so that’s why I didn’t even bother to twist it all the way up. I am also extra careful when opening the caps.

Was it worth it? Well, for me it isn’t but I really love how compact and on the way this product is and it layers well with my holy grail Kevyn Aucoin contour powder. I do hope Kim will sell the sticks separately in the future.


Charlotte Tilbury The Retoucher Conceal & Treat

Because I follow Yuri Sinanta, I often watch her IG Story when I’m bored at night. She always posts mini make up tutorials in the morning (LA time) so I’m always on the lookout. One time, she was showing how she highlights her face and this particular product was featured. It looked amazing on her and it’s supposed to highlight the highest points of the face with no shimmer whatsoever. I have always been a fan of Charlotte Tilbury and have always wanted to try more products from her line so I picked this up when I was at Nordstrom the other day.

I have been using it the whole time I was in the U.S and I really like how it looks on my skin. I can’t say it completely conceals my dark circles but it does give me a nice highlight on the bridge of my nose, cupid’s bow and the middle of my forehead. It is definitely a nice product to use in the center of my face.

I do also like using it on non-makeup days. It is so subtle that it isn’t so different from the shade of my skin. It is also easily blended so that’s another plus.

All in all, yes I love it. But I think it is definitely dupable. It retails for $35, which is definitely cheaper than YSL’s Touche Eclat but for sure better.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Brush #12

I don’t think I’ve ever come across or heard about another eyeliner brush that does a better job than the Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 brush. Reason being… I mean, well I’m sure all of us are familiar with the fact that ABH is known for their brow products and it just makes sense that they will product the tool that works well with their products no?

With this brush and my ABH pomade, I’ll get perfectly shaped brows. If you are ito the Instagram brows that every other girl is sporting, then you definitely need these two. They go hand in hand.

When I first purchased an ABH brow brush, I remember it not being as thin and as precise as this one, perhaps I got a different one. There are indeed different types of ABH brushes but if I did buy a different one, then I guess I have to say both of them are good because I did go into Sephora thinking that ABH only produced 1 eyebrow brush. The one I previously bought was really good as well.

I definitely highly recommend the ABH pomade and the brush for a perfect carved out eyebrow. Prior to this, I had used Real Techniques eyebrow brush which is okay if I want that thick straight Korean brows but I realized I can’t draw precise strokes at the end of my brows as I like to extend my brows. Totally recommended and totally affordable at $18!


Maybeline Hyper Sharp Liner

Most often times than not, I try really hard to stay away from Indonesian drugstore products. “Tapi kan Maybelline brand international juga kak?” Yes, Maybelline is. But Maybelline Indonesia/Asia has different products than the Maybelline in the U.S. The foundations that are sold in both Asia and U.S both even have different ingredients due to the safety regulations in both countries. Hence, because the price is kept as low as possible, the alleged ingredients are definitely cheaper.

For instance, talc is present in most drugstore products as it is a cheap ingredient; it is basically powder (an ingredient you find say in baby powders). They tend to not be very friendly on sensitive skin and clogs your pores. So no, I love my face, I love my eyes, I try to stay away from drugstore products.

Though sometimes, I hit the jackpot and find products like this.

I have really sensitive eyes so it is hard for me to find eyeliners that do not bleed and hurt my eyes at the end of the day. Dolly Wink is painful for me at the end of the day when it starts bleeding. Stila does not; but Stila is pretty expensive and not readily available anytime so I started to look for alternatives.

The Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner does not irritate my eyes at the end of the day and it is black and easy to use. Not as nice as Stila, but this will do for now. My only problem is that it dries pretty fast so I go through it really fast compared to Stila’s. It’s pretty affordable at Rp. 109.000, available at Watsons Indonesia.

Glossier Cloud Paint

Glossier, Glossier, Glossier… How have you taken the Indonesian online beauty industry by storm.

Everyone’s been trying to get their hands on Glossier products as they are only available in the U.S. When I say they are only available in the U.S, they literally do not ship internationally (not that we can receive products overseas) but they also only accept U.S credit card payments.

Hence, whatever people can’t get their hands on, the more they want it.

So there I was, researching on products to buy home. Since I opened my Pre-Order shopping service, I needed to find out what was launching. This product came up. Since I haven’t tried any of Glossier’s products, I thought why not.

My sister wanted one too, so I placed an order and was not disappointed. Neither was my sister.

She ordered Beam and I ordered Dusk. I love how effortless this product looks on my skin. You literally can wear it on top of foundation or not even. It gives you a nice flush. It is small and compact, perfect for traveling and you literally only need a little, not even a pea size.

One thing I like about Glossier is they emphasize on how much they prioritize the skin and then make up, not the other way around. The ingredients do not break me out. It’s such an easy product that it’s hard not to love it. I love the color! Reminds me of Tarte’s Exposed. It has a little bit of glitter but definitely not chunky at all.


Random Favorites:

Juicy Couture X Urban Outfitters Velour Backpack

When Juicy Couture went for a makeover and collaborated with Urban Outfitters to reach out to an older market, I was pretty amazed. First, way back in 2000, I was one of Paris Hilton’s biggest fans (LOL) and since she was always spotted in a track suit, particularly Juicy’s (remember with that huge JUICY logo on the ass? Yup, I used to think that was cool), I knew I had to have whatever she’s wearing. Pfft, the thinking of a young girl in awe of the wrong role model. I am so embarrassed to admit it but I really did love her, and I really did what I could to collect a lot of Juicy Couture items because well… they were Couture at that time no?

And then…. I realized how cheaply made they were. I can’t believe I spent $200SGD on their laptop case. Oh silly me.

So, when Juicy Couture teamed up with Urban Outfitters, I thought it was a pretty cute idea. But I definitely didn’t think I was going to buy anything from them until I saw this tiny backpack which I immediately fell in love with.

First of all, hellllloooo? This is literally my childhood in a form of a backpack. Second of all, it’s on sale for $50 (which I found out after a few days that Urban Outfitters had an additional 40% off so I went to get it adjusted so I paid $28 only). I have used it every day in Seattle after getting it and it’s just so… cute. It’s in my favorites not because of the quality whatsoever but just the memories and the price tag. Ha!


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