Ultimate Guide : Female Daily’s #JakartaXBeauty2017 + My Experience

On the first weekend in May, I attended a 2-day beauty event hosted by Female Daily Network.

In case you don’t already know, FDN is an online forum, blog, portal, website – basically your one-stop destination to know about all things beauty. Think of it like MakeUpAlley.

Here’s a guide to #JakartaXBeauty from what I had experienced in 2017, perhaps this can be your guide to the one in 2018 (Please FD, if you are reading this, adain lagi please please pleeeease. wajib!)


  1. Check rundown before coming to the event. Plot your schedule.
  2. Buy your ticket early! This is so important though aku ngerti orang Indo suka last minute. I got my tickets early without any hiccups.
  3. Follow the tenants’ instagram accounts to get hints on discounts on that day. Ini penting menurut ku yang bener2 mau shopping. Banyak tenants yang kasih bonuses solely during #JakartaXBeauty2017.
  4. Charge your phones and cameras.
  5. Not all workshops are catered to you, so think carefully before buying a ticket.
  6. Follow all the influencers’ instagram to stalk and find out where they are. (If you want photos taken with them.)
  7. Be sure to read all the terms and conditions of the tickets before forgetting to bring your credit card/ID.
  8. Know where the exits and entrances are.
  9. Wear tons of deodorant, comfortable shoes and no jackets.
  10. Make full use of the map given.
  11. Arrive early! Because pas pagi2 tuh ga ada orang so kamu bisa photo/vlog with ease.
  12. Have a shopping list and budget.
  13. Check out allll the items on the first day, shop on the second. Unless it’s really a good deal.
  14. Kalo catok rambut, please be prepared for it to be flat at the end of the day.
  15. Bawa notebook pas workshop biar bisa jot down notes for future references.
  16. If you want to be efficient and just attend the workshop, aku saranin tidak perlu ajak temen. Soalnya kalo dateng sama temen, harus nunggu sini sana dan sering mencar.
  17. Jangan bawa pacar mu juga lah yaaaa, soalnya kasian kali pas kamu lagi asik2 liat barang terus dia cuman bengong. Literally dia ga bisa liatin apa2 lagi, selain cewek. HAHA.



I thought that the event was very well executed and they also opened a few workshops and classes taught by really well-known bloggers and influencers who have been in the industry for a while. The difference between a workshop and a make up class (well, now to come think about it, it’s basically very straight forward), a workshop is when a beauty influencer/blogger/youtuber will talk about their experiences being on YT/Instagram, in the public eye. You get to not only see them in real life, you also can ask questions and engage in conversations with them. A make up/beauty class is where a make up artist/beauty youtber would be guiding you step-by-step (usually sponsored by a brand so you don’t have to bring tools/makeup) on how to contour, or do your self make up, or bridal make up.

Being the impulsive person that I am, I booked a seat for myself for almost all the workshops and one make up class. I had zero expectations coming in because I felt that I could learn a thing or two from these bloggers. But I did know what I wanted to ask specifically and what can I say, after the event, I did learn a thing or two.

What I liked about the event was that FDN brought in a mix of local brands and also local companies which sells international-branded makeup lines (a few of them were TWL Cosmetics and Beauty Haul Indo). I got to see Rollover Reaction’s booth, and you all know how much I love Rollover Reaction. In my opinion, their booth looked the best aesthetically – it’s like you take whatever you see on their instagram in a form of a booth. Amazing branding.

However, there were also some things I thought could be improved. The pathway between booths for people to walk in between were too narrow; plus there was a really awkward UOB booth right smack across the stage after the rows of seats, so there weren’t enough space for people who weren’t attending the talkshow to go across. Only a one-person line was able to pass through. They even stop me from time to time and would not stop pestering me, causing delay for the people behind me. Next to the UOB booth was Estee Lauder, so one is a famous company (where people are dying to test out their newly launched product -which I think is super mediocre-) and a credit card booth stopping every one who passes it. What do you get? A jam. Maceeeets sis, dan ga cuman di jalanan ya.

Another thing was … the tents were leaking when it started pouring on Saturday night. Lucky me, during my make up class with Qiqi Franky (sponsored by Wardah), I sat on the spot where the tent was leaking and it was so hectic but funny at the same time. It didn’t seemed like they prepared for that to happen. You could see that the respective teams (Qiqi Franky’s, Wardah’s and FDN’s) weren’t prepared and didn’t know what to do as they were frantically moving in and out of the already super packed and squeezed up space. There weren’t enough space for everyone to sit too, so I’m not sure why FDN allowed more participants if it’s already full. The tools were dirty, the make up products weren’t enough for everyone to use. Over all, I was the most disappointed about that.

