My trip to SEATTLE | Celine Dee Travels

Hello from Jakarta! Yes, I am finally back. It took me a while to register in my head that I am finally back from my Lebaran break which seemed like it just skipped its way in front of my eyes. The smell of the airport and the organization of the airport security system… yes, I am definitely back.

My trip to the U.S was definitely a memorable one as there were so many decisions made here and there, my relationship with my sister reached new heights and of course, I had the pleasure of shopping for other people. I honestly think being a personal shopper is such a dream job!

I am so so so excited to blog about where I went, what I bought and a New York post is definitely in the works. So please please please be patient with me! In a few days’ time, please expect a June Favorites post. Until next time!

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