May Favorites (Beauty and some other knick-knacks)

Do people out there still read monthly favorites posts?

I sure watch them on Youtube but I realize I don’t really read blogs anymore. Nothing against bloggers though, I just like seeing how people edit their videos. Many have asked me to try filming myself and I have! But I’m just not confident enough. I keep saying my “uhms” and “err”s that I myself have a hard time being comfortable with the pauses. But for sure, I’m venturing out to IG story so if you haven’t followed me… you know what to do.

This month, I don’t really have that many new favorites but I did fall in love with some —

Vaseline + Amittie Lip Bubble Peeling Gel

This past month, I met my dear friend who became a distributer of a Korean skincare line. Honestly, I’ve never heard of this brand before, neither do I actually have any interested in Korean skincare lines. I find them to be super hydrating to the point where their faces look oily, instead of dewy… and I’m not comfortable looking like that. With the whole Korean skincare craze, I’ve read a number of reviews on Korean skincare and so I decided to get a few products from her. One that really stood out is the lip foaming mask that has yet to be released. As always, I am not sponsored to promote my friend’s brand and I paid for the product, so really, I’m not paid to say this.

This foaming lip peeling gel is rather odd. Remember that episode of OMG Tuesday where Tati applied this black foaming mask? This is the lip mask version.

It felt so weird, like a thousand tiny particles “eating up” your dead skin on the lips. It turned into a bath of white bubbles, which will die down in the end and that’s when you can rub it off. I would say that it’s like exfoliating your lips in a less harsh way compared to if you’re using a scrub. After a couple of uses, I really find this really helpful in getting rid of dry skin on my lips. So… teman2 yang sempet nanyain kalo mau hilangin bibir kering pake apa… ini dia. Ini lebih bagus daripada produk yang kemaren itu aku rekomend. I’m a true convert. Tapiiiii…. please don’t even try to taste it because it tastes gross padahal baunya enak.

I then topped it off with Vaseline which will reveal a pair of moisturized and plump lips in the morning. This particular vaseline is gifted by a friend of mine who recently went to London. Thanks Penny!

ESQA Satin Lip Crayon

ESQA was one of the pioneer (or the only?) high-end local make up brands in the market. In their initial launch, they had 2 lines of lippies – Matte Liquid Lipstick and the Satin Lip Crayon. The first product I purchased from their site was disappointing to me, however, my opinions were changed this time. I certainly believe that just like how there are pros and cons in a product, there will also ‘yay and nay’ products in a cosmetic line.

Exactly when Sociolla had their Ramadhan discount promotion and ESQA products went on sale from IDR 189.000 to IDR 100.000, I immediately went on their site to purchase 5 of the Satin Lip Crayon that I’ve yet to try.

I admit, I had to pray real hard that the products wouldn’t turn out as disappointing as their liquid lipsticks. When they arrived, I did an unboxing (which so many girls ended up liking!) of the lippies and had them swatched on my hand. I purchased 2 Jolina(s), 2 Twisted Nudes and a Poppy Peach. I kept 3 for myself and I’ll be giving 2 of the extra ones away to my friend in Seattle.

What can I say about them that I haven’t already? The packaging is stunning. The product is housed in a retractable chubby lip crayon style, reminded me a lot of the new Crayola and Clinique collaboration but so much more classy. I love their rosegold-white color scheme, it looks like a very expensive color combination I reckon.

Product/texture wise… I love it. For IDR 100.000, yes yes yes and yes. It is moisturizing, the Poppy Peach is so flattering on fair skins like me and even darker tanned skin as seen on their latest model (they are launching their latest product as of today – the trio cheek palette). Price wise… if it is the same deal as Sociolla has offered then by all means I think it is worth the price. If it is priced normally at IDR 189.000, then I say forget it. Unless you reallllly like one of the colors. But stop at one.

Recently I’ve been loving balms/mousey formulas for my lippies, so I’ve really been enjoying this a lot.

BLP Beauty’s Peppermint Pink

I’ve recently blogged about this lippie, so you can read all about it here.

Bottom line is… If you are like me and thought that the old formula was super B (biasa), and you have similar preferences as I do (not loving the dead matte lippies, but more to moisturizing/more easily blended ones), then you’ll probably enjoy this. I just love the new Peppermint Pink color, although I would call it Peppermint Peach instead.

Motex Eyelid Tape + Premium Scissors

Motex has been very popular amongst local make up artists. I stumbled upon this brand multiple times on various make up artists’ Instagram as they love to tag/mention the products that they use. It is highly likely that they are being sponsored with these products and I always fall trap into buying the products. Some I love, some I don’t. But this particular brand has been all over Instagram and I’ve been trying to cut double eyelid tapes on my own. Never have I taken a professional make up class so I try to train myself and learn the techniques all by myself.