But I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I connected and engaged with Kak Qiqi a lot and learnt a trick or two from his team members. One of them even asked me how long I’ve been a makeup artist for and I’m pretty flattered as I’m not even a makeup artist to begin with.

Out of all the workshops I attended, the one that stood out and holds a special place in my heart is Lizzie Parra’s. First of all, she literally the ONLY one who wasn’t late to her own workshop. Instead, she was even earlier than the rest of her attendees. If that isn’t professional and great for first impressions, then I don’t know what is. Like I said on my instagram, she is how she is on the screen you watch her in. From the way she told her life journey as part of a famous beauty brand to creating her own… wow, truly inspiring. She’s also so so so nice and bubbly. I really loved her and her session. Even though that was my first workshop, I knew it was hard to top that because of simply just how she is.

One thing she talked about was ways to discover our passion. The way she sees it, “passion is a feeling. Passion is not a plan, passion is not a hobby, passion is not a job”, it is a “full force of intention, the energy that you give to whatever’s in front of you.”

That really stood out to me and I really can relate to it. (A story which I will tell another time, but I promise it’ll be worth it) She carried on to explain that a job isn’t equivalent to a career. When you have a job, you are working for someone, following the company’s mission statements, their goals – it’s never about you; whereas if you have a career, you are doing it for yourself. It has value, passion, goals, priorities of life and of course, happiness. She emphasized on how important it is to chase after a career instead of just seeing it as a job.

I loved her whole session and two hours really isn’t enough. Another thing that stood out to me was… how she said that these days, influencers, bloggers and the likes only care about numbers, the number of followers, the number of fans, etc. She pointed out that if you are follower-oriented, if your goal is entirely to gain followers and that’s all you care about, then your passion definitely isn’t in beauty/whatever you’re doing, but your passion is in fame. When you chase after fame, profits, followers, then you’ll go downhill much quicker because you aren’t being you. You are pretending to be another person to gain likes, followers, etc. You aren’t truthful in your intentions.

That’s literally why I love her. She’s just so carefree and tidak pelit untuk share info. I felt like I was having a one-on-one conversation with her although I’m sitting in a room of 20 other participants.

Lastly, I love how she added an hands-on activity for us. She had us drew mindtrees on our aspirations, inspirations and goals to picture ourselves better. Oh my God and this was when I was so happy when she called me up to present mine. I talked about the lack of authentic bloggers in the community because they are money-driven, endorsement-driven and how I wanted to change that.

Overall, I would love for FDN to host this event again but in an even bigger space. No regrets attending the event for 2 days although I skipped my last workshop because of the huge rain and I was stuck in Senayan City (also, I was using my… fragile shoes, please don’t laugh).

Thank you FDN!


  1. I LOVE the review….thank you Celine…I was happy to see you in those two days and it just showed how passionate and how willing to learn you are. Glad you enjoyed the event and apologize for the hiccups yaa, good to know it didn’t ruin the experience. and oh THANK YOU for the picture…I didn’t know you took it. I’m saving it and will give you credit when I post it in my Instagram yaa. Hope to see you again soon and please visit FDN office anytime and please write more…I enjoy your writing 🙂


  2. I LOVE the review….thank you Celine…I was happy to see you in those two days and it just showed how passionate and how willing to learn you are. Glad you enjoyed the event and apologize for the hiccups yaa, good to know it didn’t ruin the experience. and oh THANK YOU for the picture…I didn’t know you took it. I’m saving it and will give you credit when I post it in my Instagram yaa. Hope to see you again soon and please visit FDN office anytime and please write more…I enjoy your writing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re so very welcome mba Han, thank you for being an inspiration. I have the unedited pictures, I can email those to you ya. Hope to see you soon too! I really hope I can visit some time yaa. Thank you for the encouragement, it really means a lot in ways you don’t know 🙂 catch up soon, all the best Mba Han.


  3. Wowwwww

    Aku ga bisa berhenti baca tulisan mu hahahahhaha
    Nyuwwwwwww thank you for the kind wordsssss aku terharu baca nyaaaa. Semoga sharing nya kemarin berguna yaaaa. Aku nyiapinnya smp kebawa tidur hahahhahahahhaha..

    Hope to see you again somedayz

    GBU, hugs

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kak Lizzie, thank you bangeeeeet. So glad to find my small blog kebaca sama ciwik2 inspirational bangeeet. ♥️♥️♥️ i hope to see you again!! Aku masi simpen catetannya semuaaa


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