Falsies 201 – Tips on how to find the right style of fake eyelashes.

If you are no stranger to me and my blog, you would know how often I talk about fake lashes. That’s right, my love for lashes can’t be defined.

Ask me anything about fake lashes – I love talking about them. Fake eyelashes enhances the whole look of the face, especially when you have a made-up face. However, have you ever had a hard time deciding which pair will suit you better? Or which one is suitable for what types of occasion?

I am no expert but I can suggest a thing or two.

First, there are different types of lashes. There are cheap synthetic/plastic ones, human hair, silk hair, faux mink hair, mink hair, etc. I try to suggest my friends to carefully look at the lashes as I found out that there are way too many overpriced lashes in the market, that’s why I’ve always bought lashes that are sold in wholesale quantities and price. But they say that Cinderella has a pair of shoes that fit, and as for us, when you find the perfect lashes, it will be your go-to for a long time.

Here are the different types of lashes that I own:


This one above is the cheapest I’ve ever found. As you can see from the hair and from the band, it is very cheaply made because the band is thin and flimsy. One use and it’ll break its shape. 

The lash hair isn’t one bit special. It’s super biasa. I got this from a random Instagram online shop which I could not remember the name of. I won’t recommend this one as it’s hard to shape your eyes with and it’s too awkward to apply.

Next is Taiwanese/Chinese eyelashes/Human Hair lashes. If you go to any wholesale mall in China/HongKong/Indonesia/Singapore, you are probably familiar with these boxed lashes. It hasn’t gain its popularity way back when I started wearing fake eyelashes, it was only recent. One of the best best best eyelashes that I’ve tried are from Taiwan, Princess (Gong Zu Li) lashes in particular. They are so popular that there are even fake ones in the market. The reason why these lashes are so popular is because of the natural hair and the band. For the Princess brand in particular, what’s so special about it is how thin the band is yet it is firm enough for the lash to hold its shape. However, it is not as cheap as other wholesale brands and will deteriorate after 5 uses.

Silk hair/faux mink/mink hair = to me, these are all the same. What you may have to pay attention to is again, the band. Silk and faux mink tend to look way nicer than synthetic lashes. Synthetic lashes look more uniform whereas silk/faux mink/mink lashes tend to look more “messy”, more natural and more fluffy. I personally like this style the most but I know it comes with a price tag and … well, since it’s made of mink fur, it probably isn’t cruelty-free. I do own a few pairs and I love them. But I don’t religiously buy them because of that reason.

To emphasize, 2 things I ask people to look out for – the band and the hair of the lashes, how it curls upwards and how natural it looks compared to your very own natural eyelashes. Different eyelashes are for different eye shapes.

I would really recommend that you try all types of different lashes before you find one that suits you the most and I mean different hairs, different lengths and different styles.

For instance, you can clearly see the types of lashes I love. There are 3 main types that I will be discussing – one that has longer hairs at the end of the lashes, one that has longer hair in the middle of the lashes and lastly, one that has the same length all around. Since my natural eyelashes are short and does not curl upwards, I tend to stay in the lengths of 11-13mm lashes curled upwards. Longer than that would be very uncomfortable unless I am doing a super dramatic eyes (usually for weddings). I have a short eye in length, so having too long of a pair of eyelashes would look ridiculous.

Because my eyes are okay in size but short in length, the safest choice would be to go for lashes that are whispy…. but to come and think about it, my eyes suit any types of lashes just as long as I play around with eyeshadow as well. Many people aren’t the type to bother with eye shadows. So here are my suggestions. A few of the easiest ways to understand what types of lashes to use are these “rules” –

If your eyes tend to be far apart, I would recommend lashes that are longer in the middle to create that dolly look, it just looks more natural. It is to lengthen the eye a little bit.

If your eyes are close set, I would recommend those with hairs longer at the ends, which is commonly known as the wispy style.

But if your eyes are bigger and longer in length but aren’t too close/far apart, then you can definitely try all of the styles I have discussed above.

I am also familiar with the technique of stacking eyelashes to create a look suitable for your occasion. I myself am a fan of it, I love it when make up artists use that style as well. However, there is a thin line where it can be a little too much, so I advise people to try and see which lashes they are comfortable with before trying the stacking technique.

Stacking human hair lashes with mink lashes will create a really dramatic pair. I love stacking lashes from Artisan Pro and my very own lashes (which will be revealed soon)!

So… I think that’s all I have to say, I guess. Please do let me know if I am missing anything and feel free to ask me anything. I am no expert so these are just plain suggestions from me. I hope that helps!


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