Professional make up artists sometimes have their IG live sessions and I always take advantage of them. Haha! A lot of times, I ask for recommendations on double eyelid tapes and most of them will mention buying those from Motex. I had to be on the waiting list in order to get them, it was that popular among make up artists and aspiring make up artists. First I bought the tapes and had a hard time cutting them with my small scissors, hence I contemplated getting the premium scissors for quite a while as they are quite pricey and always sold out.

But then I did make the purchase and did not regret it one bit. The scissors was huge. Soon after I realized why it was that popular. It had make cutting double eyelid tapes so easy and the Motex tape is just as good. I had worn them recently to a wedding and I had customized my own double eyelid tape so it carved out my desirable eye shape.

100% recommended to those who are experimenting with double eyelid tapes but it sure takes practice… and I am still learning!

Foundation Combination – I.T Cosmetics CC Cream + Make Up Forever HD // Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

This foundation combination is literally Godsent. Funny how you can discover the magic of make up when you try experimenting here and there. It was one night when I saw that I had a sample of the IT Cosmetics CC Cream laying around. I’ve heard of all these raving reviews and recently tried it in store in Sephora Singapore just to color match. This time, I was about to head out and realized that the color of the sample was in medium.

Because I thought that the color Medium was too dark on me, I decided to mix it with a foundation color which can seem a little to light for me which was my MUFE HD Foundation or my Too Faced Born This Way Foundation. i mixed them at a ratio of 1:1 or 0.5:1, depending on the coverage I want. The IT Cosmetics CC Cream has a medium-full coverage but does not feel heavy. In my opinion, it feels as if you are wearing foundation but not too heavy to the point where you can’t feel your skin breathing. The texture of your skin is still visible, which is what I like about the foundation. High coverage yet looks natural.

As I have mentioned on my Instagram story, the combination isn’t a dead matte. Instead, it has a beautiful semi-matte finish, glowy in areas where it should. After 9 hours of wear, it didn’t slip and slide, it didn’t make my skin appear too oily and it has an amazing staying power. I am so in love with this foundation that I had to finish every single drop in the satchet sample. I even had to ask my friend to get it for me when she was in Sephora Singapore. The foundation is indeed pricey but worth every penny, more so than a lot of my high end foundations.

Jo Malone Osmanthus Blossom

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know that I collect perfumes as well. My mum shares the same interest as I do so we’ll always buy a bottle of perfume in the duty free shops in airports where they tend to be the cheapest. As I am always very loyal to certain brands, my favorite perfume brand happens to be Diptyque or Jo Malone. Jo Malone has a counter in Singapore’s Duty Free so i mainly do my shopping there. In my recent trip to Hong Kong, I received a $20 voucher from Singapore Airlines for each family member. Of course I had to spend it on a new bottle of perfume. Jo Malone happened to release their latest Spring scents too and I would usually choose the girly pink bottle but I just had to get the fresher but soft scent which is the green colored bottle. As always, Jo Malone bottles and packaging are to die for.

Always a big fan of girly scents, I prefer fresh to sweet, and a little bit floral is okay but not too old-granny scents like Viktor & Rolf. It is described as “Delicately exotic” and it “captures the duality of apricot counterpoised with supple leather. Luminous petitgrain, luscious peach and orange flower ripple over voluptuous cashmere wood.”

From the description above, I would say that it’s a perfect mixture of the richness of leather yet sweet with its fruity notes. It is a hair woody, but still fresh. It is one of the less girly scents from the Spring scents. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a scent like this. Love. Pure love.

Random Favorites – 

For the longest time, I hated doing my nails. I am never the type of girl who can sit for hours to get my nails done, and I truly can’t understand how “relaxing” it’s supposed to make me feel… until I met Viona.

Funny when you think about it – life just brings you friends unexpectedly and in even more unexpected ways. I found her Instagram and I was amazed at the nail art that she has done. Amazing. What an artist. I am always very cautious in spending money on things I don’t believe in, for instance, in manicures. Her price is definitely on the higher side but I though meh, why not. Upon booking the reservation, I was really nervous that I would just be spending another IDR 500.000 on some lame nail art that I’ve always gotten.

From 3pm to 7pm, I sat there. Of course when it was just two people sitting in a small studio, things may get awkward. But soon enough, we chatted like old friends. It is definitely fun to find another friend through Instagram. What are the odds?

4 hours went by just like that and I was so amazed at how careful she had cut my cuticles, how she had drawn every single petals. She also uses very high quality equipments and gel polishes from Japan, and definitely not those from China like what most nail salons uses.

This is my third time doing my nails with her and I always do my nails with her once a month. That is all it takes. One month before my nails cry for help because I love picking on them. I stepped out of my comfort zone this time and asked for something “summer-y” but also me (She knows how much I love my pinks).

I always recommend everyone to go to her if they have the money and time. She’s the best and I literally won’t have my nails done elsewhere.


  1. I tried a sample of the IT Cosmetics CC Cream months ago and fell in love with it in a blink of an eye. It was seriously so good! I still haven’t picked it up though. But I will! Dying to try the MUFE HD Foundation as well.



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